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Question for Life: why is it completely impossible to come up with a website name when you want one?

...I haven't set that up so it looks like I'm going to answer it, have I? I hope not. I don't know myself, which is why I'm asking.

ANYWAY. LIfe update, in brief, as I'm trying to school myself into remembering to post about things.

* Just finished the first week of my second year at Uni. 100% attendance so far! Go me. And the first time ever I've made it as far as the second year. You know what they say: sixth time's the charm. Or something.

* Book - or, first draft thereof - within days of being finished. THANK FUCK. Because, quite frankly, I'm dying to write me some fanfic. Shut up, this is a totally valid reason for relief.

* It's Evie's birthday today. She is four! *pleased* Now I just have to teach her that the world is not a playground for her fearsome disciplinarian ways; that us mere mortals are not subjects to be crushed underfoot, and we'll be all set.

So. Nothing new for people who follow me on Twitter (I KNOW WHO YOU ARE. I SEE YOU WATCHING ME.), but for anyone else, I am totes fascinating, right? Fo'shizzle.

....OK, I'm going to go take a few steps closer to FANFIC FREEDOM, BABY. I am so productive and shit.
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I say life update but really, there is very little new to report. Evie has turned from a little girl that behaves nicely into a fully-fledged independant Person who just happens to throw a screaming fit if she doesn't get what she wants - on one hand, this is a nightmare but on the other, I'm glad she has her own mind, obviously. She's a bit better than she was a month ago so that's good.

Babydaddy and work are of the same old same. Ditto: mother (halp halp, she's coming up next weekend). I am on the verge of quitting my job but need to find something part time and flexible to replace it before I go anywhere. Bleugh, boring. Moving on. *washes hands of*

Fandom is what's fun at the moment! M'ways obviously (always awesome) and my new one, Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes. It's quite rare these days that I like a show enough to delve into the forums but there you go, it can't be helped in this case. I am quite disturbed by the strength of my attraction to a racist, sexist, homophobic, slightly overweight middle-aged man. But then, good guys are boring. I like Sam Tyler - hell, I even quite like Alex Drake these days - but I'm quite happy to watch their stories once and leave it at that. I compulsively rewatch only for Gene who I have decided is the person actually in control of the whole universe.

There is possibly not a single person on my flist who still watches this show so I'll shut up now.

I am so behind on 24 that I think I'll just d/l the eps and then marathon them at the end of the series. I was sad to discover the other day that this'll be the last but not at all surprised either. Movies though, yay! Hopefully that means Jack won't die at the end? Facebook totally spoiled me for the Renee thing though I have no idea how it comes about, so I'll look forward to catching up with that.

SPN - I still have last weeks ep to watch but I'll wait for tonight's now and watch them together. Am very excited about the ending of this season!

Fuck, I am so boring these days. SIX WEEKS UNTIL DOWNLOAD, BABY! That is going to be a weekend of such ridiculous excess, it'll fill all my non-boring desires for the rest of the year. I am determined to Make This So. Do not ask how, for I shall plead the fifth, but just trust that I'll be behaving exactly like a 31 year old mother shouldn't. :D!

OK, I need to go get my Gene-Genie fix. And then possibly start this fic that wrote itself in my head the other night. And reply to tags, hell yeah.
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This is where I live )

If my house was on fire, I'd have Evie in one arm and this in the other )

A couple of recent Evie ones )

Hmmm. 'A few' turned into a lot. I am so happy I can upload photos again. Yay for fixed computers!
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I have been so lame at reading my flist recently and have no clue what everyone's up to. I will try to stop being so crap.

- Got my exam results today. Three A's! Got maximum marks in a few of them too. It was pretty much what I expected but I'm still chuffed, given that I missed about six weeks of classes at the beginning of the year. I've decided not to go to Uni this year but work and save up to pay for it next year - applying to Oxford again, because why not?

- Moved house last week. And it was actually pretty painless. I love my new house but will love it more when I get some rugs to cover the horrid patterned carpet (you can tell an old person used to live here by the flowery carpet and curtains, bleurgh). Evie seems to love it too and has a massive bedroom which, obviously, she doesn't appreciate yet but certainly will when she's older.

