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Ahhh Eurovision. I wish I cared.

All hail to Ebay. I just snagged myself S1 of Supernatural for a tenner. Score! And I even decided to brave the scares and start watching that season again - am pleased to report that so far, after three episodes, I feel none of the terror that plagued me the first time. Also score! I am also reminded of how absolutely amazing the lighting is in S1. I love the...I don't know what it's called...the way everything is kind of steely, y'know what I mean? Also, Sam's hair isn't annoying me so much this time round and it's nice to see Sam and Dean's relationship again with the benefit of experience.

The other day I had a whole rant planned out in my head about the recent fandom wank and people's reactions to Dean's treatment of women. Alas, I am too tired to actually post it but maybe I will tomorrow. It got me quite worked up at the time.

It is not quite eight and I am about to go to bed. What an exciting life I do lead. To all the new friends I have acquired today through the back room thingy, hello! I will probably post an 'about me' thing sometime over the next few days so that there is some context for my ramblings. I promise I will try and be concise (ha! Not sure I've ever been concise in my life, but I'll try).

Yes, bed. Tonight I sleep the sleep of the righteousdead.
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Here is a fact about me that I feel compelled to share (for no apparant reason): up until the age of eleven, I had never heard of The Beatles.

Shocking, no?

I remember it clearly - I was in music class in my first year of secondary school, and Mr. McCurragh, the music teacher, mentioned them as we were being told to do a project on our favourite band. He said something about The Beatles being dead famous and everyone around seemed to accept it without question so I didn't pipe up and admit I'd never heard of them. It shocked me when I looked into them and saw how massive they were - I had played piano since I was five and played in a brass band (which I hated with a passion) but music was rarely played at home. My mother never had it on in the house - well, she did have the radio on every morning but never CDs or similar - and my exposure to current music was mostly limited to a Queen tape my dad had made for my sister and I (A Kind of Magic) which I adored, and some pop music my sister was getting into. New Kids on the Block, mwhahaha! Mother always said (when I asked her about this later on) that in the 60s, people either liked The Stones or The Beatles, never both, and she was a Stones person. She still never had any of their albums.

There is no point to this. I was just thinking today of how I've never got over thinking how bizarre that is, that I'd never heard of The Beatles until I was eleven. And as it happens, I like them and the Stones. Maybe you only had to choose if you were there at the time of the hysteria or something.

Speaking of today, I hated it. It has been one of those days where I woke up tired and stayed tired and everything niggled and Evie was grouchy for no apparant reason this morning which drove me nuts. And because I still haven't been paid, I had to go to the bank and juggle money around so I could pay my rent and I went to the gym without water, despite there being three bottles in the car...that sort of thing; stupid stuff that has just had me cranky all day. But! I had no class as I did the exam everyone else was sitting last week so at least I wasn't rushing around to do errands and I could spend longer in the gym.

In other awesome news, I get an extra £200 this month because since the hotel has been taken over, I have been paid for all my holidays. Means I don't actually get the holiday days of course, but I can live with that. Also means that I can pay my bills without stress this month and go and see Jen without worrying about the exorbitant price of petrol and actually go and do a massive food shop without adding up the price of everything as I go along to make sure I have enough to pay for it. This is good. I do actually need to be given this money of course (now six days late) but I have been assured that if it's not in my account tomorrow, I can go and get cash from New!boss...who is the same as my old boss, just that she now runs the place, not just manages it. So! All good.

To make things better, there is a Man. Utd match on TV which kicks off in five minutes. This is always the best way to end a day. And then I am going to get an early night, damnit! I've been telling myself to get one for the last week and haven't managed it yet. Almost did last night but Evie managed to puke her entire bottle of milk (7oz) all over me at 00:30 this morning, meaning I had to change both our clothes and then feed her again, seeing as her stomach was then completely devoid of milk. Joy. She seemed quite amused by it though, which was funny.

Anyway! Football! Must stop rambling! *shoos*
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Bah. I decided to stay up and do homework last night, despite being knackered. My rationale was that if I didn't do it, I'd probably skip class and then feel bad about it, as we have the next two weeks off. Also, I'd need to collect homework for over the holiday. So I stay up until 1am, the stuff's not bad. Go to class this morning and the teacher doesn't even mention it, let alone ask for it to be handed in. BAH!

