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Do excuse me while I FUCKING RANT.

Work )

Phew. I wish I could say I felt better now but I don't. I wont until I get to confront her face on about it. WHY ARE PEOPLE SO SHIT?!
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It occured to me that I should post about this on my journal instead of just ranting on IB's, especially as I think there are a few Brits on my flist that aren't on hers. Anyway, this is about Johnny Vegas and his sexual assault of a woman on stage.

I may be biased against him because I've never been able to stand him. I don't find him funny, just gross. His persona (I assume it's a stage one, rather than reality) of always seeming drunk and desperate and slagging himself to make people feel sorry for him just turns me off. I seriously switch channels any time I see his face and mute the TV when the PG ads come on. But this story of what he did to that girl? Makes me come as close to hate as I ever get. It may not be fair because I wasn't there etc but it just makes my blood boil.

Anyway, if anyone reads that story (do, please) and is as grossed out as I am, please let PG know what you think of their frontman. I personally won't be buying any more tea from them until they get rid of him as the face of their advertising. He's a sick fuck.
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People I owe questions to in that meme, I'll get to them tomorrow, I promise!

...I am so cold that I can't contemplate moving to turn the fire on because movement makes the cold worse. Ugh.

But I am mostly posting because I just saw a thing on the news that makes me 'wtf?' in just the worst way.

Get this. There's a woman, who is married to a man, and they have a son. Said woman (whose name is Kate Knight btw, in case anyone wants to send hate mail to her IN JAIL WHERE SHE BELONGS) has huge debts...because she took out two £17,000 ($34,000) loans in her husband's name. He knew nothing about them because she forged his signature.

And then she decides she doesn't like being in debt so on their seventh wedding anniversary, she orders a takeout curry and laces it with anti-freeze. His wine too. I heard this story with disgust but I couldn't understand why she only got done for attempted murder because how would anyone survive that, if they ate it and didn't realise? Well, he did survive. Only now he's brain damaged, deaf and blind.

What a fucking bitch that woman is. I just cant even get over how pissed off this has made me. It's like something out of an Agatha Christie novel; who the fuck things they'd get away with murder by anti-freeze anyway? She was after his insurance money - has she no clue that there would be a post mortem?

To make matters slightly more wtf - she'd told her neighbour she was going to do it but the neighbour thought she was just talking shit. Probably because the woman - and I have no idea how she worked this into the conversation - asked her neightbour if she knew a hitman. For real. And then carried on to say that she'd researched murder on the internet and was going to poison him with anti-freeze. She even told the neighbour it was for the insurance money.

People are sick, sometimes. The news said she showed no remorse in court and tried to convince the jury that her husband's injuries were caused by him drinking too much (seriously, what?). And all the time, her husband is so disabled he could hardly give evidence and told the press that all he wanted was to be able to look at his son again.

I don't hate people as a rule but I think I might make an exception for this woman. What is wrong with people?

Story here. I hope she gets life with no parole, the absolute fucking bitch.
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Dear Media

Please just shut the fuck up about Diana. I dont care about the inquest. I dont care about who she slept with or for how long or whether she was pregnant or her seeming penchant for Muslim men or whether she was going to marry Dodi or not. I didn't care about her before she died (I felt sorry for Charles and Di just seemed like an asshole to me) and while I wouldn't wish that horrid kind of untimely demise on anyone, I haven't missed her since she's been gone.

I am sick of you media types making her out to be some kind of demi-goddess. She was a good mother. She did good charity work. She appears to have raised two fine boys, one of which will do a good job as King one day. But she was Not Fucking Perfect. She had affairs too, she was paranoid and unable to deal with pressure and for fucks' sake woman, if you knew that Charles was still in love with Camilla when you wre getting married, why did you go through with it? And you know what? I DON'T CARE!

This inquest is boring and I'm sick to death of it getting reported on the news every night. Does anyone really give a damn anymore? She's dead. Let her go. I will only begin to care if it's suddenly decided that there was a conspiracy involving the Royal Family and MI6 to bump her off because obviously that would be a big thing.

But its not going to happen because it's ridiculous. So, Media, shut the fuck up already.

