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I am still without internet. MY ISP are clearly shite already. I had to phone and hassle them about where my installation stuff had got to before they decided to tell me that, 'Oh yeah, your order should have been done on Wednesday. But there was a technical error, so no.'

Me: 'So when will it be sorted out?'

Them: 'Four to five days.'

Of course, it is now a bank holiday weekend, so I'll just make that a round week then, shall I? Added to the general suck of this week - my bank has lost all the paperwork I have given it for three standing orders to be set up on my account, so I now have to make various manual payments to people and get new forms and fill them out and take them to the branch so I can stand over them and listen while they're rung through and set up. My boss has still not even looked at the fact that she owes me over £100 because she can't add hours up right. I am waiting on two cheques that were supposed to be here already and are not. And The Crush told me yesterday that he's been offered a new job. Temp until the end of June and then permanent. So as of next week, he'll only be around weekends and at the end of June, probably not at all. Where this leaves us, I don't know. I just know that I WISH LIFE WOULD STOP SUCKING!

OK, whine over. On the upside, my aunt has apparently given me £100. This is very nice of her and I was very touched. And now, I go to work. Bank holidays suck ass.


Apr. 30th, 2007 03:42 pm
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T-minus four days until the 'nets land.

The Crush is the sweetest thing ever. And at the same time, a complete bastard. This is a strangely compelling combination. But hah! I am so on to him. Though its hard to figure out - is it worse if a man is being manipulative without even knowing it, as a defence mechanism? Well yes, I suppose it obviously is better than knowing manipulation because thats just horrid. Perhaps him doing it unconsciously means its harder to make him stop though. Hmmm.

...the answer is clearly not to get him to stop and just go with it and have fun, because thats what it is. And it makes life interesting, which I am all for. So. /stream of consciousness

I cannot stop singing Cabaret. I love that song but am very concerned that it may be vying for the top spot in my personal list of favourite show tunes. 'All That Jazz' has had that honour for years and I am very attached to it. I do not want to have to demote it. Damn that Liza Minelli.

Another month, another occasion of the company I work for being completely incompetent with my paycheck. i.e not giving it to me. I despair but think it is all sorted now. Or will be, when I get off my ass and go home to make a phone call instead of poncing about on this library computer. Bah. *goes*
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You know what a great start to the day is? When you phone the water company and they've never heard of your address and do not start a new record of it, thereby ensuring that you do not have to pay a water bill for the duration of your tenancy. Hurrah! Random, but welcome. That was yesterday. The day continued to be fucking awesome, in the way that extremely productive days usually are. Now, in my flat, I have:

My computer
An ariel for TV (still not connected as I don't watch TV much, but the thought was there)
Mop and bleach and cleaning stuff (still very neccessary, despite best efforts)
Small amount of food
Pots, plates, couple of pans, dishes, cutlery etc - useful for eating said food off
My guitars and amp

This is progress. And most account type things are set up, ie phone line ('nets within 15 days, hurrah!), gas, electricity, council tax. I have a key to the shed so I can store my bike. I have picked up a form to register at a doctor's finally, for the first time in four years. I have changed address and bank details with all relevant companies and organisations. I have phoned the council for a bin and recycling boxes and bin bags. I have booked the removal men for Monday so I will soon have furniture!

All that remains is a last blitz on cleaning (have not dared to open the oven yet to look inside, ugh. So lucky I have not had to use the thing yet) and I will be good to go. There will be another trip to storage momentarily to see what else can be salvaged before removers go in on Monday because they charge by the hour so any 'help' I can give them is a good thing, in my eyes. Only casualty of yesterday was one of my bookshelves, which collapsed when I moved it so that means I will be forced to leave some books in boxes until I can replace it. I can deal with that. I am thinking I'm going to do a purge of all things not entirely necessary anyway and while I can't usually bear the idea of getting rid of books, some of them may have to go. Donating them to others is an act of kindness though, and charity shops will make money when they sell them so who am I to be selfish and hang on to those crappy novels that I will probably never read again anyway? (still, eeep!)

So. All in all, things are most excellent. To make it even better, the Crush still has a job. His disciplinary hearing was a fucking joke - wtf sort of employers, when asked to provide actual evidence of their claims, respond with, 'That's not relevant.'

Um...what? That's like, the entire basis for this meeting, dude. Every time they were asked to back up their claims, it was either 'no' or 'that's irrelevant' or 'I don't have that information to hand but I will find it for you if you think its important'. Crush, predictably, pointed out that of course it was fucking important - upshot is, they've told him to come in for his shifts, do his job and go home and take no further interest in the job than that. At least he still has a job, seeing as they had told him two days before that they were going to fire him, but it really is a joke. Its obvious they're trying to imply that he's been ripping the company off but they can't prove it because he hasn't. He's one of the most honest men I've met. So it's ridiculous but hopefully blown over for now.