I am trying to silver-line and tell myself that at least I did work and also went to class blah blah but in reality, I wish I'd just been able to go to bed early.

I still have not been paid. This is problematic as hello, bills to pay tomorrow. Pain in the fucking arse company.

But for all that, life still seems pretty good right now. Not sure why but not complaining about it either. :)
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Today = good day. Spoke to boss about hours over the summer and I'm good to go for part-time work. Not so good is that we randomly won't get paid until Tuesday which is, of course, the day I need to pay all my bills. So I have to trek down on Monday to get cash and put it in the bank etc and blah blah whatever. Epic inconvenience but it's nothing new so I'll just deal.

Spoke to Ex-Housemate Jen just now, hurrah! Am going up to Scotland to see her in two weeks which will be awesome amounts of fun. My sides are currently aching from laughing through the conversation - this is also nothing new. Randomly, she is now an entrop...entrupeneur...she's got her own business. Rather, two businesses. I knew she was setting up a saddlery shop (which is opening next weekend) but she also now has a livery yard and will be giving riding lessons - has already agreed to teach Evie, yay! Totally typical of her to take on all this stuff at once and she also still works part-time and has a nine month old son so go her! Brill to talk to her again, can't wait to see her.

I am blathering due to boredom. I have done no homework. Whatever, I have awesome short hair again and have done shopping and sorted out work so that's quite enough achievment for today, I think. Oh yeah, I was going to talk about the (now international, thanks to Time magazine) focus on the binge-drinking tendencies of British youth but I have lost the will. Instead I will watch Donald Sutherland on Jonathon Ross' show and laugh to myself over the whole five-month-pregnant-man thing. What's with that anyway?
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The good thing about being on maternity leave has been - up until now - that the payroll person at Head Office can't fuck up my wages anymore. Because, y'see, they're the same every month. Unless it's a five-week month but even then, there are only two posisble amounts to choose from. I have been getting cautiously used to this regular state of affairs and starting to not stress every month as to whether or not I'll get paid enough to cover my rent/bills etc.

BUT NO LONGER! Because a couple of weeks ago the people who were managing the pub bought the lease from Head Office and are now running the place themselves. And so, of course, we come to the first pay day under their management. And once again, there are no wages in my account. *stabs things*

Whatever. I had to go and see the boss today anyway to let her know about the hours I want to do when I go back to work in June. But she better fucking have the cash waiting because I am sick of this shit. In my first ten months working there, the wages were of the right amount, on time, and in my bank twice. The rest of the time they just wouldn't be there, or the amount would be wrong etc. The last Friday in the month was always an adventure for everyone who works there - it looks like we may be reverting to that. Bear in mind that the manager is a woman who has twice 'forgotten' to pay the fifth week in a five week month, thereby doing everyone out of a weeks wages. She claims it was because she forgot but it was twice in four months and she was seen going through a list of employees, telling someone 'oh, they won't notice...nor will they...or him...' so she could get out of paying them what they fucking earned.

My boss is a nice woman. In herself. Working for her is a nightmare and her husband is even worse. I am SO not looking forward to going back.

Anyway. I had to rant about that. In happier news for myself, I am getting my hair cut today which is an utter relief because it's been needing it for the last two months and I haven't been able to get it done. CAN'T WAIT! Then there will be some food shopping and tonight, homework. Hurrah.
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My television = randomly working again. Odd. It wasn't this morning but hey, I'm not complaining. Ashes to Ashes is on tonight! I think it's the last in the series too so good timing, randomly-fixed ariel.

I have no other news. I am unable to motivate myself to move, due to excessive gym activity today. I want to write this SPN fic in my head but it'll be long and I don't know if I can be arsed to get into it. I do need to do homework but it's not due until Monday so whatever although if I don't do it tonight, chances are it won't get done.

I know. I will eat some chocolate and contemplate what to do this evening. Yes.
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Before I forget, hat icon meme from last week.

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee. Whoo!

[personal profile] birdseyeview picked these five for me.

So, that's that done. I really need to revamp my icons because there are so many I never use but whatever. I dont have the patience to make any myself anymore.

