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My current life in bullet points, as I haven't updated in ages and...I don't know. I feel lethargic today.

- I'm moving house next week. My landlord decided to try and sell my house (ha! Good luck with that!) so didn't renew my tenancy. It kind of pissed me off a bit when I first got the letter because while this house has many problems, it does have an amazing garden for Evie. And also, ugh, packing.

But now I'm fine with it because it's been remarkably straightforward this time around. I've found a nice place close to where I work and OMG YES, the house needs nothing doing to it - no painting or repairs or anything. Heaven! And it has a lush converted attic I'm going to have for my room. And a cellar. Awesome. But no garden, BOO! Anyway, all I have to do is pack everything here and wait for the removal men. Which...I am putting off doing by updating this instead. I have a week though so I'm not stressing and even taking the opportunity to thin out my possessions. Even donating books! It's painful but has to be done.

- I hate my job. Hate it hate it hate it.

- Evie is turning into a precocious little girl and I love it. She doesn't let her lack of speaking ability hold her back in getting what she wants - she's taken to taking people's hands and dragging them to wherever she wants them to be. In the last week, she has learnt to say 'go', 'thank you' and 'all right' - this last usually delivered with a sigh when asked to pick something up, or similar. She doesn't seem to learn single words now, just two at a time. And she constantly runs around happily, yelling her head off, laughing, being cheeky as all get out...ahhh, my little girl. I do love her so. *beams*

- Things seem odd with Steve and I don't know why. Sometimes odd in a good way, sometimes bad. I can't figure it out and have given up trying.

- I am still in a quandry as to whether to go to Uni this year or not. This'll probably get a post of its own as it's complicated and I need to write it down in order to be able to work it through. I can't be bothered now though.

- One of my two New Years Resolutions this year was to start taking guitar lessons, and I have. And I love them! I can't afford the other one, which was to get my full motorbike licence. No matter, I don't believe in New Year's Resolutions anyway. But I do love my guitar, oh hell yeah. Lessons are going very well. :)

- Exam results in two weeks. Yay! I'm not worried, to be honest, but still have a chill of nervous anticipation when I think of it. I always quite like getting results and this time they should be good and will mean I haven't wasted the last three years. In an abstract sort of way, I feel chuffed with myself that I juggled a child, a job and college and will hopefully come out with top grades. On the other hand, I just did what had to be done so don't really think much of it. I just wish I could make up my mind over what to do next.

- Bloody hell, it's August. Where did this year go? In a months time, it'll be autumn and Christmas stuff will start appearing in the shops. Where the hell is the blazing summer we were promised? Bad show, England. Yet again. Bad show.

- I lost internet for five days there and as a result, read a book. I used to read two or three a week. I think that was the second full one I've read this year which makes this news worthy of a bullet point (hyphen? I don't know how to HTML bullet points) of it's own. It was a completely rubbish book but that's not the point.

OK, I'd better go pack something. Has anything interesting/brilliant/exciting been happening for anyone? Do let me know. I've been incredibly emo this month and haven't been keeping up with my flist at all. Apologies.
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Yes. Yes it is. For lo, I am done with exams! \o/!

And for the most part, I think they went very well. Which is kind of a miracle seeing as the day before the first three, I hadn't learnt anything about the topics of two of them, let alone started revision. This is what skiving massive amounts of class - and then not catching up on the missed work - gets you...frantic cramming until five in the morning and then a full day of exams after ninety minutes sleep. But! At least two of them went very well, and the other was solid enough.

Thing is, I don't learn from my mistakes. It's a thing. So when faced with an unexpected two days off work at the end of last week, did I teach myself all the work I'd missed in preperation for the exams this week? Did I fuck. And yet, they went well also. Guess I knew more than I thought I did.

So I think I've done enough to get the three A's I went back to college for in the first place. I won't be positive until I see the results in writing (eight weeks, ugh!) but given that I only need C's on all these papers to get A's overall anyway, I think I'm OK.

Which leaves me with a problem. Because since Oxford told me to get fucked, I've been thinking...weelll, I always do better when I know what to expect in a situation so the thing to do here is start at Lancaster in October, apply to Oxford again and if I get accepted this time, leave Lancaster at Christmas, work for nine months and then go to where I really want to be the year after. Sound, right? Except I got a letter from the Student Loans Company two days ago telling me that they aren't paying my tuition fees for the first two years of study. Which, y'know, D:. Because I can't really afford it - they'll give me a maintenence loan which isn't inconsiderable (I think, they didn't name a figure) but I'll have to use it to pay the £3000 of tuition.

