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This is where I live )

If my house was on fire, I'd have Evie in one arm and this in the other )

A couple of recent Evie ones )

Hmmm. 'A few' turned into a lot. I am so happy I can upload photos again. Yay for fixed computers!
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Moar Chrimbo pics )

Hope everyone's having a good start to 2009.
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OK, now photobucket has decided to cooperate, photos are uploading. While I wait for that, have a non amusing anecdote.

When Steve was here a week and a half ago I (half)jokingly told him I was thinking of getting Evie into modelling because she was so cute. He was holding her and sort of paused and looked at her face and then said, 'You should!' I laughed and said no, not really because I would feel like I was exploiting her. He laughed too and said, 'doooo it.' It was my turn to pause and I went '...did you just advise me to exploit my daughter?' Him: *pausepausepause* '...yeah.'

I took the piss. I think he likes the idea though because one of the first things he asked me when he saw her on Friday was whether I had got her a modelling contract yet. It's not going to happen but for all that,


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Have some pics! For I got an old roll of film developed yesterday. It's the roll mentioned in this post which is almost exactly a year old. Obviously, I lose at film developing.

But yeah. The mother and I went and looked at some waterfalls last August. The images I have are almost blindingly green. :)

This other Eden, demi-paradise, This fortress built by Nature for herself )

And now I feel all summer-y and chilled. It helps that the weather outside is exactly the same as the weather in the pics, only not as hot. Next picspam shall be of London! I have another roll of film to develop! But now, I go to vacuum.
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Because I am playing with the new technology (being my new scanner thingy, God knows how to make it photocopy), y'all get picspam. And because I just developed a roll of film that has the dogs on it, you get them. Oh, and a couple taken in Ireland last year.

Kizzy's unimpressed looks have been known to maim, if not kill )

Did I mention 'thick as mince' in the last spam? But beautiful too )

Bertie. The one I miss most of all, as he's gone now. )

Dogpile! )

Co. Doneghal )

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As promised the other day, some photos from the hike my mother and I did around Ingleton waterfalls.

DISCLAIMER: These are not my pictures, for the most part. I only took the fifth and sixth. My film hasn't been developed yet - these were taken by my short-sighted mother, who wasn't wearing her glasses and couldn't see the screen of her digital camera. So they're a little off centre. I'll post mine when my film is developed - of course, they may be no better.

It was a gorgeous day and well worth the aching legs at the end of it )

There would have been more shots of waterfalls, but as I posted on Friday, we got lost on the way back down and didn't get to see any more on the downside of the hill. Typical for us but there you go.

...and the preview has just shown me that Photobucket is doing it's random resizing of shots again. I don't know why, but aologies for that.


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