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Question for Life: why is it completely impossible to come up with a website name when you want one?

...I haven't set that up so it looks like I'm going to answer it, have I? I hope not. I don't know myself, which is why I'm asking.

ANYWAY. LIfe update, in brief, as I'm trying to school myself into remembering to post about things.

* Just finished the first week of my second year at Uni. 100% attendance so far! Go me. And the first time ever I've made it as far as the second year. You know what they say: sixth time's the charm. Or something.

* Book - or, first draft thereof - within days of being finished. THANK FUCK. Because, quite frankly, I'm dying to write me some fanfic. Shut up, this is a totally valid reason for relief.

* It's Evie's birthday today. She is four! *pleased* Now I just have to teach her that the world is not a playground for her fearsome disciplinarian ways; that us mere mortals are not subjects to be crushed underfoot, and we'll be all set.

So. Nothing new for people who follow me on Twitter (I KNOW WHO YOU ARE. I SEE YOU WATCHING ME.), but for anyone else, I am totes fascinating, right? Fo'shizzle.

....OK, I'm going to go take a few steps closer to FANFIC FREEDOM, BABY. I am so productive and shit.
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I keep expecting my flist to spontaneously refresh itself.

Note to self: THIS IS NOT TWITTER.

Mind you, LJ should totally look into that. Just sayin'.
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Read the first page of my flist just now for the first time in, I think...hmm, three years? Four? I HAD FORGOTTEN HOW AWESOME YOU ALL ARE.

And I am going to read it every day now. Even without all the awesome, another source of procrastination can never be a bad thing. (I've got that right, right?. Yeah. Think so. >_>)

Merlin was a bit of a let down tonight.

And you have no idea how hard it was not to hashtag Merlin just then.
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I remembered that that particular kind of Hostess cake also came in other flavours that I didn't like as much. Blueberry (bleurgh) and Banana Nut. And Lo! Google did not fail me this time.

Hostess Raspberry Muffin Loaf!

I'm not crazy, right? These things do exist? Or did?

Possibly I am obsessing far too much about this. But it seemed weird that the entire internet - including Google - had not heard of them.
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Obviously, I am doing this meme at my own pace. But I have an emergency and I need help. So! What tickles my fancy today is...HOSTESS CAKES!

See, when I was in L.A, I practically lived off these things. Raspberry Hostess cakes, to be exact. And my problem is that I can't seem to find any proof that they exist, or ever existed. AND I NEED SOME.

My mother is in New York at the moment and I want her to bring me some back but I don't know if they're sold on the East coast. Does anybody know what I'm talking about? They were about...six/eight inches long probably. Sponge cake with little globs of raspberry jam (or raspberry flavoured goop, anyway) dotted throughout and nice crunchy little cubes of sugar on top. They were available in every 7/11 I stopped at in California, gas stations, pharmacy's, wherever. £0.99, so very cheap and cheerful and probably filled with more preservatives and E numbers than you could fit on the ingredients tab. And now I can't seem to hear any talk of them, even among Hostess's discontinued lines.

Please, someone, tell me I didn't imagine them. I used to have them every day! It's driving me mental.
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I forgot to say in my earlier post - British SPN fans who don't own the boxsets but would like to...go to ASDA! They're on sale for a tenner. *happy to have S2, gutted 3 had sold out*

On Thursday, I won £10 on a lottery scratchcard. Yesterday I won £6.10 on the Euromillions and tonight I won £10 on the regular lottery. GO ME! Maybe this means my luck's in and I'll win the £110 million up for grabs next Friday (seriously, how can it be clever to gve that much money away to some random person? Though I wouldn't complain if it's me).

Ah fuck, there was something else as well but I forgot. Mentally writing LJ edits/updates in my head makes me fail because somewhere in my subconscious I tend to think I've already updated for real and so discard the info. Which leaves us in a situation like now, where I had something to impart (can't promise it would have been interesting) but now it has gone. Oh well. Worse things happen out at sea.

On a random note; with Dreamwidth being, like, a day old now, who wants to take a guess at how many Harry Potter RPG's have already sprung up? Or just RPG's in general. There's bound to be a whole load of people who want to be able to say, in five years time, 'We were the FIRST EVER *insert fandom here* game on DW!!!1!' and lots of people will wonder what DW was like all those years ago when no one knew what they were doing and there was no adverts on your journal pages.