And that's the current state of life. Next stop, fitness drive. Get my bike back on Monday! Good weather = cycling to the pool and to work. It's part of my current obsessive desire to not be bored any more because honestly, I'm doing my own fucking head in. Going to try and find a guitar teacher also, start doing martial arts again (did some training with my sword yesterday, GUH! Forgot how much I love it) and still want to take up fencing. OH! And my buddy Ginger is running the London Marathon on Sunday, the lucky git. I am so gutted but also so completely proud of him. I just know this means I'm going to have to start running again too because I was entered years before he took up running and I'm a competitive bitch. But this will be a good thing and means that next year, we can do it together. Hurrah!

OK, info dump almost over. Aims for the day: more cleaning, more stuff out of storage, get Crush into bed tonight because he's hot. Sounds like a plan. Hope everyone else is similarly cheerful. :D!
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Further to previous entry, I can report that The Crush is being a total sweetheart so I no longer feel the need to smite him into oblivion. Which is nice. In many ways. :D!

And I realise I am making many entries with reference to this dude and haven't actually said much about him. So I will rectify that now.

Cut for those who don't care to listen to me drool, and then become neurotic )

All that aside, its my birthday on Thursday. Woe. I will be twenty eight, so there will probably be a depressive entry on getting old at some point. Which will be followed by one on the antics of the celebrations on the upcoming Friday night, wherein I will certainly be acting like an eighteen year old. :D!
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Men are crap.

End transmission.

...not really. I just had to get that out. Anyway! I've forgotten what I was going to say. Oh no, I remember - thanks to everyone who filled me in on the status of S6 of 24.

Quick life update, as am short of time again.

* Have given up smoking. Surprisingly easy, as it happens.

* Took myself off clubbing last Friday and spent the evening dancing with a Marine named Campbell. Phwoar! Majorly hot. I also got hit on by a chick in a nurses uniform, randomly.

* Also haven't drunk anything since last Friday as seven pints on an empty stomach = major illness, which is not good when you have to work the next day. Blergh.

* Did I mention the Crush is an asshole?

* Contemplating getting new job as bored of this one. Also contemplating going to Paris for three days next week, as is my birthday. Will see. Need to check wages first and as they are not in my account today, when they should be, this is difficult.

* Am on a health kick! Mainly because my poor abused body has had enough and is making me ill. So, health it is. And is nice.

* Urm...there was something else of import but I can't remember what it was. Never mind, am running out of time anyway. Catch y'all whenever!

Brain shake

Jan. 1st, 2007 08:08 pm
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New Year was fun. This is evidenced by the way every employee at the hotel over the age of eighteen was absolutely hanging at work today. 'Wasted' does not quite cover the state of us all last night. I worked nine hours today on precisely no hours of sleep, due to the night ending very hotly nicely with Steve. My God. A man I've been to bed with more than once. Wonders will never cease.

So anyway - I hope everyone had a great time to see out 2006 and that 2007 will be even more fabulous. I go now to pass out as tomorrow is moving day and I am unprepared for it in virtually every way it is possible to be unprepared. Ah well.
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Life is so weird lately. Every day is running into the next in a total blur. Partly this is to do with waaaay too much alcohol and too many drugs but mostly, its to do with all the sex. Or pending sex, I should say.

Cut in case of sensitive ears or whatever (as if sex isn't a great motivator for using lj in the first place). And possibly TMI. )

Anyway. Crushing aside - I have one free day to pack all my belongings up and arrange a place to store them. And maybe even find somewhere to live in the three days I have left open to me. The manager of the hotel has forgotten that I asked her if I could move in there, so that may be a no-go when I remind her. We'll see. I'm not worried about it because there are always options available if you know where to look.

That's RL anyway. I had meant to say Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays to those who celebrate other things at this time of year etc) to all my flist on the 25th, but have been distracted. So I'm saying it now - I hope everyone has had a fantastic time and that the New Year will be utterly fabulous for all.
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Best. Christmas. Ever.

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Seems like I might be meeting Mad Crush for drinks tomorrow night. He brought up the subject with me, so it appears likely as there's nothing that'll stop me being there. So. This promises to be either the best Christmas ever, or the most emo. Lets hope for the former.
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Ugh. So, a few beers yesterday turned into a sesh that ended at 03:30 this morning, with me unable to get home so staying at the hotel and having accidentally asked the Mad Crush out in a general type of way (which wasn't the plan at all) and he said yes so that's OK and my head hurts and I've already been at work for two hours and now have to go back until 10pm tonight and ugh ugh ugh *ded*
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Mad Crush is definitely interested.

Fuckit, I'm so wasted.
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1. College - 100% attendance since meeting with faculty head last week, hurrah! Haven't yet managed to be on time for a lesson but better than nothing. And we're onto new modules, which is better. I've done all the British government stuff before when I was at Uni, so that's easy. On to American history in history, which is also interesting and bonus, I know a lot of it already (although slightly worrying that I can answer some of the rest of the class's questions when the teacher can't but that's only a bonus for me as far as I'm concerned) and in English, I'm discovering that Sylvia Plath is kind of awesome. So, algood.

