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Gooooooooooooooooooooo Italia!

Yeah! Italy won, 2-0. OK, so I feel sorry for the Germans. They played well and they've put on a fantastic tournament. Yvonne, my condolences. *hugs* But Italy played better on the night I think, even though it was close. And a fantastic semi final. Hope tomorrow's is just as good - COME ON PORTUGAL!!

In other random news (and possibly TMI) - Mad Jake got so drunk last night he peed on Housemate Jen's bedroom floor. Why do men do that when they're drunk? Ew. Quite frankly, Saturday can't come soon enough. I'll be rid of him forever, hurrah!
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HAHAHAHA, am still Domestic Goddess. Made another cake.

Housemate Jen and Mad Jake are back later today from their weekend in Scotland. Great. Still, he's only here for another week, hurrah!

I am looking forward SO MUCH to living on my own own again. Not that I don't love Housemate Jen, because I do. I can just relax a lot more when I'm on my own and more things get done. I'm so much better off when left to my own devices. Only six more months!

England going out of the World Cup? Still sucks. I don't even have the energy to go into why and most of you are American anyway, so never mind. To the Europeans on my flist, I'm sure you understand.

In better sports news, Andy Murray (19 year old Scottish boy with no trainer) put Andy Roddick (2 times Wimbledon finalist and previous world nuber 1) out of Wimbledon today. Go Andy! You may be a miserable bastard with the charisma of limp lettuce but keep winning and we'll love you forever.

In a fit of creativity, I drew something that I'd love to show off because it doesn't suck for once (no, honestly) but I can't because this fucking computer won't accept the downloadable scanner driver software from Canon. I am Jack's screaming rage.

And now I will take my screaming rage and go ice a cake with it. ICING OF RAGE, BABY!!

*snorfle* Now I'm in a fit of helpless giggles a cake. *shoots cake* I just got that.

I'm so gangsta.
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I wish I could say I was surprised. But doesn't this happen every major tournament?

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Damnit. I have to be up in four hours to start cheering on the Henman at Wimbledon. Normally I love it but hello? With a likely second-round tie against Federer, I'm thinking there's no point even bothering. At the same time, it means I have to watch this match because the next one might be the last. Bah.

But, England won their football match yesterday so hurrah! Quarter-final against Portugal, which should be interesting. I have no doubt we'll win that one.

And I really want to see the Italy-Australia game this afternoon but I'm not sure I can bear watching it with Mad Jake because ugh. Bah. BAH I SAY!

With that, I go to crash so that I might support better. I am such a good little sports fan. *toddles off*

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*bashes head into wall repeatedly*

And I thought it'd be a week before I wanted to slap Mad Jake into oblivion? No. A day. Bah.

Half an hour until England's last group match vs. Sweden. The score will be? 2-0 England (sorry Maria!).

*goes back to put up with watching game with mad Aussie and a Larsson-supporting Scot*

ETA: AHAHAHAHA GET IN JOE COLE!!1! Goal of the tournament so far. Hee!

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Fifteen minutes to kick off. COME ON ENGLAND!!

Would prefer to meet Ecuador in the first knockout round, because they haven't got home advantage. At the same time, I haven't seen a team in the tournament yet that England can't beat if they play well. So.


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Totally ganked from [ profile] kenovay, because this song needs pimping, simply because it's the epitomy of British hopes in every football tournament there is.

Three Lions

As [ profile] kenovay said in her post, the video isn't really worth dealing with. I mean, I enjoyed it because I love football but it's not of the best quality (however, it does have shots of Eric Cantona, which automatically makes it the best thing in the world, ever).

I digress. This song first appeared when England hosted Euro '96, and was adapted for the '98 World Cup. It's been adpoted for every competition England are in since then and I don't know a single British football fan that doesn't love it. It just sort of...says it all. It's catchy as all hell and brilliant to sing along to.

And if any Americans out there want to try to understand about the obsessive love of football in the UK, listen to it. We all still go on about the triumph in 1966, even if we weren't born then. We all know about the agony, the penalty shoot-outs the 'Oh God, we're so close!!' feeling - and we still always think the next time will be better.

Here's hoping for this one.

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Predictions on tonights scores.

Cut for those who don't care )

EXCITED! *bouncebounce* I need to make some World Cup icons. But I need beer and smokes more. Must go to the shop before kickoff. :D!

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Gratuitous squeeing post.


Trust me, North Americans on my flist, this is a Big Event. I'm so excited! *squee*

People who are into such things - predictions for the winners? Of course I'm going for England but this is because we actually have a brilliant team, not just because I'm patriotic.




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