In other news; I hope everyone is having a nice Easter. It sounds like people on my flist sort of....spend it with family and make a big deal out of it? That seems weird to me actually. When I was a kid it was all about going to church and painting an egg at Sunday School and then it was just like a regular Sunday. Ha, we never got eggs really because mum said they were a waste of money and you were only paying for the packaging. She's probably quite right. So anyway, I have been surprised to day by people having family easters but it's quite nice really. I like the idea that its about more than just chocolate, even if you're not from a religious background.

I am so tired. It's been one of those days where you wake up sleepy and just think about sleep all day and can't wait to go to bed. This will happen in 90 minutes time, no question. Can't wait.
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Of the good:

After all her stressing, turns out mother is not a diabetic after all. This seems to have made her cheerful, so good.

Long weekend off college. OK, it's only an extra day off for me because I don't go in on Fridays anyway, but the principle is good. No Monday early-rising for me, hurrah!

I kicked my own ass in the gym today. It was glorious, even if my muscles are vehemently disagreeing with me right now.

Ashes to Ashes is on tonight. I love it, as long as I mostly ignore Alex in the bits where she's not nearly shagging Gene.

Of the bad:

Electric bill showed up and is randomly four times higher than it usually is. This is obviously what happens when you let the guy in to read the meter. Won't be doing that again.

This morning, after an early wake-up from the baby (who refused to go back to sleep, thereby creating the dozing/jerk-awake state that I blame this on), I wrote an SPN fic in my head. Every time I was just dropping back off, a new paragraph would unfold in my head. This went on for an enitre long fic. It is bad because now I don't remember all the stuff I mentally wrote, but I do remember the concept so I will have to work to find the story again. Also bad because hello? Do I want to get sucked into fanfic again? Not really apart from the bit where I love it.

Of the heh:

I have the same birthday as Jensen Ackles. We are clearly BFF'S!! Jared doesn't count because they are clearly shagging.

I entered that last bit merely because I am tired and amused by tiny things right now. I have discovered that while SPN is awesome, I have no desire to learn much about the actors themselves, which is quite rare when I love a show.

...we'll see how long it lasts. Now I go to watch some more. The bank robbery ep I watched this morning kicked ass! Actually, so did the hotel one after - I love old hotels. Is it just me becoming immune or is S2 less scary than S1? I like it better. More emphasis on Sam and the demon thing = less killer scarecrows and insane asylums and omfg the monkey clapping its cymbals together nooooooo! (blame that one on Stephen King). Anyway. Less scary and more character stuff and demons is all good by me. I sleep better.

ETA: MWHAHAHA! Regular!Sam = Not Hot. Possessed!Sam = SMOKIN' LIKE A WILDFIRE BABY! OH YEAH!

Also, Dean describing Sam as having a girl inside him as 'pretty naughty' made me sporfle all over the place because, what is this? a 60's risque comedy or something?
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Good thing of the day; I decided to go to my English class even though I had done neither of the two bits of homework I was supposed to have done. Usually this would mean I'd skip the class but there's only one more over the next four weeks due to Easter and then the belated Easter holidays, so I thought I'd brave it anyway. And it turns out the teacher was glad none of us had done the homework because there was something else she wanted us to do instead. So I feel very happy that I went because I would have guilty for missing it.

Anyway! I drew a picture. And I'm going to post it because its the first thing I've drawn in almost a year. Ergo, it is not very good but it looks humanoid and that's good enough for me.

Bonus points if you can tell who its supposed to be )

This is where people stare and go ' idea' but I honestly don't care because even though it is dodgy, I feel very accomplished simply for doing it. *beams* I haven't picked up a pencil since the saga of last year started - hopefully this means things are properly better.

And now I go to watch the last two SPN episodes of S1 and probably have the shit scared out of me again.

ETA: Bwhaha! I've just noticed how absolutely out of proportion the right eye is. Ah well. :D
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My day, by me

Today I got up after a nice sleep. It was raining outside. I played with my baby because she was happy and smiled a lot and wanted food. I gave her food. She is small and does not sleep late like I always want to so I had to get up and it was cold. Then I had breakfast and after she ate some more she fell asleep and so I played some video games until it was time to go out.