...OK, I don't know where that came from. Time to watch some football. Three weeks until United become Champions again, WOOHOO!
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Bwhaha! There were morris dancers in the hotel I work at yesterday. It was like living in pterry's world for a few minutes, only without the good jokes and restoring the balance of nature and whatnot. I wandered into the bar at midday to encounter hordes of men jangling their bells everywhere and swilling heaps of ale. I tried very hard not to laugh out loud and vacated the area quickly. It was ace though.

Anyway. I have not read my flist in two weeks, am terribly behind on bar tags and I'm sorry! I can't even make a stab at catching up with everything so if anything massive happened, please let me know.
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I had a totally bizarre dream this morning, wherein Tony Blair was personally offended that I can't stand him or his politics, and called me a sexist. I laughed in his face. It was awesome.

And I was just at the shop and noticed an old guy muttering to himself at the cashpoint. Me, being British, politely ignore him and wear the 'there is not a dude talking to himself five feet away' expression. I even turned away from him. This did not deter him because once he was done with the ATM, he proceeded to mutter something I didn't hear and smile at me like he'd made a joke. Me, again with the British, politely smile. He then procceds to start ranting about his epileptic bi-polar brother who he and his wife can't get out of their house, and the other family members that won't help. I blink a lot and say 'yeah' every now and again. He ends with, 'I want to talk to the Prime Minister. I want to talk to Brown about this!' before stalking off, leaving me to wonder whether the brother is the only mentally imbalanced person in the family and also wtf is up with random Prime Ministers in my life today.

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I won £76 on the lottery last night. Woot! I am torn though. Do I buy Evie the walker/car-thing I've wanted to for ages? Do I use it to go and see Ex-Housemate Jen in Scotland next week? Or do I stick it in the bank towards a deposit on a bigger place. I DO NOT KNOW!

Perhaps more pertinently, I am trying to decide whether to skip the gym today and go see Indiana Jones instead. Or maybe Sex and the City (I unashamedly love it). Omg, I cannot think. Too many decisions, too early in the morning.

I expected to be emo today, given that it is one year ago exactly that I foud out I was pregnant. But I'm not and this is also cause for hurrah-ness!

Um. I was sure there were other things to go on about but I can't remember them and so you are all spared. Not just my lucky day, obviously. :D


May. 27th, 2008 12:38 pm
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You know what the epitome of middle-of-the-night weird is? When the maintence train goes along the tracks over your village, making a loud whirring noise and shining a very bright white light over everything, making you contemplate whether aliens are landing or not. And then, just as it goes on by, a VERY LOUD thumping at the door, followed by a belllow of, 'OPEN THE DOOR PLEASE, IT'S THE POLICE!'

I must confess, my first thoughts when I pulled on some trousers (though answering the door half-naked would have been far more hilarious, I'm sure) were not, 'Omg, maybe aliens really have landed,' they were;

a) 'Have I kiiled someone? (well, you never know), followed by
b) 'Is my car parked illegally/taxed/insured/whatever? (no, yes and yes) and then,
c) 'Holy crap, stop thumping on my door.'

I was slightly mollified by the fact that they were also banging on my neighbours' door, less so when they didn't answer for about ten minutes meaning I had to listen to the bellowing continue for a long time. And I still don't know what the problem was! Two cops were there, asking if there were any problems because a female had called from this address (there are four flats in the house I live in, three with women in, although the other two have blokes as well) saying there was 'a problem'. They were very nice, to be fair, and apologised for waking me up. Have I mentioned that this was 2am? It was 2am.

Next-door couple eventually opened the door and there was no trouble in there either. I heard them muttering about 'Main Street' and wanted to go back out and point out that this is Main Road and Main Street is, I believe, in Morecambe which is seven miles away. But I didn't because they should really know the difference. It reminded me of the time in Uni when a cop banged on my door at 5am (and they must teach them always to bang REALLY LOUDLY because that one did it too) because someone didn't like where I'd parked my car. He also informed that it wasn't taxed. I informed him that it was, saying that the disc was just in a different place than normal - as I showed it to him, I wondered whether it was really so hard to look at all of the car windscreen to see if the tax disc is there. Apparantly that is too much effort.