So, for a day there I was like...shit, no Uni. I can't afford it. Maybe I'll defer for a year, get a proper job and save up. And maybe that is what I'll do. Or maybe I' for the first term at Lancaster, see whether I get into Oxford and if I do, leave, get a job etc like I planned. I mean, I'll only be £1000 out of pocket if I do that. And if I don't get into Oxford, I'll just stay at Lancaster and I won't have wasted a year by defering entry. When I think about putting it off for another year, I kind of feel sick.

Or I could just go to Lancaster. Wouldn't have to think about travel, Evie would be near Steve, much cheaper in the long run...hmmm. But. It's not Oxford. Oxford is the reason I went back to college in the first place. I think I need to give it another shot.

But anyway. EXAMS DONE FUCK YEAH! I can lounge about all evening and not feel guilty! I have no revision! I have thrown every scrap of college work from the last three years into the recycling bin! It feels great. I have nothing to do this summer but work three days a week and chill with my baby. Fuckin' A.

Of course, I'm looking at getting a proper job because ugh, new chef at work now that Head Chef Sam has left and he threatened me with disciplinary action on my second day working under him. So I can see this relationship is going to go really well. Not to mention, a trained monkey could do my job and probably with more enthusiasm than me. I mean, who gives a fuck about food anyway, really? Being a chef is a stupid job.

Right. I'ma celebrate my fucking awesome exam today by chilling out, maybe throwing my new pup inna bar and having a beer and a J. SUMMER IS HERE PEOPLE, FUCK YEAH!

ETA: Oh yeah, one other thing. An anonymous person told me on here about two and a half years ago that I needed to stop pissing around and finish something for once in my life. And they were right. So there you go, anonymous person - college. Done.
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I am writing right now and it feels damn good. And I feel like doing more so here, lets try this meme.

Choose one or two or however many and a character/pairing and I'll try and write something for it. You can also ask for original if you're interested in seeing what my pretty little brain comes up with myself.

1) we would all be fools to pray for justice
2) great charity, bad tactics
3) a place beyond fear
4) prayer is a dangerous business
5) trying to build a tower out of custard
6) I will not fail death
7) all things out of season
8) lit like a burning city
9) now explain why you glow in the dark
10) expect to be valued accordingly
11) such a natural, normal lethality
12) choose good actions without good knowledge
13) the confusion of mind you dub honor
14) you were born to be betrayed
15) how long have I been walking down this road?
16) any man can be kind when he is comfortable
17) I've seen him cheat himself
18) these prizes are for living men
19) in desperation, anything becomes possible
20) I'd storm heaven for you, if I knew where it was
21) ignorance is not stupidity, but it might as well be
22) with the right to rule came the duty to protect
23) they will be vastly unlucky in their children
24) but he quit just an hour too soon
25) matter remembered itself so very clearly
26) the structure of her nose alone
27) all the words in all the languages of the world that ever were or will be
28) like trying to weave a box of shadows in which to carry water
29) time and scale, both altered out of reckoning
30) even your darkness shall be treasured then

Fandoms - 24, SPN, Good Omens, Queer as Folk, The West Wing, Milliways, James Bond, the Amber Chronicles. Any other books/movies you know I've seen, I feel like casting a wide net tonight.

In other news, I finally bought myself the Band of Brothers boxset. I've been meaning to get it for over a year - and it's been on sale in HMV for about that long too - so I finally got it. I don't have it as, naturally, I lent it to Steve straight away. But I am looking foward to seeing it when he's finished with it which will probably be Wednesday.

I'm dying to mainline all seven seasons of TWW too. But then, I usually am. I just never start because once I do, I know I wont be able to stop and that's a lot of TV watching to face up to. Maybe this summer.

You know I was bitching about work the other day because I was dreading this weekend? Well, I'm two days into it and it hasn't been too bad so far. Yesterday wasn't as busy as expected; today was but because we were well prepped, we pretty much bossed it. Two days to go! I will relax so much when they're done. And also go shopping because there's a Blackberry in the Orange shop with my name allllll over it.
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Today has been pretty shit. This is possibly due to my seeming inability to go to bed before 3am recently. But I like to think it's more to do with fuckwads at work, who disappear and leave me with a pile of washing up to do even though they started an hour later than I did. Yes, Head Chef Sam, I'm looking at you, you lazy fuck. I love you but you do my head in.

