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Quite frankly, oh my God.

So much I planned to do today. So much not done. WHY CAN I NOT PREPARE FOR THINGS LIKE A NORMAL PERSON? It's only like, an interview that could send me to my dream Uni. The last hurdle before acceptance. Do I finsh all the books I wanted to so I could sound good? Did I fuck. No, no, I did some research on the internet, got distracted, wandered off into a mock interview in my head where everything went swimmingly and then played guitar for a bit.

What the fuck, self. Also, not packed. Laundry for baby not dried so I don't know what the hell she's going to wear while staying at mothers. Christmas Nativity to go to in the morning ('Christmas with the Aliens'. No, seriously.) so no time to catch up then. Driving down south all afternoon. Train at ungodly hour o clock on Wednesday when it'll be TOO DARK TO READ (I know from last year's experience, when I also left the prep until the last minute). And then practically straight into interview, no doubt.

What the fuck. What the fuck what the fuck what the fuck.

Proper meltdown is in progress. Fuck fuck fuck.

And when it comes down to it, I discovered this afternoon that I might be quite relieved if I don't get in. Is this genuine? Or just me setting myself up to fail already? WHAT THE FUCK, SELF?

OK. Breathing now. Will have calming fag and then start back into bloody Charles II. To think, last week I found him interesting. Right now? Couldn't give a fuck.

ETA@ I also know from last years experience that they didn't even go into detail about anything I'd read recently, just wanted to know what it was. So when it comes down to it, any prep is most likely pointless anyway. BUT STILL. I feel I should know more.
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...self, what is up with you? You took the test. It is done. And you didn't do wonderfully but at least it is over. And tomorrow is the last possible day you can write the fucking essay and you should just do it right now but you are not. You are fucking about on the internet and are about to go to bed. Why? Because you stayed up until 2am to watch part of the election (YAY OBAMA!) last night and now you can't stay awake and omfg, if you mess this up because you can't get off your fat ass then you don't deserve to go anyway.

Have a word with yourself.
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Well. This has been an interesting evening for discussion in my household. While the football was on (England vs. Holland, final score 1-1, wtf England?) we first hit upon the notion that it was odd that sales for animals in auction over here - mainly cattle, sheep and horses, although less so with the horses now - are still conducted in guineas. Farmers pay in pounds but only after it's been converted. For example, the auction will sell a cow for one thousand guineas but as there are 105 pounds to 100 guineas, it gets converted and they pay more pounds. An internet search to find the reason for this has come up blank for me. I've only learned that guineas stopped being produced in the UK in 1813 - so why has it continued? I have no idea and am quite gutted that the 'nets have let me down thus far.

Also, have determined that Housemate Jen has secretly been monitoring me for the last year, as she works for MI:6.

...OK, not really. But we got talking about that because they are on a recruitment drive at the moment. Even had a disembodied computer-modified voice of a genuine MI:6 person on the news! V. exciting. And for the first time ever, they have an official website. I think it was much cooler when they didn't have one and you had to send your C.V and a letter to an anonymous P.O Box number, but whatever.

I was told something about the state of bullying in schools a few minutes ago, which quite horrifies me. Apparently (I should add, Jen's school is a very well-regarded grammar school) it's all the rage at the moment to give people wedgies. Not the 'hur hur, I've pulled your pants up your arse and made your eyes water' kind of wedgie - the type where two older boys stand either side of a first-year, grab his boxers and yank until he's lifted off his feet and the underwear rips off so they have a trophy to wave around and laugh about. This practice has apparently been stamped down on since last week, as two year 10's (that'll put them between 14-15 years old) did it to a first-year on the bus and made him bleed so badly that he had to go to hospital. The lad now has to wait until he hits puberty to find out whether he's infertile or not.

Thankfully, the year 10 lads were expelled. Assholes.

Also, a kid got run over in front of school on Monday morning. Not dead, thankfully, just a broken leg. But still, after he went over the bonnet and roof and hit the road, he got up and ran to the pavement on the mangled leg before he passed out. Pure survival instinct right there. But ew. The school's campaign to get a road crossing put in for the boys is still being ignored by the council. Rather typical.