It was raining a lot. I knew I was going to miss college today because I am lazy and bad and had not done the homework that had to be handed in. I was going to spend longer in the gym instead. I got the gym after dropping the baby off at nursery. Then I realised I had left my membership card at home and swore a lot because oh bugger there was not enough time to go home and get it and come back and now I could not go to the gym at all.

I went to where I work and got my payslip and talked to my friend Bart. Then I came home and ate croissants. I had nothing to do so decided to watch some Supernatural which is a TV show that lots of people like and I have not watched until now. The first two episodes were good. Then I went to get my baby and she had done me an Easter card and an Easter basket that has chocolate in and I have not even eaten it yet! Then she had a bath and some food and went to bed and I have had a sandwich and coffee and watched the news and Terry Pratchett was on it being angry about Alzheimers and and and that's all. It is now now. I have nothing to do until nine when Ashes to Ashes is on so I will watch some more Supernatural I think.

That was my day.

By me.

No, I dunno why either. It just all sort of came out that way.
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My boiler is making very weird noises. Very weird. So much so that I've had to turn it off. And hey, guess what? Now it's cold. *grumps*

Steve didn't come round today. I'm a bit miffed - not because he didn't come, because he said he might not (he had 'something to do' today. Hmmm) - but he did say he'd let me know if he wasn't going to show. And he hasn't. So I will presume he's going to turn up tomorrow which we worked out as an alternative but it would have been nice to know for sure earlier. Still, no biggie. It just feeds my fears that he might disappear one day makes me antsy. I did lots of cleaning for nothing.

My mother got home and about one hour later was sending me nasty emails. Hurrah.

And I am bored. I didn't want to RP in case he did come and now its too late. I have no homework outstanding (well a bit but it's frankly horrific so I can't be bothered right now), nothing good on TV and too early to go to bed. Hmph. Cold.
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Wtf is up with the amount of serial killers geting caught and convincted at the moment. I mean, its good and everything that they're getting caught but wow, there are a lot just now. Another one today - a care worker murdered four old women with lethal doses of insulin because 'they annoyed him.' Riiiight.

Anyway, I feel better today. The weekend is over and its a new week and I was in the gym today which always makes me feel better.

Weather is bizarre today - it keeps snowing (alas, its too wet for it to stick) and is way cold and windy and then the sun will come out and it's too warm to have your coat on anymore. I dunno. Weird.

Early night tonight I think. I am way knackered - mother and sister arrive tomorrow (at different times randomly) so meh.

Does anyone think that the Russian elections were not rigged or, at least, influenced heavily? I doubt it.


Feb. 29th, 2008 01:34 pm
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It's my Dad's 60th birthday today. Or 15th, depending on how you look at it. I feel a bit mean only having sent him a card but eh.

And, Harry has been/is being pulled out of Afghanistan. I feel sorry for him, he'll probably be gutted.

Friday. I am bored. I wanted to take the baby out and do some things in town but its pouring down and I don't really have any waterproof stiff to cover her with. So I am housebound and blah lah blah. *twiddles thumbs*
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  • The missing beat in the music at the start of the BBC news really does my head in. What is the point of it?
  • I totally love the way Prince Harry has been fighting out in Afghanistan since Christmas and the whole British media agreed to keep quiet about it. Bless 'em! It is totally reminiscent of a Tom Clancy novel. The Hunt for Red October, if I remember correctly. I forsee him being yanked out of there within the week now its leaked though.
  • I spoke to my mother this evening - she asked me to ask Steve if she could meet him next week when she's up here with my sister. AHAHAHANO. I mean, I'll ask him because I said I would but I'll be relieved when he says no.
  • Hee! Harry is on the news, taking the piss out of himself for being ginger. *love* And swearing rather a lot, which is funny to hear. I bet the Beeb wouldn't broadcast a random person saying 'shit'. But he's royal so he's Special. And I love this guy. He always seems as normal as anyone in his situation can be.
  • I am loving the Gene/Alex hints in Ashes to Ashes. They so obviously fancy each other. I imagine nothing will happen though and she'll go back to Molly and there'll be lots of long lingering looks at each other etc. I wonder if she'll go and see him when she's back in her own time or if he'll still be around or whatever.
  • There was other stuff I wnated to say but I can't remember what they were because I'm too tired. Ugh.
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Apparantly, 'castration without malice' is actually a...thing. According to this documentary I just started wataching. Does this happen enough for it to actually warrant a name? Odd.