- My laptop survived an inadvertent ride in the removal van, only for me to break it the day after by getting my foot hooked in the cable and yanking it off the sofa. OK, it still works but the bit where you connect the power cable is wobbly as hell and I have to fiddle with it to get it to charge. Also, makes weird noises while plugged in as though charging it is only happening under duress. I DO NOT DIG THIS TURN OF EVENTS. Anyone know whether this sort of thing is expensive to have repaired?

Other than those things, life continues very much as normal. How you doin'?
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I am trying to catch up with my flist right now - even filtered away from comms, I think I'm at about 'rewind 200' and have resorted to scanning. Anything important going on with you, let me know!

I have a Dreamwidth (which is laughable really, because I have no clue what to do with it or even, at present, how to make it work. Nor do I know why it's better than LJ but I guess if all the cool kids are doing it...?) and my name there is the same as my name here. Include me in your circle, people! Lame. I feel like I'm at that retreat in Ab Fab with the mental hippie woman when people say 'circle' to me.

RP is awesome. I have apped two new pups. I have mainlined two seasons of Burn Notice in about a week and have no regrets.

Omg, the baby just woke up. Sleeping for almost four hours on a Saturday? Pumpkin, I love you. :D

In the news; Swine Flu. Meh? Doesn't occur to me to be worried.

Nearly done with college - FUCK YEAH! Won't bore everyone with how far behind I am in some subjects; if I don't care, no one else does, right?

Umm...there was somet...oh right, yeah! Fandom! Omg! I...haven't watched the last ep of 24 yet, nor the last two of SPN but there is flailing all over the place and someone put the notion in my head that Samanddean may have performed Wincest (not really, perhaps but my brain goes to these places) in 4x20, or something so I suppose I should put down the popcorn spy drama and get back to the things I've been friends with for a while. Yes.

OK! Feed the baby time! Have I mentioned lately she's adorable? She's adorable.
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Looking at these gorgeous photos made me sad. Maybe sad isn't the right word. Wistful? It would have been nice to have been that happy when I was pregnant. And I won't lie, it would have been nice to have looked that good.

I totally edited that bit there without even realising it. I had origninally intended to say, 'It would have been nice to be have been able to be that happy when I was pregnant'. Then I told myself to shut up, because everyone can control their own happiness if they want to, right? Etc etc, blah blah.

But really, no. In that situation, no. I'm sure other people reading this (if people read this) can think of times when their happiness has been out of their own control - and really, I think that's OK. It may not be sensible to let others have that much influence on your emotions but you know what? If they do, then it shows you care. And that's OK. It's really OK. We may get hurt but there's nothing wrong with letting someone else have part of you, even if only for a while. It's what we're made for.

And I'm not sad now. I've had a wonderful day and the bad time is behind me and I wouldn't change Evie and Steve for anything.

/pointless post.


Feb. 22nd, 2009 07:08 pm
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I am sitting here watching Steve plant kisses all over Evie's forehead. It's the first time I've ever seen him kiss her and I am dead.
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Why is Paypal such an arse. Why, WHY?! We were getting on so well until six months ago and then it pulled some complete bullshit and now I can't use my account. Tell me, Paypal, how you can 'detect unusual activity on the card your account is linked to' when that card hasn't been fucking used for about two years? And if the non-use is the issue, why not just say so? And no, assholes, I cannot re-validate the card to get my account going again because like I said, it hasn't been used. I DO NOT HAVE THAT CARD ANYMORE. So fuck you. Give me my account back. My pups and I want icons. I want to buy an AC/DC ticket off Ebay. I said I'd sent money to an old mate as sponsorship for her half-marathon. GIVE ME MY ACCOUNT BACK!

And Jonna? Anytime you want to stop scrolling pages down to the bottom at random moments and resetting the cursor to odd places so I can't type more than four words consecutively, THAT'D BE FUCKING GOOD TOO!

Gragh! *hits things frustratedly*

In other news, I thought Evie was better today. And she was, until she went for her nap. Then she decided to alternate screaming with whinging practically non-stop for the next five hours. Thank goodness Steve has more patience than I do...though to be fair, he didn't have to put up with it all day yesterday.

Right, I'm going to bed.
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Is there any fathomable reason why I have twenty two chapters (each with a seperate post) of 24 fanfic starring an OC called Alex Myers clogging up my flist? Hmmm?