Anyway! They banged around downstairs for a while and obviously found no trouble. As I got back into bed, my thoughts were;

'You know, if this were an episode of Supernatural, the call to the cops would totally be a decoy to lay the scene for a crime. They'll go away now, thinking everything is fine, and a woman with neon blue eyes and long dark hair and gross fangs is about to appear out of the walls and murder me.'

This freaked me out for a few minutes, then I went to sleep. The baby, randomly, slept through the entire thing.

Ho hum.
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Lord, Christopher Plummer in The Sound of Music is frickin' gorgeous. Guh. How gay is Kurt though?

It is a glorious bank holiday. I am enjoying it muchly from my living room (glorious but damn windy).
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Ugh. The baby did her normal thing of waking up at 05:15 (thank you, darling) and although I tried to give her toys to occupy her in her crib while I went back to sleep, she wasn't having it. So I dragged myself up, got dressed, made coffee and she promptly fell asleep on the sofa for the next two hours.

THEN! I was all 'cool, beautiful day, I will take her to the supermarket and we will do a lesiurly shop, come back, have some lunch, drop her off at nursey at 13:00 and then go to the gym,' etc. Which was going swimmingly until I remembered that it is Tuesday and she goes to nursery at noon on Tuesday. Cue frantic grabbing of Stuff, mad drive to the supermarket, me forgetting most of what I went in for, Evie adding insult to injury by falling asleep again in the car on the way back...she was only ten minutes late, thankfully.

THEN! I actually remembered the money I would need to top up this weird pre-paid Visa thing I have. It's my first time using it and I want to enter the ballot for the 2009 London Marathon, which could close at any moment. So I have the right money. I come home. I want to check the instructions one more time before going to the shop to top up the card...and then notice that it only tops up in denominations of £10, and I only have £25 on me. BAH! So now...I have to go and get another £10...or do what I should have done originally and borrow my mother's credit card. Of course, she wasn't in when I called so I will have to try her later and the ballot will probably be closed by then.

And a spam message about someones huge rod has just broken gmail. What.

So now it is now. One wonders what else I can mess up today. Ho hum. It's gorgeous out anyway so nothing seems as bad. 15 degrees! Practically a heatwave!
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i) Evie is getting her first tooth! It is very exciting. You can just see the line of it on her bottom gum - explains why she's been a bit grumpy on and off for the last couple of weeks but really, there's not been that much difference. She's still a happy little camper 95% of the time.

ii) Saturday morning I had a dream that I was a man, engaged to a woman, yet having an affair. With Mr. T. I am not kidding. He was introducing me to being gay and there was even a sex shower scene which was strangely hot disturbing. Perhaps because he kept all his gold necklaces on.

iii) There is no three.

ETA: In case anyone was wondering, Dream!T is hung (though why are you wondering that? Pervert) and I'm pretty sure he called me a fool at one point, only not a crazy one so that's OK.
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Randomly, I suddenly have a bunch of extra money. Hurrah! I am going to buy food (omg, so much food) and baby stuff and some DVD's. I'm torn between American Gangster, 3:10 to Yuma, Michael Clayton or Rendition. Can anyone recommend? Or are they all worth looking at?

ETA: I should point out that Michael Clayton is the automatic favourite because of George Clooney (obviously) but American Gangster and 3:10 to Yuma have Russell Crowe. Not as hot as George but there's two of him! So, I am torn.
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Today = good day. Spoke to boss about hours over the summer and I'm good to go for part-time work. Not so good is that we randomly won't get paid until Tuesday which is, of course, the day I need to pay all my bills. So I have to trek down on Monday to get cash and put it in the bank etc and blah blah whatever. Epic inconvenience but it's nothing new so I'll just deal.

Spoke to Ex-Housemate Jen just now, hurrah! Am going up to Scotland to see her in two weeks which will be awesome amounts of fun. My sides are currently aching from laughing through the conversation - this is also nothing new. Randomly, she is now an entrop...entrupeneur...she's got her own business. Rather, two businesses. I knew she was setting up a saddlery shop (which is opening next weekend) but she also now has a livery yard and will be giving riding lessons - has already agreed to teach Evie, yay! Totally typical of her to take on all this stuff at once and she also still works part-time and has a nine month old son so go her! Brill to talk to her again, can't wait to see her.