Anyway, this dude interviewed just cracked me up. He said, 'These guys had all earrings and tattoos, crazy stuff like that.' To which his friend added, 'We thought they were gay.' Like being gay was something from another planet. Hilarious!

Anyway. Life. I have done homework! The homework I missed todays lesson to do. This is a first. Usually I skive in order to do work and then totally dont do it. I am impressed with myself.

Also, I was very chuffed to realise today that my favourite treadmill at the gym does, in fact, measure distance and speed in miles and not kilometres. This is pertinent because I have been trying to run at 10mph thinking it was 10kmh and wondering why I was finding it difficult.

Yes, I am a plank. That is all.

ETA: OMG. Oh my fucking God. This guy - who has castrated himself, using a farming implement - just handed said implement to his sister and had her try and guess what it was for. Then asked her if she knew what a eunuch was. She's all 'yeah' and he jumps in straight away with, 'you're related to one.'

This was his idea of a tactful way to let her know that he is now a eunuch. Wow.
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I mean, I told myself that I'd do my homework last weekend so I wouldn't have to worry about it over half term. But, quite frankly, that was never going to happen. And indeed, it didn't. So I said I'd do it tonight because I never seem to manage to do anything productive after Steve leaves on Sunday evening and I have stuff that needs doing for Monday morning. Buuuut....well, there's rugby on. Three matches today! And Evie has been strange this evening and I had to, like, make dinner and do some laundry and...OK so now I'm sitting at my computer with half an eye on the game and there's theoretically nothing to stop me opening a book or two.

But I really can't be arsed. If I miss English on Monday morning then I wont have another lesson for a week because there's no college on Thursday...hmmm. HMMMM I SAY! Or I could just go to the lesson sans homework and the chances are she wont even ask about it because she didn't set any for anyone else. Yis. This might be the way to go.

In the news this week - two mental cases were put behind bars. One dude murdered five prostitues and will never see the light of day again. And the other one - get this - stabbed a girl to death and then had sex with her dead body! I mean, what? OK, they can't say for sure if she was completely dead but if she wasn't then she was certainly close to it and what the fucking fuck? I feel so sorry for that girl's family, they had to hear the details of everything he did to her in court. Sick sick sick.

Also this week, a nine year old girl went missing and hasn't been found yet. It's quite obvious that the police think she is either being held or is dead already. I despair at the news. And this country, come to think of it, but I suppose these sorts of things happen everywhere in the world.

Also, note to self: When you hear there is a 'terrible tragedy' about to occur on a soap you don't even watch, don't think 'Oooh awesome' and tune in. Because then the tragedy will turn out to be the cot death of a baby and you'll be a wreck for the entire rest of the evening.

Brian Moore is hiarious as a rugby commentator. Cool.
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My mother has surfaced. It was a two week holiday. I was confused as I tried to phone her yesterday and she again wasn't in, so then I was all, 'OMG SHE'S BEEN BACK A WEEK AND IS ON THE FLOOR AND CANT ANSWER THE PHONE OR WHATEVER,' and imagining all sorts of gruesome happenings. The reason for this is not that it was likely, exactly, it's just that everything happens when my mother is on holiday. Princess Di died, Grandma had her first stroke, then Grandma died, 9/11 happened - all bad stuff and it always happens when she's out of the country. I was thinking for a time there that it was her turn. But no. She just got back really late last night. And she had a great time in Maderia, so cool.

Also cool! My sister is randomly coming over next week. She didn't tell me this, mother informed me of it just now and I think it will be fun. She wants to see the baby and mother was coming up that week anyway so we'll all hang out (in my tiny flat omg) and try not to step all over each other in the confined space. I'm quite looking forward to it actually, we haven't all been together for three years - exactly three years actually, as Sarah was here for her 30th birthday and she'll be 33 on March 7th.

...Sis, if you're reading this - HAHAHA YOU'RE OLD!!