Still. I have RP stuff to do, which is awesome. It necessitated watching some S3 24 last night (hence 3am), which of course means that there must be more watching of it tonight. Just because I love it. We'll ignore the fact that I have four hours of new 24 to catch up on, shall we? And the last ep of SPN. Good good.

Oh, also re: work - remember a couple of weeks ago when I was ranting about not being paid? The boss has been back from hospital for a week...still no sign of her paying her fucking staff. Oh, I've had a large chunk of it, in cash. But I'm owed more. I can't say how much more because she hasn't processed our payslips. I'm reduced to raiding Evie's bank account for food and heating. I hate this. Hate it hate it hate it. I just want to go and yell in her face and tell her what a useless bitch she's being. But I need my job so I guess I just have to deal with it. If I get into a row with her, I'll end up walking out. It's happened at other jobs and I'm so disgusted with her I could happily never set foot in the place again.

All that aside...meh. I'ma watch some Salazars. Have another meme.

Describe me in one word, just one single word. Positive or negative

Leave your word in a comment, before looking at what words others have used

Copy and paste the meme to your journal to find out how people describe you when limited to one word.
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Do excuse me while I FUCKING RANT.

Work )

Phew. I wish I could say I felt better now but I don't. I wont until I get to confront her face on about it. WHY ARE PEOPLE SO SHIT?!
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Oh My God, she's driving me insane. *pulls hair out* And I feel very nasty about it because she's actually making an effort not to do and say the things she knows piss me off. ARG!

Mother aside, things are OK. Went back to work on Monday and it was kind of like I'd never left. The first day was extremely bizarre though because I kept geting flashbacks to last year, both good and bad. Also, it's the first time I've ever worked there when Steve hasn't been around and it is totally weird. I have to keep reminding myself that he's not about to suddenly appear on his bike and that I don't have to make him food covertly because Head Chef Sam didn't want him to have it (no one else knew he was diabetic y'see, and I wasn't allowed to tell anyone). STRANGE! But it's been a good laugh so far and I haven't forgotten how to do my's not taxing I know, but I thought there'd be details that would escape me. Not so far.

Other than that, it's as you were.

I said I'd do an 'about me' thingy a few weeks ago due to the new people on my flist. So I shall do that now for anyone interested, in easy to digest bite-sized chunks.

Once upon a time there was a girl who utterly failed to live in any kind of cupboard under the stairs )

I think that's all the basics and will make some sense of the things I post most about. Long, naturally. I never know when to shut up.

Now. Do I watch the new Indiana Jones movie, which the magic fairies magically and invisibly deposited on my harddrive this morning? Or do I watch more football? Decisions decisions.
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Sir Ranulph Fiennes has just basically said, on the news, that it won't matter to his young daughter if he dies on his next Everest attempt because 'she has a wonderful mother'. Because his father died before he was born and he was OK, he obviously assumes that his daughter will be.

That sort of thinking just DOES NOT COMPUTE with me. Wtf, man?

...the weather is telling me that the temperatures are about to plunge for the next few days...and oooh, sleet and snow is expected at the weekend. I love winter but I wouldn't be adverse to a bit of warmer weather now that it's April. Heating bills are restrictive and not having to wrap Evie up in layers and layers every time we leave the house would be rather wonderful. Again, wtf?

As for the rest of my day...hahahaha. I was told to go get my money in cash today if it hadn't turned up in my account. So I go to the hotel this morning - boss is out. Car was just about out of petrol, no food in the fridge, bills overdue and hey, my account went overdrawn which means I'll get charged £35 next month. Thanks, you utter fuckwits who can't be bothered to pay your staff. Anyway, went back down this evening just on the off chance that the boss would be back. She was and coughed up without argument. Thank fuck for that.

And I have NO MORE CLASSES FOR TWO WEEKS HURRAH! Just got to pick some work up tomorrow and I am done. And then it's only five weeks left in total (+ 1 exam) for the rest of this academic year YAY! I enjoy learning stuff but it's so seriously slow at this level, I'll be glad to get it over with.
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Here is a fact about me that I feel compelled to share (for no apparant reason): up until the age of eleven, I had never heard of The Beatles.

