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I say life update but really, there is very little new to report. Evie has turned from a little girl that behaves nicely into a fully-fledged independant Person who just happens to throw a screaming fit if she doesn't get what she wants - on one hand, this is a nightmare but on the other, I'm glad she has her own mind, obviously. She's a bit better than she was a month ago so that's good.

Babydaddy and work are of the same old same. Ditto: mother (halp halp, she's coming up next weekend). I am on the verge of quitting my job but need to find something part time and flexible to replace it before I go anywhere. Bleugh, boring. Moving on. *washes hands of*

Fandom is what's fun at the moment! M'ways obviously (always awesome) and my new one, Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes. It's quite rare these days that I like a show enough to delve into the forums but there you go, it can't be helped in this case. I am quite disturbed by the strength of my attraction to a racist, sexist, homophobic, slightly overweight middle-aged man. But then, good guys are boring. I like Sam Tyler - hell, I even quite like Alex Drake these days - but I'm quite happy to watch their stories once and leave it at that. I compulsively rewatch only for Gene who I have decided is the person actually in control of the whole universe.

There is possibly not a single person on my flist who still watches this show so I'll shut up now.

I am so behind on 24 that I think I'll just d/l the eps and then marathon them at the end of the series. I was sad to discover the other day that this'll be the last but not at all surprised either. Movies though, yay! Hopefully that means Jack won't die at the end? Facebook totally spoiled me for the Renee thing though I have no idea how it comes about, so I'll look forward to catching up with that.

SPN - I still have last weeks ep to watch but I'll wait for tonight's now and watch them together. Am very excited about the ending of this season!

Fuck, I am so boring these days. SIX WEEKS UNTIL DOWNLOAD, BABY! That is going to be a weekend of such ridiculous excess, it'll fill all my non-boring desires for the rest of the year. I am determined to Make This So. Do not ask how, for I shall plead the fifth, but just trust that I'll be behaving exactly like a 31 year old mother shouldn't. :D!

OK, I need to go get my Gene-Genie fix. And then possibly start this fic that wrote itself in my head the other night. And reply to tags, hell yeah.
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You know the reason why I hate Milliways? It keeps me up to ungodly hours of the morning when I have to be awake and alert for college/baby/life in just a few hours after I turn the computer off.

You know the reason why I love Milliways? See above.

It's good to be back. :)

In other news, I think I may have just decided to skive college today (FUCKING MILLIWAYS) because a) I'm tired and b) I have not done my History essay. I'm looking at it now and thinking, '' Harold Wilson is not the most inspiring chap to write about at the best of times and definitely not after four hours sleep.

Should hear from Oxford within the next ten days or so. I would like to publicly state that I really genuinely think I fucked the exam up so I don't expect to get an interview and please don't point and laugh if I don't. At the same time, I'm almost sick with nerves because there's always hope, right? Maybe everyone else sucked that day too. We shall see. I have two offers from my local Uni so it's not the end of the world either way. SICK WITH NERVES

Also, just sick. Tuesday was spent in bed after lots of throwing up, felt fine yesterday, ate some food yesterday evening - feel like crap again today. I think I might just not eat for a week or so, maybe that'll help. :/ Reboot and restart.

HAVE NOT SEEN THE NEW BOND YET. This distresses me immensely and I'm not even kidding. I was all depressed about the prospect of not being able to see it because I have no free time in the day (unless, of course, I skive college. Which I would never do, obviously >.>) but then I remembered that the parent is visiting next week and so, I'll be able to go one evening. Hurrah! V. EXCITED!

Now I just need my computer mouse to stop being a complete tart and I'm set for life...OK right, I should go do chores if I'm not going to college. Which I will do...after I've written an OOM. :)

Oh, and does anyone know how to stop know what, nevermind. I just figured it out as I was typing.
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+ Got offered a place at my second choice Uni, here in Lancaster, so I'll definitely get to study want I want next year, reagardless of whether I get offered a place at Oxford or not.

- Sitting the HAT (History Aptitude Test) for Oxford was a bit of a nightmare - when I first read the paper I saw the question that's based off your own knowledge and immediately blanked, so spent too long on the questions that weren't worth as many marks. Then got to the 'hard' question and realised it was actually really easy when I thought about it but I had to rush it due to lack of time. I didn't get to write enough on it, or the last question, because I'd spent too long on the first bits. So, in a nutshell, I don't think I did very well when I could have done loads better if I'd managed time a bit better.

+ The test is done, I can't change it and at least now I don't have to worry about it. The essay is also done - three hours before it had to be handed in to be marked - so all that shit is out of the way.

- Although the essay was pretty good, I think, I don't know if it counts towards their overall decision on whether I get an interview so...I don't know, I am all up in the air. I'll find out in about two weeks time, I guess. :/

+ I have a new boiler which gives me both heating and hot water. This feels like unimaginable luxury and I am far too hot right now as I'm compensating for having frozen my ass off for the last week.