No, I thought not. *stabs things*

In better news, I have new 24 to watch. And new SPN. Also the two Che movies (which I don't feel bad about downloading as my local cinema isn't running them and I will no doubt buy the DVD's) and Quantum of Solace (DVD purchasing is a dead cert on that one). Tomorrow could be a very good day! On the other hand, there must needs be coursework-finishing first. No, I still haven't finished that motherfucker. I did break 2000 words today though and my teacher told me today that no one else is even remotely close to finishing, even though they've handed their drafts in. SO that's OK - at least when mine goes in it'll be pretty close to the finshed article.

Oh yeah, I also made it into college today for the first time since Christmas. Did I mention that I have two exams next week that I'm in no way prepared for (note to self, must finish reading Hamlet)? Well, that is also true. And yet, I find it so hard to care. If I fuck them up, I'll just resit them in the summer. Meh.

I am chuffed though that I managed to take a library book back that they were on the verge of charging me a tenner for. Yes, in my life right now, this is an accomplishment. I could go on about why but I really can't be arsed and that about sums it up anyway.

Evie is...ill? I'm not sure? She certainly is on another cold but today she also developed a couple of blisters on her bottom lip and it's making her miserable as hell and unable to drink out of a bottle. She's also hardly eating and has been playing with her ears a fair bit today. I forsee a trip to the doctor in the near future. Poor baby. :(

I meant to go to bed 90 minutes ago and...haven't. Yeah, maybe I'll get on that now.
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Moar Chrimbo pics )

Hope everyone's having a good start to 2009.
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Christmas has been OK. It was a bit meh during the day because it was just Evie and I and she was a bit tired and therefore grumpy. But she had a sleep before Steve came over and so was dead cheerful about opening her presents (which she still hasn't got the hang of but she likes playing with the paper) and we had lots of fun and took lots of photos and it was lovely. *beams* So that was good.

Doctor Who; Cut For Spoilers )

Hope everyone had a great Chrimbo/other holiday of your choosing/Thursday.


Dec. 1st, 2008 12:28 am
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I hate the fact that I feel guilty about having my heating on all day, even though it's been -2 C through the day all weekend. This is because the house I moved into is on a pre-pay metre and it's ridiculously expensive. But seriously - in the part of the house that's unheated (an extension, consisting of downstairs loo/shower and utility room), you can see your breath in the air. I'm not talking about faint wisps either, it's like smoking a fag - plumes of freezing air billowing about the place. Cold. So it is necessary but I still feel like my carbon footprint is about to make the planet explode, not to mention my bank balance screaming at me. Meh.

I have coursework due on Tuesday and I haven't started it. O HAI all-nighter tomorrow. O HAI OXFORD, I IZ RESPONSIBLE STUPID PROMIZE. Double ugh.

And Evie threw up all over the sofa. TRIPLE MEH. On the upside, Steve cleared it up, heh.

Don't want to go to work tomorrow. Or college. But as this weekend has shown, I am not to be trusted with time off. I don't do a single productive thing. Better get to class.
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+ Got offered a place at my second choice Uni, here in Lancaster, so I'll definitely get to study want I want next year, reagardless of whether I get offered a place at Oxford or not.

- Sitting the HAT (History Aptitude Test) for Oxford was a bit of a nightmare - when I first read the paper I saw the question that's based off your own knowledge and immediately blanked, so spent too long on the questions that weren't worth as many marks. Then got to the 'hard' question and realised it was actually really easy when I thought about it but I had to rush it due to lack of time. I didn't get to write enough on it, or the last question, because I'd spent too long on the first bits. So, in a nutshell, I don't think I did very well when I could have done loads better if I'd managed time a bit better.

+ The test is done, I can't change it and at least now I don't have to worry about it. The essay is also done - three hours before it had to be handed in to be marked - so all that shit is out of the way.

- Although the essay was pretty good, I think, I don't know if it counts towards their overall decision on whether I get an interview so...I don't know, I am all up in the air. I'll find out in about two weeks time, I guess. :/

+ I have a new boiler which gives me both heating and hot water. This feels like unimaginable luxury and I am far too hot right now as I'm compensating for having frozen my ass off for the last week.

- Evie is sick again. She had a cough which she gave to me and then I gave back to her. She hardly eats, threw up everywhere this morning, is waking up yelling for milk in the night and whinged literally all day today. Just would not shut up. Not her fault if she feels bad, I know, but Calpol did nothing, sleep did nothing and she wouldn't eat...totally at my wits end. I hope she feels better tomorrow.