Shocking, no?

I remember it clearly - I was in music class in my first year of secondary school, and Mr. McCurragh, the music teacher, mentioned them as we were being told to do a project on our favourite band. He said something about The Beatles being dead famous and everyone around seemed to accept it without question so I didn't pipe up and admit I'd never heard of them. It shocked me when I looked into them and saw how massive they were - I had played piano since I was five and played in a brass band (which I hated with a passion) but music was rarely played at home. My mother never had it on in the house - well, she did have the radio on every morning but never CDs or similar - and my exposure to current music was mostly limited to a Queen tape my dad had made for my sister and I (A Kind of Magic) which I adored, and some pop music my sister was getting into. New Kids on the Block, mwhahaha! Mother always said (when I asked her about this later on) that in the 60s, people either liked The Stones or The Beatles, never both, and she was a Stones person. She still never had any of their albums.

There is no point to this. I was just thinking today of how I've never got over thinking how bizarre that is, that I'd never heard of The Beatles until I was eleven. And as it happens, I like them and the Stones. Maybe you only had to choose if you were there at the time of the hysteria or something.

Speaking of today, I hated it. It has been one of those days where I woke up tired and stayed tired and everything niggled and Evie was grouchy for no apparant reason this morning which drove me nuts. And because I still haven't been paid, I had to go to the bank and juggle money around so I could pay my rent and I went to the gym without water, despite there being three bottles in the car...that sort of thing; stupid stuff that has just had me cranky all day. But! I had no class as I did the exam everyone else was sitting last week so at least I wasn't rushing around to do errands and I could spend longer in the gym.

In other awesome news, I get an extra £200 this month because since the hotel has been taken over, I have been paid for all my holidays. Means I don't actually get the holiday days of course, but I can live with that. Also means that I can pay my bills without stress this month and go and see Jen without worrying about the exorbitant price of petrol and actually go and do a massive food shop without adding up the price of everything as I go along to make sure I have enough to pay for it. This is good. I do actually need to be given this money of course (now six days late) but I have been assured that if it's not in my account tomorrow, I can go and get cash from New!boss...who is the same as my old boss, just that she now runs the place, not just manages it. So! All good.

To make things better, there is a Man. Utd match on TV which kicks off in five minutes. This is always the best way to end a day. And then I am going to get an early night, damnit! I've been telling myself to get one for the last week and haven't managed it yet. Almost did last night but Evie managed to puke her entire bottle of milk (7oz) all over me at 00:30 this morning, meaning I had to change both our clothes and then feed her again, seeing as her stomach was then completely devoid of milk. Joy. She seemed quite amused by it though, which was funny.

Anyway! Football! Must stop rambling! *shoos*
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Bah. I decided to stay up and do homework last night, despite being knackered. My rationale was that if I didn't do it, I'd probably skip class and then feel bad about it, as we have the next two weeks off. Also, I'd need to collect homework for over the holiday. So I stay up until 1am, the stuff's not bad. Go to class this morning and the teacher doesn't even mention it, let alone ask for it to be handed in. BAH!

I am trying to silver-line and tell myself that at least I did work and also went to class blah blah but in reality, I wish I'd just been able to go to bed early.

I still have not been paid. This is problematic as hello, bills to pay tomorrow. Pain in the fucking arse company.

But for all that, life still seems pretty good right now. Not sure why but not complaining about it either. :)
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Today = good day. Spoke to boss about hours over the summer and I'm good to go for part-time work. Not so good is that we randomly won't get paid until Tuesday which is, of course, the day I need to pay all my bills. So I have to trek down on Monday to get cash and put it in the bank etc and blah blah whatever. Epic inconvenience but it's nothing new so I'll just deal.

Spoke to Ex-Housemate Jen just now, hurrah! Am going up to Scotland to see her in two weeks which will be awesome amounts of fun. My sides are currently aching from laughing through the conversation - this is also nothing new. Randomly, she is now an entrop...entrupeneur...she's got her own business. Rather, two businesses. I knew she was setting up a saddlery shop (which is opening next weekend) but she also now has a livery yard and will be giving riding lessons - has already agreed to teach Evie, yay! Totally typical of her to take on all this stuff at once and she also still works part-time and has a nine month old son so go her! Brill to talk to her again, can't wait to see her.