No Love

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Oh fuck off work. And more specifically, fuck off you PIECE OF SHITE managers who haven't got a clue and treat us like dirt. No, seriously. How fucking dare you? Yes, its graduation week. Yes, we all knew we were going to be busy. But having one of the bargirls walk in at half past two this afternoon, just as we were about to shut the kitchen down, and tell us, 'One of you is going to have to stay around because we're open all day'...well, when the fuck were you going to tell us?

No, that's right. You'd only just made your mind up because you realised that you'd prefer the trade. Never mind that we all have lives and have made plans and appointments for the middle of the day in the only two hours we get off. No, its fine! We'll all just work 10:30am to 10pm without a break and with no warning whatsoever off you because you couldn't plan ahead if the fate of the entire world rested on it, you assholes. Never mind that you've scheduled everyone's hours this week as if it were a normal week, and have now fucked everything up by keeping us open all day. YOU ARE CRAP! And don't even dare to say like you're busy and overlooked it - you've been sitting on your arses ALL FUCKING DAY and haven't lifted a finger to help, even though you've scheduled yourselves to work and will cold-bloodedly pretend that you've been rushed off your feet all day. TWATS! More than five minutes notice of the change in schedule would be appreciates. Even mentioning it yesterday would have been OK. But five minutes before the end of shift? (*&"(&*$@(*&£"("##"!!!! *FUMES*

OK, I'm done. But I do need to find an icon that accurately conveys mind-bending fury.
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I just read this on [ profile] readers_list. And then I read the article it refers to. And really, Oh. My. God.

I will say that I respect one thing about it - that she can write in the national press about just how prejudiced she has found herself. Maybe its brave to admit it - or maybe she just assumes that the white middle-classes will all automatically agree with her and be loudly understanding of her reservations about her daughter.

But then there are statements like this:

Anyone who dates someone of a different colour and claims that their hue is immaterial is lying, either to themselves or to everyone else. When a black man and a white woman date, they are both are making personal and political statements, even if they are subliminal.

...riiiight. So, of course, its impossible for two people to just be together because they want to be. They can't just be together because they're attracted to each other? I fucking hate this kind of statement. Really hate it. Because I don't think that two people of different ethnicities have to be making a statement when they're together, I think that other people make statements for them and just project it onto them. Which is just fucking rude and so unbelievably arrogant that it makes me want to scream. My mother has a cousin who is married to a black man from Sudan. The cousin was brought up strictly Methodist in a country of strict protestants - Northern Ireland - and met John when she was teaching in Africa. I can't remember what the program was but it was something based in the church. And they love each other madly and now live in Liverpool - and he is still spoken about in slightly hushed tones among the older generations of the family. I strongly get the impression that he's only really tolerated because he is also religious and has a doctorate in something scientific - my family values intelligence. But if I ever ask my mother whether they'll have kids, there's an immediate 'No,' as if the idea is unthinkable.

My mother, by the way, claims not to be racist. However, she did once say to me, 'Don't ever bring a black man home, will you?' with a cheeky little smile, as though she wasn't saying something highly fucking offensive. I soon changed her notion of that. And its bizarre because I never used to think she was like that but as she's got older, she's become a lot more conservative. This is despite being a district nurse and treating everybody, no matter who they are or where they come from or what they do. She likes everyone, if they're patients - I suppose its OK for people to be different as long as she's not related to them.

Anyway, all that aside - why would this woman marry an Indian man, have a daughter with him and then start freaking out because her daughter's skin is darker than her own? I mean, surely that would be obvious? She mentioned that his skin wasn't that dark - was she secretly hoping the whole time that the baby would come out white? Wtf? Perhaps its because she's now split up with him. If they were still together and people saw them together, maybe she thinks that that would somehow be more acceptable and she wouldn't have to constantly explain the difference in her daughter's appearance. But God, shouldn't she have thought of that before having the baby? If she'd been honest with herself and wondered about how she might feel, maybe she wouldn't now feel like her she's not connected to her kid.

I don't blame the poster who commented on it and then got put on [ profile] readers_list for exploding that way. I kind of want to explode that way and I don't have years of bullying or being called a 'mongrel' behind me to make it worse. Hell.
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I am still without internet. MY ISP are clearly shite already. I had to phone and hassle them about where my installation stuff had got to before they decided to tell me that, 'Oh yeah, your order should have been done on Wednesday. But there was a technical error, so no.'