In other, probably more interesting news - I mentioned once or twice before that Housemate Jen's brother works for a record company (Sanctuary Record Group, for any interested). He's been promoted apparently, so he also deals a little bit with the company's U.S operation, which involves talent management.

Mmmhmmm. So - not content with making me green with envy by announcing that the company Christmas party is in L.A this year (or next year actually, as it's in January, wtf?), not content with going out for random drinks last night with Ben Affleck, not content with representing the Killers, Kasabian, Bob Dylan, Oasis, Iron Maiden, Morrissey, James Blunt, Elton John etc etc ad nauseum, not content with having the Automatic round to his parent's house (his mum asked them if they were a 'pop' group and they had to explain indie to her, hee!) and at his birthday party in September, hanging out with JET and spending every evening of the week at gigs and all the record awards ceremonies there are...I now learn that Kiefer Sutherland is represented by the US arm of the company, and will be at this random January Chrimbo party.


Housemate Jen says she'll ask him to get me his autograph. I had to tell her not to as I don't do autographs. Instead, I asked her to get me her brother's life.

She said she'll see what she can do.
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I have had a pint of Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough Chip ice cream in my freezer since Friday, and have not yet eaten any. Because I forgot about it.

This is just so wrong. I'm ashamed of myself.
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On a whim, I just signed up for NaNoWriMo.



Okaaaaaaay. Well. I suppose if I'm not making any progress, I can always submit CTC. Thats 157,000+ words already and only half finished. So. I'm not afraid of being able to write book-length stuff. Just finding the time and coming up with something original I guess.

Hum. Yeah. Why did I just do this? I dunno.
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Ahahaha, whut? Four-five-six year old pole dancers?

Just no. I'm not a prude and have no idea whatsoever about the sort of toys and TV etc that kids watch these days. But selling pole dancing kits to under 10's?

Just no.
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So, I know I promised something profound and interesting for my next update (i.e. this one) but seriously, what were the odds of that happening?

AHAHAHAHA ONLY 2.5 HOURS OF COMMUNITY SERVICE LEFT TO DO!!1! The lovely people knocked 5 off for travelling. YAY!

Awesome day. College was good and got things done, even if did amass more homework. Blah. Did charity shop work and had to *gasp* throw out books! Sacrilege, I tell you. Not as bad as the week when I had to tear them up, but still. Pretty damn bad. Ugh.

And then came home and went straight back out with Housemate Jen and her Boyfriend Robbie where many drinks were consumed and much laughter enjoyed. Always nice!

And now I do essays. But first...what is it with relationships? I don't understand them.

Well, mainly I don't understand why anyone would want to be in one in the first place. But aside from that, let me give you an example. We were in the pub and it was near closing time and had decided to come back to the house to drink some more. Only Robbie was getting tired and decided to go to bed when we got Jen did too. When I asked why she couldn't let him go to bed and have a few drinks with me - which would only take half an hour because there was only a bit of wine left for her to drink - she said, 'No, because Robbie'll get annoyed if I don't go to bed when he does.'

Wtf? Is this normal in relationships? If a dude said said that to me, I'd say, 'Go sulk then, and I'll have a good time with my mate. If you can't cope for half an hour in bed on your own, that's your problem.' But no. Apparantly the thing to do is be demure and do what he wants.

I don't get it. And that is probably why its better I stay away from relationships. If that's what they're like, I want no part of them.
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I've just had one of the most bizarre, beautiful and fucking scary experiences I can ever remember happening. While asleep. And I had to get up to write this and I'd write more - only not here and in a different format - but I have to be up in a few hours to go out with my mother for the day. Shit shit fuck. To add weirdness (and for those who know what I'm talking about) - it involves Gorlim and Ellie.

In a space of minutes though, I have gained two pages of notes, three stories and the ability to write again. And the memory of three songs that broke me but haven't been written and never will be. Also, Celine Dion but we won't talk about that.



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