I am blathering due to boredom. I have done no homework. Whatever, I have awesome short hair again and have done shopping and sorted out work so that's quite enough achievment for today, I think. Oh yeah, I was going to talk about the (now international, thanks to Time magazine) focus on the binge-drinking tendencies of British youth but I have lost the will. Instead I will watch Donald Sutherland on Jonathon Ross' show and laugh to myself over the whole five-month-pregnant-man thing. What's with that anyway?
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The good thing about being on maternity leave has been - up until now - that the payroll person at Head Office can't fuck up my wages anymore. Because, y'see, they're the same every month. Unless it's a five-week month but even then, there are only two posisble amounts to choose from. I have been getting cautiously used to this regular state of affairs and starting to not stress every month as to whether or not I'll get paid enough to cover my rent/bills etc.

BUT NO LONGER! Because a couple of weeks ago the people who were managing the pub bought the lease from Head Office and are now running the place themselves. And so, of course, we come to the first pay day under their management. And once again, there are no wages in my account. *stabs things*

Whatever. I had to go and see the boss today anyway to let her know about the hours I want to do when I go back to work in June. But she better fucking have the cash waiting because I am sick of this shit. In my first ten months working there, the wages were of the right amount, on time, and in my bank twice. The rest of the time they just wouldn't be there, or the amount would be wrong etc. The last Friday in the month was always an adventure for everyone who works there - it looks like we may be reverting to that. Bear in mind that the manager is a woman who has twice 'forgotten' to pay the fifth week in a five week month, thereby doing everyone out of a weeks wages. She claims it was because she forgot but it was twice in four months and she was seen going through a list of employees, telling someone 'oh, they won't notice...nor will they...or him...' so she could get out of paying them what they fucking earned.

My boss is a nice woman. In herself. Working for her is a nightmare and her husband is even worse. I am SO not looking forward to going back.

Anyway. I had to rant about that. In happier news for myself, I am getting my hair cut today which is an utter relief because it's been needing it for the last two months and I haven't been able to get it done. CAN'T WAIT! Then there will be some food shopping and tonight, homework. Hurrah.


Aug. 26th, 2007 06:02 pm
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EEEE I have finished work. EEE! Hurrah! No more putting up with co-workers who don't give a shit and conveniently disappear when any nasty jobs show up. No more 12 hour shifts in 35 degree (C) heat. No more manically busy Sundays and crazyass bank holidays and people walking in and asking for food that isn't on the menu. No more garnish plates and starters and fiddly fucking sandwiches and desserts and salads and specials and YAY!

Came home, threw all work clothes in the bin and stood in the shower for fucking ages until I was positive the place was properly scrubbed away. I mean, I may end up going back in nine months time, simply because the shifts will be flexible and most of the people are pretty awesome. But maybe not. And if I do, it's nine months away. Nine months filled with a Scribble. So far in the future at the moment that it doesn't even count as reality. So hurrah!

And to top a nice day off, exchanged many civil words with the Steve! *dies of shock* OK, it wasn't exactly comfortable but he made an effort and so did I and no one else noticed the Awkward (I swear I could drown in the anger that comes off that man sometimes) and when I caught him on his own and asked him if he'd still be there in a couple of weeks, he didn't bite my head off the way he usually does when there's no one else around. He was fine. So. All in all, a good day. Added bonus = his new shorts. Seriously. Schwing. He's a fuckwit and I still want to do him.

But OMG. No more work. I can't quite believe it. It's been so tiring the last month or so and this week, as it includes a bank holiday weekend, I did 38.5 hours. Under normal circumstances, no problem at all. Nearly nine months pregnant? Killer. I've worked six days a week for the last month and the relief at not having to do it anymore is...considerable. To put it mildly. So, I now have a week at my mothers', as she turns 60 on Wednesday (go mum!). I go Tuesday. Tomorrow I will spend buying her birthday present (portable MP3 player/DAB radio, yellow rose bush, posh speciality foods and chocolates etc), constructing a wardrobe and packing car for trip down. Tuesday = driving. Rest of week = lounging around, shopping, family stuff (eek) culminating in a big sit-down dinner with a heap of relatives next Sunday (kill me now). Next Monday = back. Four weeks after that...wait for Scribble to show up.