Me: 'So when will it be sorted out?'

Them: 'Four to five days.'

Of course, it is now a bank holiday weekend, so I'll just make that a round week then, shall I? Added to the general suck of this week - my bank has lost all the paperwork I have given it for three standing orders to be set up on my account, so I now have to make various manual payments to people and get new forms and fill them out and take them to the branch so I can stand over them and listen while they're rung through and set up. My boss has still not even looked at the fact that she owes me over £100 because she can't add hours up right. I am waiting on two cheques that were supposed to be here already and are not. And The Crush told me yesterday that he's been offered a new job. Temp until the end of June and then permanent. So as of next week, he'll only be around weekends and at the end of June, probably not at all. Where this leaves us, I don't know. I just know that I WISH LIFE WOULD STOP SUCKING!

OK, whine over. On the upside, my aunt has apparently given me £100. This is very nice of her and I was very touched. And now, I go to work. Bank holidays suck ass.
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This post brought to you by the insomnia of last night:

Dear Guy-That-Used-To-Be-Attractive At Work:

You are twenty two years old. Grow up and get the fuck over yourself. So that chick you are in 'love' with (regardless of the fact that you just want her because you can't have her) won't leave her boyfriend for you. She's in love with him, you idiot. And you say you want her to be happy - no you don't. You want her to be happy with you. There's a big difference and you're too self-centred to see it, despite the fact that you claim to be thinking rationally about the whole thing.

Oh yeah? Really? So that's why - after she told you for the tenth time - that she's not leaving him, you came back from your break today in a foul mood, being a total bitch to everyone and - in my opinion - making yourself look like a complete twat? News flash asshole - you are the head Chef, even if you do piss off whenever you feel like it to organise your social life. Have you ever heard of professionalism? Like not taking your moods out on the rest of the people that have to work with you - I would have thought that one would be obvious.

Yeah, I annoyed you this evening. You know what? I did that on purpose because I'm not intimidated by you, you stupid child. Snark at me again and I'll laugh in your face again. Tell me I can't draw portraits in work anymore? Fine, man. I'll just draw something else. Choose today to start pretending to give a shit about your job? You went the wrong way about it and if you think it'll get you any respect - too late.

You know what I could say to you? Two things - the first being, I know how much its a drag when you want someone and can't have them. But you get over it. You know how I know this? Because I've been there as has everybody else. Stop thinking you're something special and get your head out of your ass.

...oh wait. I have said that to you before. My bad.

The other thing then. It's November 11th today. In 1918, there was an entire generation of men who didn't get the girl they wanted, because they were dead. You think you've got problems? Don't make me fuckin' laugh.

No Love

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Ahahaha, best quote ever from [ profile] overheardnyc:

Queerspotter: He's so far inside the closet, he's in Narnia.

HEE! I so have to find a situation to use this in, just so I can crack myself up (Yes, I am this sad). To be fair, it shouldn't be hard.

OK - I am attempting an update of substance.


...yeah, I know. Not too likely. But here goes.

Wherein I ramble stupidly about previous madness, give unsolicited advice to people younger than me who likely won't listen (quite rightly) and moreover, think I'm a pretentious old git (old and git, yes, but not pretentious, I promise) - also including a book rec, a rant about haters on the Da Vinci code, short rambling on tonights football (with violence!) and short wotsits on travelling and (unrelatedly), plotbunnies of breaky evil. Consider this your friendly lj-cut warning. )


Dec. 18th, 2005 10:49 am
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An entry that is not a meme! *rejoices*

OK, I read something the other day that really pissed me off. And it must have done, for me to be writing about it here. Ranting even, one might say.

I'm guessing that at least a few people on my flist will have read the Da Vinci Code. Because...well, there doesn't seem to be many people in the world who haven't. And what with the film coming out in a few months, there seems to be a build up of...hatred, starting.

Fine, some people don't like the book. Fine, some people think it's badly written. Alright, it may not be factually accurate. But when I read a fucking rant about it on someone's LJ, calling the people who liked it stupid and ignorant and - my personal favourite - just makes me want to scream and hit things.

