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I want this. Or rather, something similar. I would have different words underneath, and the edges of a few pictures, a couple of other bits and bobs. It would be awesome. MUST. HAVE.
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I want this. OMG I want it.

"Ther mvste be some maner of departure from thys place..."

...AHAHAHA! Chaucer meets Hendrix, gotta love that. I mean, I knew about the Chaucer blog. But I didn't know there was merchandise. I am so strong-arming my mother into shelling out for that one for Chrimbo. :D!

Edit: I must point out one good thing that happened today - hee, I noticed that the college library has Brideshead Revisited to rent on DVD. My love for this mini-series knows no bounds. I had it on video but had to sell it for cash but I fully intend to get the DVDs at some point because it is awesome. Also, the book is made of brilliance, I should really mention that too. I mean, one of the characters is called Lord Sebastian Flyte - with a name as cool as that, how could the thing not rock?

So, tomorrow afternoon, despite masses of homework, I'm resolutely going to do bugger all and just chill in front of the TV, watching something wonderful. *happy about this*
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So. Christmas. Blah.

It does not feel like Christmas this year. Granted, there has been one fall of snow and it even managed to stick around for all of four hours! Other than that, it's gone mild again - I hate that in December. It should be cold and snowy in winter, and it never is. I blame reading too many books on having false hope about things like the weather. And other things too obviously. Ugh.

And so, for the second year running, I will not be going to my mothers for the holidays. At least I won't be on my own this year, I'm staying with my housemate (Jen) and her boyfriend (Jake). Only problem with this being - Jake is a pain in the ass. Nice, but a pain in the ass. It'll be fun, we'll all get hammered - but Jen is already talking about us all sitting down next week and making a kitty for booze/Christmas food etc. As she's planning on drinking a lot - this is going to get expensive.

I? Currently have 7p. For the Americans out there, thats about $0.12. *sigh* It seems a begging call to my mother is going to have to take place. This is not going to be fun. At all. She'll be OK with it, I expect - I'm just terrified she's going to say 'I'll pay your train fare to come down instead!' Which wouldn't be so bad, but meh, it just means that either way, Christmas is going to be something to get through rather than be properly enjoyed.

ETA: In other news - James Blunt is love. I highly recommend the album 'Back to Bedlam'. Fucking incredible.
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This song recced by [ profile] meddlesomewoe is teh gorgeous! Which is why I'm putting it up again, as a double pimp.

'Upward Over The Mountain' - Iron and Wine

I am dying over teh lushness. Damn you Nympho! *smites*

In other news - there's nothing wrong with sitting and chomping on cooking chocolate because I can't be bothered to go make real food is there? Inquiring minds (well, this one anyway) want to know!
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Anyone know the names of any original fic communities out there? *is curious*
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Because I am soooo tired, I will now proceed to talk utter crap. Lucky flist.

1. Ummm...*forgot what I was going to say*

OK yeah...if gmail/LJ doesn't sort their shit out with notifications, I'm throwing my laptop outta the window!!! And it isn't even mine! And it won't do any good anyway!

But seriously, how am I supposed to RP porn properly if I don't get notifications and so miss tags for hours. WTF?!

2. The 'Is Kiefer gay OMGWTFBBQ!!1!' thing totally cracks my shit up. Because - duh! Also, I soooo hope he's on drugs, because that would make me laugh. Only not if he died.

3. I'm really thirsty

4. I got a job last week - and have not made it into one day yet. Don't ask me what's up with that shit (or why I keep referring to everything as 'shit' as though I were a homie or something. I have a friend in LA who's a gangsta homie but I haven't seen him in over a year so it's really no excuse that I still talk like him).

5. Ugh. Or hurrah! depending on which way you look at it. I'm not going home for Christmas! I'm staying in my house with my flatmate and her annoying BF and going to spend Chrimbo completely hammered and watching Christmas specials on TV! Awesome!

