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1. College - 100% attendance since meeting with faculty head last week, hurrah! Haven't yet managed to be on time for a lesson but better than nothing. And we're onto new modules, which is better. I've done all the British government stuff before when I was at Uni, so that's easy. On to American history in history, which is also interesting and bonus, I know a lot of it already (although slightly worrying that I can answer some of the rest of the class's questions when the teacher can't but that's only a bonus for me as far as I'm concerned) and in English, I'm discovering that Sylvia Plath is kind of awesome. So, algood.

2. Work - So. Dead. Weather has been awful recently and roads around the hotel are flooding every day so during the week we're averaging about two customers a night (not including drinkers). At the same time, not having to work more than an hour or so in the evenings is very much of the love though I don't think my wages at the end of it all will agree. But! I am going to be moving into the hotel in January until I find a flat so I won't have to worry about much rent anyway. And free food! C'est awesome.

3. House - Ugh. Only a week until Housemate Jen is gone and it'll be months before I see her again. :( Also, I have to pack all my things, organise storage and hire a van and move everything on my own just before New Year. Bleurgh. Might get Cute Polish Boy to help me out as he is brilliant and lovely.

4. Uni - Got an email from UCL, asking to do a small assessment for the English department. Which I love because pulling poems apart is what I'm good at. So, no worries. Although if anyone could recommend a good medieval text that I can read in the next two weeks, I'd appreciate it. We don't study medieval stuff in class and it'll look good if I can talk about having read some on my own time. Of course, I have not. Unless the Iliyad counts? How old is that?

5. Mad Crush - still mad. The question is, do I remain in this enjoyable state of fancying him (always my favourite part of any pursuit) and imagining how good it could be, or ask him out and find out that the reality might not be as good? Ordinarily I'd just go for it but its so much fun just hanging out with him and having it easy and not awkward that I'm kind of loathe to ruin it. And its not like I'd have much time to see him anyway. Of course, I'm pretty sure he'll say yes if I ask him out so maybe reality would be better? I don't know. Blah. I'll give it until New Year and see how it goes I reckon. December is for having fun so I'm not going to rock the boat at the moment.

ONLY A WEEK TILL TIME OFF AND CHILLING AND SHOPPING AND PARTYING IN LONDON, WOOT! And after I come back, only four days of college left before Chrimbo, yay! :D!
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Rarr! Just booked my ticket for Rocco de Luca. So awesome! This'll be fun, I'm sure. Also, mother has booked us tickets at the Hilton that weekend as her over-the-hill club...sorry, SAGA...has a sweet deal on. So that'll be nice. :) Now to hope that work don't refuse me the time off. I've been told that it'll be OK...but the proper manager gets back off holiday next week and she might have something to say about time off that close to Chrimbo. This, after all, is the place that refused to give me time off for my Oxford interview. It was sort of insult to injury, finding that out on Friday night. I had to explain that I didn't need the days anyway, as it turns out. If I had though, I would have taken them anyway, regardless of permission. And the same goes for these days too - if they say 'no' now that tickets have been booked, they'll instantly get my notice. I've had it with most of the people I work with anyway.

Drove up into the Lake District this morning for yukky course, that turned out to be bearable after all due to nice people on it, and nice trainer-woman. Froze in a room for seven hours but it was still OK - the drive up was glorious. There's snow on the hills up there and it was just gorgeous. If I hadn't have been totally late, I would have stopped for pictures. It was chucking it down with rain by the afternoon - and I mean chucking it down, for real - so there was no opportunity on the way back. s'ok though, I'll go back up on a nice day at Christmas and get some, I think. The weather followed me south though and this winter is going to be brutal. :D! I love it!
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I've decided what to do my NaNo thing on. I really can't be arsed with thinking about original stuff with the limited time I have, so it's going to be fannish. I've wanted to complete Ramon's backstory for a long time now, so I think I'll do that. It'll easily fill 50,000 words and will be fun as hell to write.

Bah, back to work n forty minutes. I hate Sundays and it doesn't help that its a gorgeous day here. Everyone comes out for food - we start service at midday, and today, the order rail was full at five to twelve. Which sort of set the precedent for the rest of the day and will continue on to tonight, I'm thinking. Bah. *smites them all* But in nice things, I'm going out to get hammered tomorrow night, to hell with college the next day. They won't notice if I go in with a hangover or not anyway.

Annnd tonight, I have eight essays to write.


(Omg, it just took me four attempts to spell 'eight' - I suck)
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*eyes work schedule*

Dear Boss Lady

I like you. You're awesome. A hardass but personable and all in all, a damn good manager.

...but I only asked for one evening a night off. Just one. Was that too much to ask?

Tonight, no love,


Seven day weeks are no fun at all. Even with short shifts.

But such is life. *goes to collapse as has work at 6:30am tomorrow*
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*eyes balance on bank account warily*

My wages are supposed to be in my account right now. They are not.

...if they're not there in the morning, I'm gonna go postal on someone's ass.

Seriously, Hotel Management People - do you think I work over 50 hours a week for nothing?
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Update on life:

Arrive work: 7:45am

Leave work: 9:30pm, having had just one 20 minute break in the middle.

Schedule for tomorrow: Much the same

Exercise: Walk 5 miles a day

Food: Approx one sandwich a day

Social life: Non-existant

Online time: Virtually nil

Roll on September, when at least I'll be busy learning about cool stuff as well as working non-stop. Only three weeks until college, hurrah!

