Jan. 22nd, 2006 01:11 am
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A while ago, I asked for some drabble requests from people. Here's the first two. They're probably more very short ficlets rather than drabbles, but heigh ho.

For [livejournal.com profile] peruvianflavor, who requested Jack/smack.

A grey day )

And for [livejournal.com profile] wonsuitewhirled - you gave me a list Mary, and I have ideas for all of them. This one was first on the list though, so here y'are - others will probably be around by tomorrow.

His one regret )


Nov. 14th, 2005 03:14 pm
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Title: Runner
Author: [livejournal.com profile] fightingthecage
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None really. The slightest indication that sex might have occured at some point but really none at all.
Summary: Someone's running
Disclaimer: The runner is not my property and I make no money from him (Yes, its Jack)

* * * * * * * *
Runner )
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New community for 24 slash just started up. You can find it here..... YAYBOYSEX!!

Please feel free to come post, read, drool etc. And spread the word! The more people posting the better. We all gotta enjoy the love right?

Any older slash fics that have been written are more than welcome to get reposted there. Would love to get a total archive going. :) Also, there's a new community for 24 femmeslash, that can be found here... YAYGIRLSEX!!

Enjoy, y'all! :D


Jul. 4th, 2005 03:07 am
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This is just a drabble/ficlet - its taken from something a bit longer that I was writing this evening. It was going to be a birthday fic for [livejournal.com profile] wonsuitewhirled but it stops being her birthday in 90 minutes (I'm slow today)...and I haven't got on to the Tony parts yet. So - I'm sorry for being of the suckage today Mary, but I'll finish it ASAP and send it as a late gift when its done, OK? And I'm dedicating it to you anyway, cos its schmoop. :)

The term Legoland is nothing to do with theme parks BTW - its what some people call the headquarters of MI-6, because the building looks like its made out of lego blocks. :)

Legoland )
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Just something that occured to me a few minutes ago. Nothing major, a quick Jack/Tony drabble. *shrug* It's raining here. Meh.

* * * * * * *
Sunday Afternoon

Rain fell softly outside. It drummed a steady rhythm against the windows and created a gentle melody that enveloped the bedroom in its music. Its pace was matched by the languid, unhurried movements of the lovers that locked together on the bed. Sheets tangled around legs and arms, created bonds, tied them and freed them as they shifted gently, fresh cotton over smooth skin, soft fabric over hard muscles.

This was what happened on Sunday afternoons now. It had somehow become a ritual, an unspoken agreement that they were careful not to ruin with words. Excuses were made around midday and by 12:30, a doorbell would ring and then time ceased to matter for a few hours. Until it was over.

Usually the sun was shining and they would lie together afterwards, sweat coating their bodies as their breathing slowly returned to normal, fingers idly roaming over flesh or entwining with the others. They would drink in the heat that swallowed them and weighed down on them and somehow brought them closer - until it became claustrophobic and one had to move into the shower to wash the nearness away.

They rarely talked. What would they say? And today it was raining, warm rain that somehow brought more heat that the sun ever did. The moisture in the air hung over them as they slid over each other, flesh pressed into flesh, soft tongues licking gently over salty skin, tasting the sweat and the fire and the need that spilled into the heat around their bodies.

The rain fell harder against the window. Breath came faster now and the stillness was punctuated by quiet moans and ragged gasps as the sheets fell away and let them go, their bodies moving together in a practised rhythm that gave them what they needed, freedom from everything that caused them pain and freedom from happiness too. Some people were more comfortable in hell.

They rested afterwards, as they always did. This time it was a blond head on a dark stomach, it could just as easily have been the other way around. Fingers tangled in the silky blond strands and the breath was hot on his skin as it eased over the fine hairs below his navel. They listened to the rain as it softened again, fell back to its gentle playing over the glass. And Tony knew that this time he had to speak because his body wouldn’t let him say goodbye.

‘I proposed to her last night.’

A quiet rumble of thunder sounded in the distance and a gust of wind blew hard droplets against the pane. But now the water was inside, a single drop that slid onto his hard stomach and rested there without moving. He ran his fingers through the soft hair once more and as he sighed, he wondered whether his words would be enough to stop him from being here next week.


Apr. 17th, 2005 02:31 am
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I just read a fic where Jack Bauer is described as 'omni-potently gorgeous'...

*stuffs fist in mouth to suppress overwhelming giggles*

Seriously, who writes this...?!
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Got bitten by a Tony bug this morning, had to write this to stop the itch. It's very short, wont take but a minute to read. :)

Title: Ghosts
Author: fightingthecage
Rating: G
Warnings: None needed, perfectly harmless
Summary: Tony is reminded of things from his life
Disclaimer: Tony owned by FOX (although Jack would beg to differ sometimes), no money made.

Ghosts )

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I didn't mean to write a prequel to Blank White Walls, it just sort of happened. Started off as something completely different. *shrug* And it's a bit dodgy, they probably horribly out of character but hey, today they're my bitches and they'll do as they're told. Yes Jack, I'm talking to you sweetie... ;)

Title: Just One Night
Author: fightingthecage
Rating: NC-17. SLASH!!
Pairing: Jack/Tony
Warnings: Graphic sex, do NOT read if you dont like hot guys shagging!
Summary:2 months after Teri dies, Jacks lonely.
Disclaimer:No money made, dont own them. But damn I wish I did! :D :D

Just One Night )
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Had the idea for this in a different form before Christmas. But it somehow modified itself in my head today and et voila! A random fic that attacked me after I'd already been awake for 33 hours. God knows how long its been now. But yeah, enjoy. :)

Word of Honour )

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Quick Nina fic that I wrote a while back. Well, it's Nina thinking about Jack (like I'd leave him out of a fic?!) during the auction. It's nothing special, just a quick thing that shot out one day.


History )
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Well, I did go listen to some Eminem like I said I was going to...and then this happened...

Decidedly dodgy, but it served its purpose.


Soldier )
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Ficlet. Jack. Dunno what else to say. Standard disclaimer.


confession )
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Just a short fic that occured to me one morning. Standard discaimer. No money made and if I owned Jack, I sure wouldn't be letting him out to play with guns and cages...

Caged )
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This is my first ever slash fic, so it might not be that good. Some people have liked it already - but you know Jack fans, happy with any fic where he gets naked! ;)

Title: Blank White Walls
Author: fightingthecage
Rating: NC-17. SLASH!
Pairing: Jack/Tony
Summary: Jack's been away and is in a pretty bad state.
Disclaimer: All characters property of FOX, I'm just scribbling for fun, no money involved.
Author's Note: This is graphic! If you dont like the slash or anything involving hot guys gettng it on - read no further!

Blank White Walls )
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Soooo....I like to write. I have hopes of being published at some point in the future. 24 fanfic started off as just practice - but its so much fun! So, I'm gonna post one or two of the shorter fics I've done. The long ones are just too damn long I think, and I tend to like the shorter ones better anyway. So here's the first...it's not the best thing I've ever written but some people have seemed to like it. Lol, I hope it gets up alright, I'm getting tangled over all the tags. :)

Title Silent Cry
Author fightingthecage
Rating PG13-Swearing and drug use
Pairing Jack and Tony
Summary Tony finds something out and realises the consequences
Disclaimer Dont own them, no money made. I normally do this for fun but in this case... *shrug*

Silent Cry )


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