I am blathering due to boredom. I have done no homework. Whatever, I have awesome short hair again and have done shopping and sorted out work so that's quite enough achievment for today, I think. Oh yeah, I was going to talk about the (now international, thanks to Time magazine) focus on the binge-drinking tendencies of British youth but I have lost the will. Instead I will watch Donald Sutherland on Jonathon Ross' show and laugh to myself over the whole five-month-pregnant-man thing. What's with that anyway?
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My television = randomly working again. Odd. It wasn't this morning but hey, I'm not complaining. Ashes to Ashes is on tonight! I think it's the last in the series too so good timing, randomly-fixed ariel.

I have no other news. I am unable to motivate myself to move, due to excessive gym activity today. I want to write this SPN fic in my head but it'll be long and I don't know if I can be arsed to get into it. I do need to do homework but it's not due until Monday so whatever although if I don't do it tonight, chances are it won't get done.

I know. I will eat some chocolate and contemplate what to do this evening. Yes.
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For reasons unknown, my television is suddenly not receiving any channels. This is annoying. If the ariel has fucked up it will be a drag because it takes weeks for anything to get fixed around here. Bah.

I have culled a whole lot of communities from my flist and now feel a lot better. No longer will I have heaps of posts to skim past because I dont read them. Hurrah.

Had an exam today. It was one where I had the essay question in advance and was allowed to take notes into the exam. Should be easy, right? I think I have fucked it up. Not because what I did was bad, just...basic, I think. I finished half an hour before the end. The problem is, writing more would take me over the word limit and get me penalised so...well, what can you do? If I get a shit grade I'll just retake it next year so no matter. For AS level, it should still get a good enough grsde, I think.

Ho hum. What to do. Bar stuff tonight, awesome! Might chuck another pup as well as Justin (bartending interview) just for the hell of it Interview rescheduled. Hmmm. Maybe a Roman and the Devil will be good for the soul this evening. I am planning to do English homework tonight but really, am not that committed to it, heh.

And it's cold. Wtf, spring?
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Season 2 SPN > Season 1 SPN. Especially the last four episodes which are actually > pretty much anything else.

No, I'm not doing the strike either. I...well, basically dont care about whatever PR nightmare LJ are into now with its customers.

Today has been a longass boring day. *yawn* I would come up with something interesting to do but the Babydaddy is imminent so that'll probably liven things up a bit.
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What does IAWTC mean? I think that's the letters in the right order but I'm not sure. I see it around and it always confuses me.

Random SPN musing of the evening: I can't work out if Dean is worried about Sam's abilities and what they mean or if he's jealous, or both. Like - he's the golden boy and always been there for the family and done the job but the psychic stuff is centered on Sam. Sam wants, or wanted, to be normal and Dean never really got that chance and it's Sam thats more inherently involved by this stuff that's going on with him - like he's been chosen. That's got to be weird for Dean, being pushed out onto the periphery. It kinda just makes him the muscle man. Seems like it bothers him to me but also conflicted because he's worried about his brother too. Interesting! This is a cool show.

In other news, I totally forgot it was Saturday. And therefore, totally forgot to do my homework for Monday which means it now wont get done. Blah.

Also, it looks like I'm going to Ireland in the Easter holidays. I've been saying since Evie was born that I'd go over so she could meet her grandfather and other assorted relatives but now...fuck, I really don't want to go. I think its just the thought of organising so much stuff to take and whatnot - impossible to travel light with a baby. But there's also just some kind of visceral I don't want to go feeling going on and I dont know why. Weird. Still, it might not happen - if my father isn't around that week for whatever reason then we wont be going because that's most of the point. Still. Odd. If I do go though, at least I'll get to see the view in this icon every day. Always nice.

Evens says that Steve will be in a mood with me tomorrow. He always used to be after I asked something of him/tried to talk to him before Evie was born. Now I asked him to go on her birth certificate, I bet he's a bitch tomorrow.
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While waiting for the rugby to be over so that I can watch some more SPN, I am sorting through my music files. And I have just discovered that, for reasons passing understanding, I have a version of Pulp's Common People. It's narrated by William Shatner, complete with Kirk-esque pauses in strange places within sentences. There is singing by someone and a random gospel choir.

It's actually quite good.


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