And he/she had better not be early because mother will be on holiday in Canada/Alaska and will murder me (I'm not even kidding) if the child shows up while she's away. She keeps saying to me, 'don't you dare have it while I'm away!' and I'm all '...uhh, how exactly do you want me to control this?' But yeah, whatever. I plan to sleep the entire month beforehand, yay!

Righty-o, will stop rambling. Will catch up on football scores and then write a necessary OOM and generally spend the evening chillin'. HURRAH NO MORE WORK!!


May. 10th, 2007 04:20 pm
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Obviously I suck. There are two important things I need to go SQUEE!!!1!!1! about and have forgotten to do so. But here I go!

1. AHAHAHA MAN UTD WON THE PREMIERSHIP!! This happened on Sunday and so I have been sucking for four days by not going IN YER FACE, CHELSEA SCUM like the perfect football yob I am. That is now taken care of and I feel better for it.

2. AHAHAHA TONY BLAIR ANNOUNCED HE'S STEPPING DOWN TODAY!! OK, this only happened this morning so I could not squee about it earlier but rest assured, if I had 'net access at home, I would have posted this at least four hours ago. Anyway, we only have to put up with him until June 28th, so there is light at the end of the tunnel. It's not very bright light as Gordon Brown is a virtual shoo-in to take over and he's not much better, plus the fact that we still have a Labour government and will for another two years. But! I feel it is a step in the right direction at least.

Next stop, get rid of Scotland.

In other news, got sent home from work for nearly passing out in front of Awful Boss. Bizarre. Should take more care of blood sugars. Having them drop too low and then overloading with (a frankly kickass) bread-and-butter pudding that I made is not very sensible. Also, must try not to be an hour late for work although that was OK as Awful Boss did not venture down into the kitchen at all this morning and so had no idea. Ha! Been woken by skeery nightmare to discover that you're already thirty minutes late is not of the cool, however. Although leaving work early and therefore losing 2.5 hours of pay was amply compensated by passing the Crush on the way into the city and getting to ogle him on his bike. Phwoar. A guy should not look that good in shades, I swear.


Apr. 30th, 2007 03:42 pm
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T-minus four days until the 'nets land.

The Crush is the sweetest thing ever. And at the same time, a complete bastard. This is a strangely compelling combination. But hah! I am so on to him. Though its hard to figure out - is it worse if a man is being manipulative without even knowing it, as a defence mechanism? Well yes, I suppose it obviously is better than knowing manipulation because thats just horrid. Perhaps him doing it unconsciously means its harder to make him stop though. Hmmm.

...the answer is clearly not to get him to stop and just go with it and have fun, because thats what it is. And it makes life interesting, which I am all for. So. /stream of consciousness

I cannot stop singing Cabaret. I love that song but am very concerned that it may be vying for the top spot in my personal list of favourite show tunes. 'All That Jazz' has had that honour for years and I am very attached to it. I do not want to have to demote it. Damn that Liza Minelli.

Another month, another occasion of the company I work for being completely incompetent with my paycheck. i.e not giving it to me. I despair but think it is all sorted now. Or will be, when I get off my ass and go home to make a phone call instead of poncing about on this library computer. Bah. *goes*

Brain Stew

Oct. 19th, 2006 09:17 pm
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Today was not the worst day of my life. But neither was it good.

Dear college teachers,

I hate Thursdays. You know why? Because those three annoying kids are in every single class I have. And I know you try but seriously, if you can't get them to shut up about their new boots/glittery pink markers/the fact that they're hottiredboredspecial/their love the fuck do you expect anyone else in th class to get any work done? Not when you stop talking every ninety seconds to tell them to be quiet.

Kick them out of the class. If they're like it tomorrow, I'm walking out - and yes, you want me to do that talk on referencing tomorrow, don't you? Tough.

No love,


Dear Work,

Telling everyone for the last month that we're getting paid tomorrow, and then announcing tonight that oops, no actually it's next Friday...not cool. Not only do I have large bills to pay tomorrow, I need petrol. And food. And so do the other people that work at the hotel. So now instead of catching up with college work next week and doing my coursework and y'know, actually going out to a movie or something to pretend I have a life for an evening - I'm going to be working every day because that's the only way I'll be able to eat.

Fuck you. No, seriously. Fuck you.

All the hate in the world,


So pissed off. Just so much. And the college kids are the worst. I mean, I have to pay to be there and listen to them disrupt every single class with their shit.

Had. Enough.


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