2. Work - So. Dead. Weather has been awful recently and roads around the hotel are flooding every day so during the week we're averaging about two customers a night (not including drinkers). At the same time, not having to work more than an hour or so in the evenings is very much of the love though I don't think my wages at the end of it all will agree. But! I am going to be moving into the hotel in January until I find a flat so I won't have to worry about much rent anyway. And free food! C'est awesome.

3. House - Ugh. Only a week until Housemate Jen is gone and it'll be months before I see her again. :( Also, I have to pack all my things, organise storage and hire a van and move everything on my own just before New Year. Bleurgh. Might get Cute Polish Boy to help me out as he is brilliant and lovely.

4. Uni - Got an email from UCL, asking to do a small assessment for the English department. Which I love because pulling poems apart is what I'm good at. So, no worries. Although if anyone could recommend a good medieval text that I can read in the next two weeks, I'd appreciate it. We don't study medieval stuff in class and it'll look good if I can talk about having read some on my own time. Of course, I have not. Unless the Iliyad counts? How old is that?

5. Mad Crush - still mad. The question is, do I remain in this enjoyable state of fancying him (always my favourite part of any pursuit) and imagining how good it could be, or ask him out and find out that the reality might not be as good? Ordinarily I'd just go for it but its so much fun just hanging out with him and having it easy and not awkward that I'm kind of loathe to ruin it. And its not like I'd have much time to see him anyway. Of course, I'm pretty sure he'll say yes if I ask him out so maybe reality would be better? I don't know. Blah. I'll give it until New Year and see how it goes I reckon. December is for having fun so I'm not going to rock the boat at the moment.

ONLY A WEEK TILL TIME OFF AND CHILLING AND SHOPPING AND PARTYING IN LONDON, WOOT! And after I come back, only four days of college left before Chrimbo, yay! :D!
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The Crush is officially out of control. Oh God. Help.

I have not been thrown out of college, though I have to have 100% attendance between now and Christmas or I'll be out on my ear. Whatever happens, life will go on I'm sure.

And, tagged for this meme by [ profile] winterowl...

Name ten of life's simple pleasures that you like most, and then pick ten people to do the same. Try to be original and creative and not to use things that someone else has already used. Also, try not to list "porn" for every answer.

Can't list porn for every answer? Damnit, that's so not fair. Uhh...OK then, here goes...

i) A day off. One day, with nothing to do and time to spend exactly how you wish. Especially true of days after mad nights out, where you can nurse your hangover in peace.

ii) The perfect song, right when I need it. And even more amazing when it comes from nowhere and takes your mood somewhere else, even if its down. Sometimes that's necessary.

iii) When a story just works.

iv) Hanging out with friends when you can be nothing but yourself, just talking about nothing.

v) An empty road, a full tank of gas and your favourite tunes in the CD player.

vi) Waking up early and knowing you've got another few hours before you have to get up.

vii) The start of the holidays.

viii) A plane ticket with your name stamped on it. Especially for places you've never been before.

ix) When your fingers move and the guitar just sings.

x) Drawing

And now, I'm crashing.
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I don't know about the spiritualist comment but I'm lovin' the 'deeply depraved and perverted' part. Go me!

Also, I am of the happy as no more classes today due to teacher being away. And I haven't been thrown out of college despite having a meeting with bitchy head of faculty this morning. Just need 100% attendance until Christmas and it will be reviewed then. Whatever. Kiss my ass, your headship.

And so now I'm off to clean up and head down to the hotel to do some work so I can chill out and plan my seduction strategy on Mad Crush before he comes in this evening. Also, its warm there and there is food, neither of which thing can be said about my house right now.
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MWAHAHA! I just owned Hamlet. Apart from the bit where I didn't have my text with me so couldn't add useful references to the other parts of the play. But still! That dude's ass is mine, yo. (Watch me cry next June when I've forgotten every damn thing I remember about him and realise that I still haven't read the play.)

MAD CRUSH, GET OUT OF MY HEAD! You're very nice in there and I'm enjoying thoughts of you muchly (and the bizarre dreams last night, omg. Hot, but weird. Come again soon.) but y'see, it makes it very difficult to think about anything else. And you're not even working tonight so I can't look forward to that either. How rude.

Reform of the House of Lords can kiss my ass. And I am still in love with my guitar, while totally having lost my amp cord. Must buy another, blah. And only two weeks until I hit London and shop on my mother's credit card like it's going out of fashion. SQUEE!

How y'all doin'?

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Hmmm. All signs seem to point at The Crush being at least a little bit interested in return. This makes me squeeful because man, it's been a long time since I've been interested in anyone like this. Good sense dictates that I wait and see before making a tool of myself and asking him out but...I have no patience, so I'll probably just do it sometime this week. He's a bit of a closed book though so, dunno. It's a bit hard to think rationally when all I want to do when he comes near me is rip his damn clothes off.

In conclusion, gah.


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