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Hard. I don't watch much TV and I find it hard to be seriously excited over programs these days. Having said that, this fortnight sees the return of 24, SPN AND Burn Notice. My cup floweth over and I am a bit squee! about it, it has to be said.

I have to go with 24. I've watched it pretty religiously since it first started, Kiefer Sutherland is hot as hell and it's a program that it both exciting and topical. The stuff they've put Jack through is amazing to watch because Kiefer does such a great job of making Jack hard as nails and also an emotional wreck. I love the way they take everything away from him and make him keep going and the sheer pain of the man.

I haven't watched the first four eps of S8 yet. That's how I'm spending this evening (yay!) - I have seen a trailer though and it looks like they may have let him have some of his life back, so it'll be nice to see that. And how they screw it up for him again, hurrah!

Odds of Kim being put in peril/getting kidnapped again - pretty high, I would say. Either her or ickle Teri (AUGH!).


Also, The West Wing should be given an honourable mention. That's a show and a half and if you haven't watched it yet, what's the matter with you?
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Once again LJ, WTF?! I revert to this layout and again, you've jammed my flist on one page if I attempt to reach it by clicking at the top of my screen. And I can't see anything beyond the last 20 entires, because if I attempt to go back, you take me back to the 'Previous 20' on the 6th of July.

What. The. Fuck?


Anyway, besides that - MY HOUSE IS FREE OF ANY AND ALL AUSTRALIANS!!1! YAY!! This is a good thing.

M'ways stuff - Merc, I'm signing on right now. And Kat, you're up to Martin in the slowtime.

ETA: This is totally stolen from Merc but if I was mad enough toclick on the link, y'all should be too.


Yes, you read that right. Go click. Share my pain.
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I was checking my flist and came across this in the journal of [ profile] newredshoes.

It's a...rant? No...POV, I guess, of an ex-Southern Conservative in American. And it's just given me a new insight into why people can vote for George W. Bush. Because I've asked myself a lot how people can do it - but this, this make sense.

It's not that long and very readable. And the person writing it is not a fan of Bush - she's just explaining how, from a religious standpoint, a large portion of the South think that Bush is stamping out Satan and doing God's work.

Maybe everyone in the US already knows this. But as a Brit, I found it fascinating. *recommends*

Tune recs

Dec. 9th, 2005 01:57 am
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Because I now have to spread the James Blunt love...

Goodbye My Love - James Blunt

No Bravery - James Blunt

The first one because I find it sad, but sweet - the second, because I like the edge to it. And it has something of a theme of war, it's...moving. Just...guh, the whole album is incredible, it's called 'Back to Bedlam'. These two songs aren't even the two hits he's had off it that I know about, those are also great. :)
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This song recced by [ profile] meddlesomewoe is teh gorgeous! Which is why I'm putting it up again, as a double pimp.

'Upward Over The Mountain' - Iron and Wine

I am dying over teh lushness. Damn you Nympho! *smites*

In other news - there's nothing wrong with sitting and chomping on cooking chocolate because I can't be bothered to go make real food is there? Inquiring minds (well, this one anyway) want to know!
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'Nother song rec - perfect for everyone out there who likes guy slash and has an OTP in mind. It was brought to my attention by the wonderful [ profile] halfwest, always a paragon of good taste.

Dougie MacLean - Rolling Home

In other news: What the fuck do you do when there's about five different stories swirling round your head and none of them will come out? I'm really really sick of staring at a blank Word document. I've tried alcohol - doesn't help. Advice, anyone? *goes to hit things in frustration*
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Thanks to [ profile] wonsuitewhirled for hooking me up with this song - it's brill! So yeah, enjoy.

Kanye West - Jesus Walks
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Just finished Half Blood Prince. All I can say is...


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...cos I am bored and can't be bothered to write anything.

Watched Fight Club tonight for about the tenth time. God I love that movie. Was never a fan of Brad Pitt until I saw it, now I would very much like to jump his bones. Yis. A truth only exaberated by the way he was totally gorgeous in both the 'Ocean's....' movies - he was hot in those too. Not as hot as George, but that goes without saying. Few people are.

Ocean's 12 is extremely random, but fun nonetheless.

Saw Star Wars: Episode III a few days ago. I swear that George Lucas should never be allowed to pick up a pen again. And keep him away from computers too, just in case he feels the need to 'write' something. Because - just no. It was pretty good from the time after Anakin decides to turn, because its kind of emotional and the fights are cool. But the actual scene where Anakin makes his mind up? Never heard such lame dialouge in my life. Apart from maybe the two hours or so before it - i.e the rest of the film. Blergh. Could have been so much better, but probaly shouldn't have expected it to be. Even Ewan had trouble with the lines he had to say - on a positive note though, he looks beyond hot with a beard. *ravishes* And Hayden is also pretty, in a teenage kind of way.

If anyone's seen 'The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy' - please let me know if its any good. For some reason, the nearest cinema to me isn't showing it. And thats a crime because I am such a fan of the books, I may die if I don't get to watch this soon.

Ummm - a random rec. If anyone hasn't seen 'Withnail and I' - watch it. It's beyond hilarious and probably the best British movie ever made.

OK, gonna go watch Ocean's 11 now. I feel the need to mentally molest George Clooney. *grabs*

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Because I was tagged by [ profile] topaz_eyes for this, I bring you:

The Favourite Music Meme: List your current six favourite songs, then pick six other people that have to do the same.

Hmmm, tough one. I have so many songs that I love. However, my ipod is permanently stuck on my 'Indie' playlist at the moment so as this is a 'curent favourites' list, here I go...

6 Current Beats... )

I've gotta tag six more people? Hmmm....OK. [ profile] meddlesomewoe [ profile] peruvianflavor [ profile] wonsuitewhirled [ profile] lonely_streets [ profile] catch22girl and[ profile] romanticapathy're up! :D

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I'm compiling myself a summer reading list, with the help of a professor buddy of mine. I was just wondering - does anyone have any good books they can recommend? I mean - stuff that has literally blown you away. Classic or modern, novel, novella, short story, poetry....anything. I'm in dire need of more material to devour. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Jude Cole

May. 18th, 2005 04:48 am
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I'm posting a link for a song that I couldn't adore more if I tried.

It's Jude Cole's Peaceful in Mine. And just...guh. I've been meaning to write a fic based around it for ages actually, it's just so damn beautiful. That man's voice is just perfection. And the guitar on it almost makes me cry...



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