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I so wanted tonight to be fun and productive. Instead, I find myself sitting here, working myself up into a rage so strong, it's making my chest hurt.  So I'm venting, because it usually clears my head and then perhaps I can get something done.

When my sister got married, she was amazed to find there were families out there who were actually supportive, and nice to each other. At the same time! I'm not kidding. (Warning; may trigger mother!issues) )

I'm at the point where I'm seriously considering counselling to find a way to deal with the levels of anger I have. And I am the sort of person who would rather eat dead rats than talk to a shrink. But seriously. Feeling actual hate cannot be a good thing, and the more I'm forced to see her, the worse it gets.

...but I was right! I feel better now that's all vented, so hopefully the rest of tonight can be somewhat more productive than sitting here raging.
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Do excuse me while I FUCKING RANT.

Work )

Phew. I wish I could say I felt better now but I don't. I wont until I get to confront her face on about it. WHY ARE PEOPLE SO SHIT?!
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Today promised to be such a nice day. I was going to take Evie to nursery and then come home and put up my Christmas tree, take a nice long bath, wander off to college, come home, chill, get Evie, do nothing this evening...BUT NO, BECAUSE OTHER PEOPLE ARE FUCKWITS!

I was driving Evie to nursery on the back country road to avoid all the morning traffic.I come round a corner and there's another car zooming towards me in the middle of the fucking road. I'm on my side of the road so all I can do is slam on my brakes. It swerves, but still manages to smash off my side window. OK, fine. Shit happens. I still get out - fuming - and yell, 'What the hell d'you think you're doing?!' at the other driver (heh, I've always wanted to be all road-rage at someone) and she gets out and is all, 'no no, not my fault, not at all.' Which makes me go sick at her.

I point out that my car is in the hedge while hers sits nicely in the road. She tells me that she had to swerve to avoid me. Uh yeah bitch, because you had room to swerve. Because you were in the middle of the road. I ask her if she's going to pay for it - no - and she's very keen that we admit it was a 50-50. NO NO NO NO NO! IT WAS YOUR FUCKING FAULT!

Cars are backing up behind us now and one of them stops me as I leave and tells me that this woman is always driving like a maniac on this road. And she gives me her license plate so now I have to go to the police station and at least get someone to go talk to her. I'm not bothered about insurance because when it comes to it, it'll be my word against hers and it won't be expensive to fix anyway. But her barefaced refusal to take any responsibility just makes my blood boil and I hate people like this. Fucking admit when you've done something wrong, asshole.



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