Mar. 28th, 2011

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Hahaha, prospective agent just got in touch with his direct email, just as he said he would, and a renewed expression of interest. Reassuring!

OK. I am going to go write more words.


ETA: I replied to him, and now I'm all, 'what if that pisses him off 'cos he's busy?' etc. But on the whole, it would have felt really rude not to and it was only a very short 'thank you for getting in touch and I will certainly send you the novel when it's finished' sort of reply. So that shouldn't be annoying, right? Right. *chews lip nervously*
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I so wanted tonight to be fun and productive. Instead, I find myself sitting here, working myself up into a rage so strong, it's making my chest hurt.  So I'm venting, because it usually clears my head and then perhaps I can get something done.

When my sister got married, she was amazed to find there were families out there who were actually supportive, and nice to each other. At the same time! I'm not kidding. (Warning; may trigger mother!issues) )

I'm at the point where I'm seriously considering counselling to find a way to deal with the levels of anger I have. And I am the sort of person who would rather eat dead rats than talk to a shrink. But seriously. Feeling actual hate cannot be a good thing, and the more I'm forced to see her, the worse it gets.

...but I was right! I feel better now that's all vented, so hopefully the rest of tonight can be somewhat more productive than sitting here raging.


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