+ The last two SPN episodes absolutely kicked ass, especially the Halloween one. Fuck yeah!

- I am unbelievably skint and may have to postpone my trip to see Ex-Housemate Jen again. She postponed the first time, I've postponed...twice? three times? since. And I really want to go but just don't know if it's possible.

- I found out yesterday that my old drum teacher died a year ago. Gutted. Absolutely gutted. He taught me for four years and was the most brilliant bloke. He got Motor Neurone Disease apparently - imagine being a drummer and getting that? Sucks. Really really really frickin' sucks.

+ Doing Milliways stuff again feels fantastic. :)

On balance, the week has felt bad more often than it has felt good. And the week before that, for that matter. On the other hand, the good stuff is pretty awesome and there are no words to describe the feeling of freedom that comes with not having to think about the HAT any more. All in all, hurrah!

In other news, what's the lowdown on the yuletide thing? I looked at it last year, or perhaps the year before, and was tempted but it looks really complicated to sign up for and I'm sure I'd bugger the rules up.
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Just watching an interview with Daniel Craig and seen some clips of the new Bond movie. First can I say, Daniel is hot. As if there was any doubt. But I am slightly worried about the movie now.

Cut for spoilers )

And thanks to everyone who commented on Evie's photos, sorry if I haven't replied personally. I have been distracted by her being pretty ill the last few days - first trip to the hospital, woohoo! But she's fine now, happy as anything. :)
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Evie had a lovely first birthday. Can't believe she's one already! There will photos in the near future.

AC/DC's latest album is released on Monday. EEEEEEEEEE!


My own lameness. On doing a check to find out when said album was to be released, it also occurred to me to check when the tickets for their tour would be on sale. Friday. As in, yesterday. CAN WE SAY SOLD OUT ALREADY?! FUCKFUCKFUCK. So now I will have to resort to spending £200+ on ebay for one. Gutted.


Jul. 15th, 2008 03:01 pm
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I have a brand new 40" flatscreen TV. It is awesome. And enormous. I'm surprised how much I love it, given that I don't watch much TV and I've been resisting mothers' efforts to buy me a new one for about a year now. But this one was on sale and so I gave in and it is beautiful. Even when it's not being watched, it makes my living room look shiny.

On the subject of living rooms, I may soon have a new one. As in, I might be moving. I went to see a house this morning and I wasn't expecting much because I drove past it the other day and it's on an estate (MASSIVE UGH! I HATE ESTATES!) and looks pretty bland on the outside. However! Today I got to look inside it and although it's in need of some serious redecoration - which the landlord should have finished by the time I move in, if I do - it has three bedrooms, a pretty big living room, a huge kitchen, a utility room (OMG the luxury), a downstairs toilet/shower, an upstairs bathroom with a bath (haven't had one of those for two years, AWESOME!) and outside - omg, outside. There's a small front lawn which I thought was the extent of the garden and was a bit 'meh' about because I want somewhere where Evie can run around when she, y'know, learns how to do that. BUT NO! At the back there is a huge space which consists of another big lawn, a big patio, a huge decking area with built-in barbeque and another space for parking that will fit two more cars. And a pond. Plus a front driveway and two outhouses - one looks like a massive garage space and the other a little work area for tools and stuff.

In short, it ticks all the boxes, apart from the one where it's on an estate. I wanted a bath, a garden for Evie, and a driveway because I'm sick of parking on the main road. The only thing it doesn't have that I would have liked is an open fire but I wasn't expecting to get that living this close to a city. It's also in the same village I live in now so I won't have to change doctors etc, and there's a good primary school for Evie very close by. it's definitely a house I could live in for the next four years or so. Awesome!

Now I just need to get everything approved and signed. I hate this part, it's always a drag. I don't even know if I'll be accepted for it but there's no big reason why not, I think, so here's hoping. I've paid the application fees (£170 omg, and it's non-refundable) and just need to wait and see now. I would chew my nails if I did that but I dont. So.

Work is OK, Evie is brill (just properly cut a top front tooth, d'aww), Steve is lovely, mother is...not here, so that's OK, and has also been quite livable-with for the last couple of days...all in all, stuff is pretty damn good. Now I just need to get started on some college stuff so it can be done before September and try and negotiate work hours for the new college year and I will be sorted for the next few years. Cool.