Note to self: Tell employers you're going to college in September. Yes, they're going to hate you but putting it off really won't achieve much in the long run.

I go collapse into bed now. *dies*
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Life news:


Going OK. I'm at that stage when I'm getting bored of the actual work because I know how to do everything, but I'm relaxing around the other people because I know them a bit better now. And there are two cute guys in the kitchen with me. Too young, but nice eye-candy all the same.

Things I have learned - working in a kitchen that's at about 35 degrees due to the hot weather/fryers/ovens/grills/stoves for ten hours a day = hard.

- walking five miles a day is very good for leg muscles, even if my feet disowned me about two weeks ago.

- walking also means occasionally getting picked up off the road by interesting people. Or drunk ones. More often the latter, but it's still funny as hell.

Life outside work

Do I have one? No, I do not. I work, walk and sleep for the most part. Apologies again to those in the Bar that are being patient with me for plot things, hopefully I'll be around tomorrow to sort something out.

I won £10 on a scratchcard this evening. Go me!

Computer still fucked. I should stick the box in a bag and drag it over to the PC World on the other side of the city, but I really can't be arsed. Too tired - and as I have to do Community Service now, I'm effectively working six days a week. So I don't see the tiredness changing anytime soon.

Start Community Service tomorrow. Blah. I want one day where I can sleep in, damnit! I cannot sleep in on my one free day next week, because I have an interview at the local college to see about redoing my A-Levels. I don't know why I bother. I can't afford it. But I'll totally do it anyway because...yeah.

I am smoking waaaay too much. I care not about the health ramifications, but more about the fact that a pack costs £5.23. Wtf, man?

I have had beer this evening. I think I will go pass out. But maybe won't. Whatev.
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My day, by me

07:30 Get up, feeling really rather excited about the prospect of being gainfully employed again.

07:35 Cheerfully brushing teeth. Manage to knock half a filling out of one of my front teeth, thereby making self look like some bruiser that hangs out in biker bars. Consoled by reminding self that conveniently have dentist appointment on Wednesday. Still, can't help feeling as though it's a bad start to the day.

09:00 Leave house 30 mins later than planned. Not good. Was planning to discover public footpath across fields to cut journey by half but as not sure of start point of said route, ended up walking the full 2.5 miles up hills on the road due to unhelpful locals not knowing location of route either. Not v. happy about this, as wearing inappropriate footwear for road hiking.

09:45 Arrive work, 15 mins early. V.good.

10:00 - 15:00 Work. Head chef, who had seemed v.nice in interviews, turns out to be a bit of a dick. Not important though, as evidently does absolutely no work in the kitchen whatsoever, therefore sparing self of annoying presence. Instead discover that 18 year old boy who's worked there three weeks is mostly in charge of showing me the ropes. Luckily, he is competent - also a former student of Housemate Jen, and he recognised me on sight (how? Why?). Not sure whether this is good thing or not. But he is snowboarder, so v. interesting to talk to.

15:00 Snowboard Boy hands in his notice (was I that bad?). Only have person to have fun discussions with until Friday now. :( Spent two hours between shifts sitting in pub reading and sketching and rueing the inappropriate footwear as feet definitely complaining.

17:15 - 21:00 Work. Or rather, no work, as place was dead. Lots of time sititng around doing nothing - and when jobs did materialise, it seemed I was miraculously expected to know how to make things, where everything was kept and have memorised the entire menu. Um?

21:00 Aching. Begin walk home, and am ready to tackle Field!Walk as know where it begins on route from work. Keep in mind Housemate Jen's instructions of 'begin walk and just keep going straight!

21:25 Have been tharwted in goal of keeping going straight by no signposts, herds of cows, a small wood, barred gates and failing light. Lost. Inappropriate footwear causing v. much pain.

21:40 Decide that Housemate Jen is a directionally-challenged weirdo. Climb heavily barred gate and cheat, but find destination! Hurrah!

21:50 Discover that had I found public footpath this morning and followed said directions, I would never have made it to work at all, as Housemate Jen would have had me walking on the wrong side of the road in the wrong direction. Am hobbling at this point.

22:10 Arrive home. Phone rings five minutes later. Is mother, to report the findings of her cardiologist appointment today. It appears she has heart failure.

Really do not feel good about this at all.

23:00 - 23:45 Much needed shower and rehydration. Write this account so I can put the whole damn day behind me. Only have to do it all again tomorrow, although hopefully without the getting lost part. I have the legacy of blisters to make up for it though, so it all evens out.

And now, I am so crashing. M'ways people...Susan - hi! Have friended you back. :D! I'll get on the security thing as soon as I can stay awake to do it. Merc - I discovered some things about Puck that made Stan go :o!! so the oom is being extended a little, hence lateness. Also - well, see account of day. And...there was someone else I had to relay something to but I've forgotten. It'll come to me, sorry!

Night all. :)
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'member that interview I bleated on about two weeks ago and was all confident about? Well, I wrote it off because they never got back to me. Except tonight they did! And I have a job! YAY!

Starts Monday, will be easy as hell because I've done all this stuff before, but whatever. It's a job. It means that I get to be save-tastic for the next year and then travel for another year because OMG I need to get out of this country.

Hurrah! *plans celebratory things*


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