ETA: 6. I can't stop singing Mariah Carey's version of 'All I Want For Christmas'. Complete with high-pitched screeching audible only to dogs. Even deaf ones - I'm sure the noise is what's making my flatmates stone-deaf spaniel bark like a crazy mad thing. 0_o

Someone kill me. Please.
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OMG! Is this nuts or what?!

Acre of Moon

Own an acre of the moon? OK, groovy. Except - well, its not like you can go take a vacation there. And who the hell owns the moon anyway? Has no one ever asked whether the USA/Russia have the right to be randomly selling parts of it off?

Soooo - I wonder what'll happen when we get round to colonizing it. Maybe I should buy an acre of it (it's pretty damn cheap) - if the deed gets passed down through enough generations, it might be worth millions by the time some corporation wants to start building spaceports etc on it...

Wow, that is just the most random thing I've read today. The ways people come up with to make money...weird. *shakes head*


May. 27th, 2005 09:04 am
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OK - for no apparent reason, my computer just started emitting sounds. Even, rhythmic....noises. Like the shutter on a camera, only louder and rougher. For about two minutes - and then they just stopped. I didn't even touch my mouse.

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So, I took this test...

...which I was told to take by [ profile] meddlesomewoe  It guesses your gender from your replies to its questions. I told her that I had already taken it ages ago and they had told me that I was a man. But in the interests of science and...y'know, boredom, I took it again. And yes, it's official - for the second time, I am a man.

They were 8% certain of this. And compared to others who have taken the test, there are  "26% more male than you6% like you67% more female than you"  This is what they told me. Just to round it off, they kindly informed me that

"Statistically speaking, you are a man—whether you know it or not."

Hmph. Charming. Do you think this is because when they asked 'in a certain light, nuclear war would be exciting?'...I answered 'yes'? Could be. Obviously I was thinking about 24 at the time. Promise.

Ummm....yes. I'm going to go check how my prostate is developing now. Hell, there's gotta be some advantages to being a FauxMale, right?

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If there is at least one person in your life whom you consider a close friend, and whom you would not have met without the internet, post this sentence in your journal.

Damn right! Thank heavens for close friends and the internet, I say! Hurrah!
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You know those nights where everything is wrong but its right as well...?

Yeah, having one of those.

Alcohol is good. Luckily, I have more than enough in my flat.


I'm getting pissed and that is right and proper.

Wow. Life is....

Oh man...

Apr. 2nd, 2005 03:17 pm
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...William Shatner is on TV advertising Bran Flakes. Thats just wrong on so many levels. He didnt look like he was enjoying it much either.

In other news, got a fab....ooh Billy Zane on some show. He's hot!...anyway yeah (this is why I dont watch TV, too much randomness) a fab idea for a short fic. And I'm knackered but must write it. Yah.
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...say 'Fuck it' and move on to the next challenge.

Next up - skins. Or whatever they're called. I don't like the one I get when I look at my 'Most recent' entries - it makes no sense, and I can't go from there to 'edit' or whatever.

*wonders if self needs a paid account to change the format*

Sod it. Will go and try.

If I'm not back in 30 minutes, my computer has eaten me for its own safety and well being...

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OK here goes...

For varietys sake, I will use a different (yet equally hot) picture...

Sexy )

*takes deep breath and holds it*

EDIT: Fuck. WTF? This makes no sense and now I'm pissed off.

EDIT AGAIN: WOOHOO!!!! Spelling things right and not missing off letters - WORKS!! WOOHOO!!!

EDIT AGAIN!! NOOOOO! DOESN'T work!! I DONT GET IT!! So - there's a link on the 'other' view of this shit (good job no one's reading this) and it links back to here, which I suppose is normal. So - if I want a pic here, I have to post it directly onto the page? But link to it as well. Because surely one cannot link to a link and expect anyone to actually be bothered to read/look at it?