I should also do some proper training for the half marathon I'm supposed to do in October. Yes. That's getting quite pertinent now. *eyes running gear* Perhaps I should not have skived the gym today.

Still. House! Maybe!
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I won £76 on the lottery last night. Woot! I am torn though. Do I buy Evie the walker/car-thing I've wanted to for ages? Do I use it to go and see Ex-Housemate Jen in Scotland next week? Or do I stick it in the bank towards a deposit on a bigger place. I DO NOT KNOW!

Perhaps more pertinently, I am trying to decide whether to skip the gym today and go see Indiana Jones instead. Or maybe Sex and the City (I unashamedly love it). Omg, I cannot think. Too many decisions, too early in the morning.

I expected to be emo today, given that it is one year ago exactly that I foud out I was pregnant. But I'm not and this is also cause for hurrah-ness!

Um. I was sure there were other things to go on about but I can't remember them and so you are all spared. Not just my lucky day, obviously. :D
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DONE WITH ENGLISH UNTIL SEPTEMBER! Could I be happier about this? No, I don't think I could. It has dragged quite horrendously this year. The exam went...OK. I spent longer than I should have on the first question because a) I had quite a lot to say (and was not as concise as I should have been) and b) I thought I wouldn't have much to say on the second (language) question. Of course, it turns out that I could have spent frickin' ages on the language stuff because I crammed a bunch of terms into my head last night (most of which have now disappeared forever) and so, I ran out of time. I feel a B coming on. As long as it's a good B it's OK though, because I'll still get an A overall if that's the case. Then again, I thought I didn't do very well on a question last year and it turned out I got 90% so I guess we'll see. It's done now and I never stress about exams after they're finished.

Steve looked after Evie on his own for the first time and it went swimmingly! I came home and he was feeding her and she had orange stuff all over her chops and was grinning madly, so that was good. He also stayed another two and a half hours after I got home and it was lovely and I am all squishy inside from watching him with her. :D

It is the Champions League final tonight. I am so excited, I honestly think I might be sick. Seriously and honestly. Oh man, if United lose I'll be a wreck but I don't think they will and EEEEEEEEE! It does make me laugh that in order for it to be shown at it's regulr time in the UK (19:45), the match actually kicks off at 22:45 in Moscow. Yes, that's right. Quarter to eleven at night. Mental! I suppose it does make some sense though, considering both teams are English. Then again, it would be at that time no matter who was playing. Weird. I don't imagine the players will care all that much though.

That side, I must reiterate that the excitement is killing me. Only four hours, 18 minutes to go. EEEEEE! :D

I have no more college for a week and a half and then only one exam and one lesson to tie up bits and pieces. I'm not worried about the history exam at all and this is yet another reason why today is made of win!

*bounces about*
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Never thought I'd ever say anything like this regarding China and its behaviour towards human rights but...well played that country! The way they've gone about the rescue operation after the earthquake and have pledged to not leave the site of that school until every single child is accounted for - good on them. Are you watching, Burma? That's how you're supposed to behave after a devestating natural disaster, you asshats.

Loving The Pigeon Detectives album, which I bought today. Watch out for a mega music upload later. I have new CD's coming out the ears as Steve keeps bringing me new ones to put on my computer.

Evie has not been well for the last few days - upset stomach (lovely on a baby, let me assure you. Lets just say the washer has barely stopped since Monday) - and now she has another cough. Bah. No swimming for her tomorrow I think. I am pissed at her nursery though - they told me today that instead of booking her in Tues-Fri like I asked they booked her in Tuesday and Friday. And not the days in between. Fuck. This is inconvenient to say the least. Anyway, it's just another thing in a shitty week but I kicked my ass in the gym today and so, feel pretty good about everything. It never fails to amaze me how exercise makes everything better.

Weather continues glorious. Loving it! Think it's supposed to go yuk from tomorrow though.

I have nothing to do this evening. Hmm. I will upload all the music. Annnd try not to think about the SPN finale. You know how I think it'll end? With the boys in the middle of something that'll save Dean but Lillith distracting Sam and lots of fighting and at the end of the ep, in the midst of lots of mayhem, Dean will hear the Hounds and then it'll end and we won't know if they saved him or not etc etc. There's no way it's not going to be a cliffhanger, methinks.

Right. Music.


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