I'm very fucking sorry I don't have a degree in symbology, or art history or ancient civilisations - if I'd known it was required when picking up the fucking book, I wouldn't have bothered. I apologise for not sighing and thinking 'this is going to be crap' after reading the first paragraph and realising it started with the word 'renowned.' I didn't realise that in order to properly appreciate a book I had to immediately start deconstructing every single word the instant I opened it. I genuflect at your feet, O wise one, who calls me 'indulgent' for not, upon finishing the book, immediately setting out to read other books to verify the authenticity of Every. Fucking. Word, of what I've just read.


I'd heard it was a good read. So I read it. I enjoyed it. It passed the time admirably and I liked it enough that I went out and bought Angels and Demons, the one he wrote before it. You know what? I enjoyed that too and screw you if you think that makes me stupid.

I don't believe everything I read in novels. If everything about them was accurate and not designed to make a good story, they'd be textbooks. And I don't go around telling everyone that the story is one hundred percent true, blah blah blah. I read, I enjoyed, I put it down, I moved on to another book. And you sit around and make judgements on people who do that? Christ, do you read nothing but James (tendency to be long-winded IMO), Shakespeare (wrote some complete shit) and Chekov (NOTHING HAPPENS!) or something? Because if you don't, shut the hell up!

And go screw yourself too, it'll be a better use of your time. Books are meant to be enjoyed and it's not up to people like you to judge others by what they think is good. What does it matter to you anyway? Get a fucking life.

P.S Hey, check my icon! That's God! Did you know that the image we often use of God (as in icon) is also the way people used to describe Zeus, and Christianity just nicked it? Well, that's what Dan Brown says anyway. Is he right? I don't give a fuck. But if he is, looked what I learned! *beams indulgently*

And yes, I know swearing is supposed to be a sign of limited vocabulary. So obviously mine can fit on the back of a stamp - I'm fine with that. Sue me.

Tree rant

Dec. 10th, 2005 04:43 pm
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My housemate went out and bought a tree today, decorated it and everything - all without telling me. We were supposed to go do it together and she didn't even ask me if I wanted to go. Decorating the tree is one of my fave parts of Christmas! *whine*

OK, so I can handle her doing it - IF IT LOOKED GOOD!! But it doesn't, there's hardly any decorations on it, the lights are all's a big tree. It needs more. It just looks lame and I can't say that, because she's a person who likes a 'classy' tree, with no tinsel and everything colour co-ordinated... and because she went and got it, I now can't complain.

*sigh* Will stop ranting. It smells nice, that's a good thing.


(Just to get on her tits, I'm going to put all my decorations up in my room, all lights round the window and festive stuff. She'll hate it. Hurrah! :D)
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Mildly spoilery for the promo, and slightly ranty anyway. So.

He's got him now! )

All in all - Yay, just over a month until the real thing! And now to ask it's December, do I buy the R1 version of the DVD's instead of the R2? Yes, I have a player that can play any region and my portable DVD machine is American. And R1 has the promo on the extras, I believe.

But I can cap from R2 discs on this computer. And it's a drag to have to change regions on my machine. Hmmm, quandry. What to do, what to do...*ponders*

RL stuff - you know those moods where you just want to rip someone apart with your bare hands and scatter their bleeding entrails over the road so cars can run over them until there's nothing left?

Yeah, soooo having one of those days. The object of anger is my housemate. For deciding recently that she's my mother. Does she not realise I moved out of my mothers eight years ago to get away from the woman?



Mar. 30th, 2005 02:31 am
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Piss poo bitch wank, bastard pissing bollocks...

So goes the standard 'everything is shit' swear-phrase. What the fuck? I know this makes no sense - I was in a great mood half an hour ago, excited about planning trip to Russia, hyped over a great ep of 24, everything was cool - and now, because I can't work out how to use a fucking Photo program on my computer, I'm in a foul mood and feel like crap. What's that about?

I so need to get a life.

And fuck, my mate's coming to pick me up at 10:30am this morning - thats 8 hours from now and there's no way i can sleep and I've got shitloads to do. Which means I'll be knackered tomorrow when I should be enjoying getting pissed with my good friends in front of the football. I need to sort my shit out, this cant go on.

*Rant officially over*


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