*ahem* (what? I'm the youngest, I'm allowed to be a brat)

In other news...there is no other news. I'm on half-term so I go and spend a couple of hours in the gym while the baby is at nursery and that's all I have to do, really. Perhaps I should do my homework but, quite frankly, I can't be arsed.

It is cold

Feb. 12th, 2008 07:29 pm
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Last week was very relaxing for me because mother was in Maderia and therefore, no stressful phone calls or emails. It strikes me as odd that she should have been back yesterday and there has not yet been any contact made. Then again, it could be a two week holiday and then it strikes me that I should probably know that. Ah well. I lose at being a good daughter.

I went to bed at 19:30 last night. It was weird. Today my body hates me because of all today's gym work on top of yesterdays but it's just going to have to deal with it. I am too busy planning what do during half-term next week. Evie has to go to nursery regardless - or rather, I have to pay for it regardless, so she's going - so I have completely free time! I think a trip to the new real-snow ski slope in Manchester might just have to occur and also it's high time my hockey skates were broken in. Hurrah! I might even venture out on my bike, I can say that with complete confidence because this is a week away and therefore, I have plenty of time to talk myself out of it.

Now I just have to talk myself out of not going to bed stupidly early again. *yawns* Hmmm. On the other hand, why deny what the body is saying? That's just rude.
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I have the tune from the old Weetabix advert featuring Robin Hood running through my head. it's annoying simply because I can't remember all the words to the second verse.

Anyway! The main point of this post is to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEBI!! I hope the day is fabulous and involves lots of alcohol and chocolate and cake and whatnot.

In unrelated rambling - wtf is up with the English Language and all its stupid words for simple ideas? I had another class on it this morning and yet again, I couldn't tell you a thing about what I learned. Or didn't learn. Well OK, I remember the concepts but I can't remember what the technical terms for them are. 'Adjoining...' something. Chaining! I remember chaining, as it pertains to spoken speech (edit: I rememeber the word but not what it actually means, now I come to think of it). And there were two other things I had to remember but I can't. This is ridiculous. I can't retain this stuff. I can't even tell you what a noun or a verb is because it just wont stay in my head. I have tried to remember so many times - I even looked them up last night - and yet, today, I got nothin'.

I do know what an adjective is. I ouldn't tell you the difference between that an an adverb because they seem like the same thing to me. Whatever. I'll do what I always do and cram it the morning of the exam. An hour after its over it'll be completely gone again but that's fine. Only two more exams involving language stuff in my life again, ever. Thank the Lord for that.

I cannot stop sneezing today. This is fine because I enjoy sneezing.

Steve finds it amusing that I'm running a 5K at the start of May. How rude.

For some reason, I cannot sleep on Sunday nights. Which is inconvenient because Monday is the only morning I have to be up early to drop the baby off at nursery and go to college. It takes me at least two hours to fall asleep and then I wake up continuously through the night. Thanks a lot, circadian rhthym.

Anyhoo! The only important part of this post is the bit where I wish IB a happy birthday. The rest is just because I have nothing to do this afternoon so I thought I'd fill some time with pointless typing.

I'll stop that now.

ETA: I have found the Weetabix advert! Bwhahaha!
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Ahhh Primeval. You so special!

This show was going to be part of my large rant on TV but frankly, I can't be bothered to write it so whatever. All I will say about this show is that the characters are written so tritely that I dont know whether to laugh, roll my eyes or just switch it off. Or all of them. And why do the anomilies only seem to open up in Britain? Are all the weird (supposedly) killer monsters attracted simply to this island? And how come hardly anyone ever dies? Alright, Saturday night family viewing and all, but still. An already dodgy show (with bad CGI) needs to get credibilty from somewhere and this one fails utterly with that.

Yet I am still watching because there's nothing else to do so possibly I should just shut up.

In other news, I have been dragged into [ profile] shatterverse. This is entirely the fault of [ profile] weaverandom and [ profile] lienne and bah. BAH! I should be doing homework but instead I'm working on EP's. BAH!

As you were, flist.

ETA: I just won a tenner on the lottery. Hurrah! Not as good as 7.5 million of course, but it'll do. *beams*


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