Oh fuck this. I'm going for a fag (cigarette, for any Americans that may stumble upon this in years to come - I'm sure that they'll laugh at my stupidity even then, when they're controlling the computers with their mere thought processes and no one has to piss anymore because we've all learned to recycle organically within ourselves...)


....OK, definitely need a smoke, like, RIGHT NOW!
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OK, I'm going to master this damn thing...

*getting mad*
*check photobucket*
*light dawns*

*hits 'blog' button above the picture, and....

Image hosted by voila.

A snarling, smoking Kiefer is magically on my screen....

YAY!!!!!! Woo HOO! So easy!

Honestly, if I had a brain I'd be dangerous.

*smacks head repeatedly into wall*

*which may explain a lot*

Now, for the lj cut thing...
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OK, I'm going to master this damn thing...

<img src="" alt="Guh" />

See how that goes before I attempt to understand where the fuck the lj tag is supposed to go...

EDIT: OK, so that didnt work. Ummm..
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I am a computer dunce. It's official and has been official for a long time.I'm not quite as bad as my mother, but then, no one could be that bad. So anyway, WOOHOO! *leaps around and hits head on ceiling* I worked out how to re-size pics so now there can be avatars and pretty pictures of Kiefer... :D

Of course, when I say I worked it out, I did have help. at the start (which I didnt understand but only because I'm thick, not the helpers). So Wiseguy and FSSLM, I know you dont read this but thanks guys!

I stuck the pics up n Photobucket (v. proud of self for working that out too) and even managed to link the album to LJ. So now...hmmm. Lol, have no clue of the point of that or how to make anything work, but its a start I guess... I really should work out what a link thing is anyway so I can post in the 24 community. Other people do it so it cant be that hard, right? *sigh* Hard life, being a computer twat.

Whatever, I'm in a good mood now. No more wanting the perfect pic and being unable to get it. WOOHOO!!

I'll try and do something with a pic here just cos I can (or cant, as will probably turn out to be the case :D).


Nope, didnt work. Hmmm. Try again.



Sod it. Some other time. WOOHOO! :D :D


Mar. 31st, 2005 01:32 am
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Fucking hell....I got toothache again. Been bugging me on and off for a few weeks, now it's damn permanent. I'm soooo getting every single last fucking tooth pulled out and just getting falsies. This is beyond a joke, seriously.

In other news...what am I saying? There is no other news. Oh - but England won their match tonight, so that kicks ass. Go boys! :D World Cup, here we come! :)

And I really want to go and write my Mexico fic but I just can't seem to muster the energy. There's so much of it in my head, I think I'm kind of worried that I won't get it all down. I want it to feel different and have more depth than anything I've written thus far but then - I wanted that for 'Peace' too. And I got it at first, and then it just turned into a big old mess IMO. I need to find some way to focus this one (which will be called Cum Tacent Clamant), so that I dont lose control of it - there are some very definite themes that I want to get across.

Ah well. The only way to get it done is to do it. And there's nothing else to do so - yeah, might as well get stuck in.

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So, I'm outta here for a couple of weeks. Off to a strange place called my mothers. Which means no internet and no Sky TV i.e no 24, not even episodes I've already seen. *sigh*

The funeral is going to be weird. Irish family means tonnes of relatives, most of whom I haven't seen since I was about six. And I'm staying with my Dad, who I've seen four times in the last 16 years. Wow, this is going to be fun...
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Have you ever heard a song and wanted to make a movie, just so you could put it in the soundtrack? I get that quite a lot - and last night I was listening to Metallica's version of 'Loverman.' All I could think was 'Wow - you could do the most debauched, down-and -dirty, visceral, filthy sex scene to this song - and it would be the hottest thing ever.' I almost got off just listening to it. So yeah - would v. much like to see Kiefer performing said sex scene, obviously. :D

In other news - my Grandmother is about to die. Like, today probably. Which sucks beyond anything.


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