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*shifty eyes* No, I am not sitting at my computer, eating chocolate brownies and listening to Christmas tunes. No.

...move along, nothing to see here.

Anyway. Ahem. WOE! Ex-Housemate Jen texted me and was all, 'Dude, are you coming to my wedding? I need numbers for the reception people!' And I'm all, 'But but but, its ten days after Scribble is due which is fine if he/she is on time but if he/she isn't then I will either not be able to or will risk it and will go into labour in the church or at the reception or at the very least will have to travel back the day before being induced and its a five hour drive away argh argh argh!!1!'

So...ugh. I so want to go. Its in Oban, which is up on the edge of the Highlands in Scotland (omg so beautiful!) and it's October so it'll be all cool and autumny and gorgeous and hello, my best mate is getting married. Third attempt and she's finally going to make it! And if Scribble has arrived then my mother is going to come up with me and look after bebe while I go to the wedding and get pissed, so I even have that sorted out. I just, y'know, need the baby to turn up already. Bah. Its an awkward thing. *pokes it* I just know its going to thwart my attempts to...well, do anything.

On the other hand, of course, not going means that I don't have to go and get an outfit. And can even delay going to get a present, which would be good because I am skint and also, had forgotten about buying one up until now. But that is shallow and wrong so if I can go, I will. I just don't want to tell her 'yeah I'm coming' and have her pay for my seat at the dinner or whatever and then be unable to be there.


In other thoughts; in the 'Winter Wonderland' song (which I am not listening to in any way, shape or form) is up with the line that I've quoted in the title to this entry? And the follow up, '...but you can do the job when you're in town.' What does being married - albeit on a seemingly part-time, long-distance basis - have to do with building a snowman that they're pretending looks like Parson Brown? I am confused.

Also, there appears to have been a Heroes related occurence in my flist. Is it the season finale of S2 in the States at the moment, or similar? Thats all I can think it must be. My ramblings on the mid-point of S1 yesterday were entirely coincidental and now I feel like a dork for being so far behind the rest of the universe. Stupid UK.

And a quick word on Spooks (to make me feel better, as its one of the few good shows that I'll get to see before you Yanks) - wtf BBC? One website clearly states that the new series will be on in September yet I have checked the listings and NO! It totally lied to me. And you, dear Beeb, favourite of my stations, are not clarifying matters and will only tell me that it's 'coming this Autumn.' I NEED TO KNOW! I need my fix of Hot Adam, especially as its his last series. His brief appearance in the recent Tesco commercial is not enough to sate my longing. Sort yourself out!

ETA: *snorfle* Kiefer has his own calendar this year, not just a random 24 one. I may just have to buy that.
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Bwhahahaha, the Kiefer interview rocked! *glee*

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Here ya go Xandra - pics! BWAH! I love a man that drinks.... :D

Woo! Shirtless!Kiefer )


Jun. 19th, 2005 12:48 am
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*stares at neck*


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I am so fucking dead...

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And edited in, especially for my mad buddy [ profile] meddlesomewoe...this. She has named it 'Standing Sex' and I quite agree... :D

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Seriously, do I need to explain a reason for posting this? I think not...

Props to my buddy annabella for brining it to my attention, I worship at your feet man! :D :D

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OK, I'm going to master this damn thing...

*getting mad*
*check photobucket*
*light dawns*

*hits 'blog' button above the picture, and....

Image hosted by voila.

A snarling, smoking Kiefer is magically on my screen....

YAY!!!!!! Woo HOO! So easy!

Honestly, if I had a brain I'd be dangerous.

*smacks head repeatedly into wall*

*which may explain a lot*

Now, for the lj cut thing...


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