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Oh my fucking God Gene Hunt, what are you?!
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Omg, awesome overload. *collapses*
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Am about twenty feet from the stage.



Jun. 26th, 2009 08:07 am
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...brb, off to Wembley.

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Omg, AC/DC concert tomorrow. Omg omg...


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So, the lure of 24 is too great to go out and deal with such trifling matters as finding my phone. It has just occurred to me though, that now I wont have any new 24 for two weeks or so, after I watch the next ep. Which is gutting - but eh, I've waited a year and a half for this, another couple of weeks wont hurt.

OK, only one more squee post to come. Sorry for the spam everyone, apart from the fact that I'm totally not. NEW 24!!
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7x02 )

OK, still kickin' ass. Fuck, I really want to watch #3 but I have to go and try to locate my coat (which has my phone in the pocket) as it mysteriously went missing on Saturday night while drunkeness was occuring. Gay. Ugh, that means I wont be able to watch it until later because bloody mother and sister will be here when I get back. Double ugh.
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Nov. 27th, 2008 09:56 am
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Don't look for me around the 10th, I'LL BE AT MY OXFORD INTERVIEW BABY, YEAH!!

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Squee to a beautiful day that's all chilly and lush.

Squee! to a big bag of sweets.


*devours goodies*

Also, hit up this love meme people. Spread the love!

Also also, ETA: Reply to this post, and I will list three really inane/stupid things I enjoy about you.

I have ganked [ profile] wanttobeatree's version of the 3 things love meme that was going around yesterday. Because I too am far better at being inane than squishy. Which doesn't mean that I don't feel squishy towards all of you BECAUSE I DO! So there.
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Lord. Is it tomorrow yet? In twenty-four hours time I should have my grubby 'lil hands on a copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (size of queue permitting)...and it seems like forever to wait.

The plan is - finish work, probably about 22:00. Go home, shower, eat, mooch around and try not to watch the clock. Depart for town at 23:45. Arrive store about 23:55 - join queue, get book etc. Go home, go to bed and read until its all gone. I'm not going to go queue up straight after work because I'd much rather join a queue that's moving - one of my most hated things is standing still. I hate non or slow-moving lines with a passion. They make me feel quite sick. So.

And I know what I'll do - I'll be so eager to find out what happens and devour the whole thing at once that I'll a) read too quickly and b) stay awake until I've read it all, despite the fact that tiredness will make me not appreciate it properly. This happened most strongly with OotP. That was quite an uncomfortable read, partly because I couldn't get it down fast enough and partly because I hated Umbridge so much that it was almost agony to read her scenes. The sort of injustice teachers can wield as a weapon resonates very deeply with me which is why I loathed her to the nth degree, and still do.

I digress from my other rambling. So. Yeah. I'm going to try to tell myself that its not a race to finish and I've got all weekend to get through it slowly and enjoy it and savour this last book...totally won't work. I want to know what happens! I've even come close to checking out spoilers these last few days, especially as there's a spoiler site on LJ spotlight this week. But no! I know absolutley nothing about this book, other than speculation from myself and a few others, I have seen no spoilers in the media, on the the internet or in the news - and I'm glad, really.

ONLY 24 HOURS TO GO! This may just be one of the longest days of my life.
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I have a flat I have a flat I have a flat lalalaSQUEE!

Books! Internets! DVDs! My comfy sofa to collapse on! MWHAHAHAHA!!!

Pick up keys on Tuesday. Damn Easter Weekend, bah. Still. YAY!


Nov. 9th, 2006 01:25 am
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i) Megaupload, wtf is your problem? No love from me today, baby. When I hit 'send' you're supposed to, y'know, send stuff. Bah.

ii) AC/DC's 'Stiff Upper Lip' album is the best thing ever. Oh, yes it is.

iii) I am confused by all the political stuff from across the pond today - (yesterday?) - but am taking it as read that the Democrats getting the House of Representatives back is a good thing, yes? At the very least, there does not seem to be a single Republican on my flist, which can only be good as Shrub is a twat.

iv) As a former student of politics, I feel I should have a better grasp on why this is great and the impact it'll actually have on stuff - alas, I know nothing.

v) [ profile] birdseyeview, I was going to comment to your last post but really, that hunky Nebraskan dude deserves a shout out all of his own on my journal as well, I feel. I can't remember his name but my God, if all Nebraskan dudes look that good, I'm moving there.

vi) HOUSEMATE JEN IS PREGNANT!! *SQUEEE!* This is good in SO MANY WAYS, most of all, BABY! I do not want babies of my own but I love it when my friends get up the spout (except when they're male. Then its all bad) and this is so damn good. Damnit that she's moving away and I won't get to see her get huge but still, fivehours isn't all that long inna car and laughing at Jen with a sprog will make any journey worthwhile. EEEE!

vii) My day has been fairly awesome. Yes, yes it has.

How are y'all?

ETA: Forgot to say - viii) I have the new Terry Pratchett book, which makes the day even better. Why oh why hasn't anyone apped the Nac Mac Feegles inna Bar? It would be pure crack and I think I may just have to do that in December, fo' shizzle.

Two's Up

Nov. 8th, 2006 10:37 pm
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Anyone got a link to the firefox LJ log-in thingy, please? I have lost it once again.

I am stuck as to what to spend my money on. Logic dictates hanging on to it because it's not like I won't need it when I'm in London before Chrimbo. But...*squirms* that's ages away. And it's a hard job convincing myself not to just go to New York for a week or skiing in January or something. So hard! But, I confess, it's a nice problem to have and totally won't last very long. I have to pay for that dude's car I hit and as I spent the money mother gave me for the dentist, I suppose I'll have to shell out for that now or go around with broken teeth forever. Yuk.

I will buy clothes as mine all suck. I've bought food, so that's me done for a month. Car has petrol. What else is there? Skating on Friday, new James Bond movie the week after. *squee* Um...OK, I dunno. I'll go make coffee and ponder.
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Dear Dude Next Door

Wtf man? I'm trying to write an angsty drug lord, will you please quit banging about putting up a new fence? Lesbians live there! They're supposed to be good with power tools (according to QaF) so they can do it themselves when they're home from work in the EVENING!

No love


ALSO! To people who put in that meme that I'm a nerd and not a Jock - OMGWTFBBQ!!1! I'm a sports nut, how could y'all say that?! *cries only not really*

It is hot.

And I checked my bank balance today to see if I had £2 to get the bus home tomorrow, thereby saving myself a five mile walk...only to discover that my mother had put £50 in my account two days ago! *huggles the mother* Now I have smokes and can condition my hair again. Yay! I am happy.

OK, angsty fic. Lead on Christian soldiers...

...which reminds me, Happy 4th you lovely Yanks! *glomps all round* :D!
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Hee! My story Meridian in German!

OK, now I just have to finish the thing. But! MUCH LOVE to [ profile] callisto24 for taking the time to translate it, and JessicaWrites ([ profile] schjesska - I think?) for being her beta. You guys rock! *glees*

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Fifteen minutes to kick off. COME ON ENGLAND!!

Would prefer to meet Ecuador in the first knockout round, because they haven't got home advantage. At the same time, I haven't seen a team in the tournament yet that England can't beat if they play well. So.


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Gratuitous squeeing post.


Trust me, North Americans on my flist, this is a Big Event. I'm so excited! *squee*

People who are into such things - predictions for the winners? Of course I'm going for England but this is because we actually have a brilliant team, not just because I'm patriotic.




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