- Evie is sick again. She had a cough which she gave to me and then I gave back to her. She hardly eats, threw up everywhere this morning, is waking up yelling for milk in the night and whinged literally all day today. Just would not shut up. Not her fault if she feels bad, I know, but Calpol did nothing, sleep did nothing and she wouldn't eat...totally at my wits end. I hope she feels better tomorrow.

+ The last two SPN episodes absolutely kicked ass, especially the Halloween one. Fuck yeah!

- I am unbelievably skint and may have to postpone my trip to see Ex-Housemate Jen again. She postponed the first time, I've postponed...twice? three times? since. And I really want to go but just don't know if it's possible.

- I found out yesterday that my old drum teacher died a year ago. Gutted. Absolutely gutted. He taught me for four years and was the most brilliant bloke. He got Motor Neurone Disease apparently - imagine being a drummer and getting that? Sucks. Really really really frickin' sucks.

+ Doing Milliways stuff again feels fantastic. :)

On balance, the week has felt bad more often than it has felt good. And the week before that, for that matter. On the other hand, the good stuff is pretty awesome and there are no words to describe the feeling of freedom that comes with not having to think about the HAT any more. All in all, hurrah!

In other news, what's the lowdown on the yuletide thing? I looked at it last year, or perhaps the year before, and was tempted but it looks really complicated to sign up for and I'm sure I'd bugger the rules up.
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I love that I can use winter icons now, and even Christmas ones, and have it not be weird. Should really get a Halloween one though.

And man, y'know what? I fucking miss the days when I was on LJ all the time. This time of year brings it back - three years ago I was unemployed and couldn't afford to eat let alone have a life. So I used to play on LJ and live in Milliways and it was a really nice fun way to spend time. Now I have no time and I miss it. :(

Speaking of no time, I'm supposed to be writing three essays today but what with having no heating my hands are literally too cold to pick up a pen (how's that for an excuse? They're not too cold to type, obviously), so I am...killing time on LJ again, hurrah! Really should write essays though, one is coursework and one is for Oxford. The other is just homework, so, unimportant.

Last week I really wished I could go out for Halloween. Now I'm looking forward to spending the evening taking the piss out of the Babydaddy for turning 38 - mwhahaha, only two years until the nervous breakdown! He's fun to take the piss out of because he takes it well and then gives it back. ...shit, that reminds me, I have to wrap one of his presents still and get Evie to write her card for him. And make a birthday cake that he can't eat anyway but its the thought that counts, right? I can eat it, so thats alright. *makes list*

Ho hum. Hurry up electrician. Or don't, 'cos then I'll have to write essays. *twiddles thumbs*
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Today was shaping up to be awful due to a criminal lack of sleep (entirely my own fault. or, I blame Milliways actually) and the fact that Evie started yelling for a long time for no particular reason. But then she fell asleep and the postman has just come and now I have S6 of The West Wing, Russell Brand's autobiography and Ocean's Thirteen and everything looks a whooooole lot better. Chances of me leaving the house today? Nonexistant. Heh.

And Milliways last night was frickin' awesome fun. Still love that place so much.
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I have a Christmas tree! I have named him...Tree. He is quite small but very full and smells gorgeous. *beams* I also have a few other decorations up and that's all I'm doing because I'll have to take everything down pretty soon anyway. Also, I am contemplating having everyone from the hotel over for a party, seeing as there's heaps of room in my place at the mo. An excellent place to pack with people and heaps of beer, methinks. So that might happen and I'll just have to make sure everything of mine that's worth anything is packed away. One mate in particular thinks its hilarious to get drunk and randomly throw things around, even if its expensive. Hmmm. Maybe won't invite him - although he'd turn up anyway, so whatever.

So, I have some Christmas spirit right now which had been lacking up until this point. It hasn't really felt like Chrimbo at all until today. Hurrah for today then! Also, it's a proper wintery day in Lancaster for a change, which I adore; namely, it's clear and freezing cold. It rained all last week so this is nice. Not so nice that I can see my breath in the air while sitting in my room but that's OK as I'm off to work inna minute anyway.

Random!Steph - if you read this, OOM will be sent over to you tonight and I'll set up the next thread as well.

Now I'm going to attempt to befriend technology and hook up the scanner/printer/photocopier thingy my mum bought me for Christmas (there's not a chance I'll manage this in the ten minutes I have before work, but one can hope).

ETA: Technology was surprisingly friendly. Apart from the fact that I am missing the lead that plugs the thing into my computer. *sighs* It's so nice to know that the time-honoured British tradition of randomly leaving things out of boxes in factories is alive and well.
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...end of the month in two days! This means new pups will be approved soon and all I can say is SQUEEEEEEEEEE! Although I still have to make icons for one before I can send him in, hmmm. Will do that now.


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