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I wrote 9048 words today. I need this book to be done so damn bad. #collapse

Tomorrow looks like this:

* child to nursey
* book
*short story for class submission by midnight (1500 words, or therabouts)
* collect child from nursery
*feed, play with and get ready for bed, said child
* book

If it goes that smoothly, this mofo should be done by Saturday night. Does it ever go that smoothly? AHAHAHAHA.


But I can/will dream. If I have to stay up for the entirety of Saturday night, this draft will be done before I hit the sack that night.

And then I will WRITE ALL THE FANFIC and WRITE ALL THE OOMs and play ALL THE THREADS. It will be glorious. For a week. And then I will start editing.

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It has been a hell of a day.

I should give some context. I stayed up all night on Wednesday, and then all day Thursday, writing an essay I had once again left until the last minute. And it should have been an easy one! It was just really interesting so I kept getting sidetracked and reading bits I really didn't need to. Anyway, I got it done and handed in and by that time, I had a sore throat which I just put down to smoking too much in the last 36 hours, and being knackered. No worries.

Warning: emo. Just trying to get distance. )


Right. Now I am going to RP to distance myself from it again. Painkillers have kicked in and I'm not going to think about it any more. I just wanted to write it out to try and get away from it.

It Is Today

Nov. 3rd, 2009 09:26 pm
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First off, thank you to everyone who made excellent Twitter suggestions for me in my last post, y'all rock! Quite loving Twitter.

And now, story time.

There are Bins. And Rain )

And that was my day.
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I. I have two Dreamwidth invites if anyone wants one.

II. I feel a bit rubbish this evening. Just some random emo that I was going to post about but now have decided not to because I'll be over it by tomorrow anyway. Instead, I shall watch a movie (how have I not watched Iron Man despite having owned it for two weeks now?) or...wait, no Ashes to Ashes is on in half an hour. I shall watch that, then I shall watch a movie. Probably.

III. I need to keep reminding myself that getting loads of sleep might feel good at the time but is a bad thing really because I just feel like crap later. Whereas five hours a night might feel bad when it comes time to get up, but at least I buzz through the day on an adrenaline high and feel great.

IV. I wish my exercise bike would show up. I ordered it five weeks ago - I would have to order the one that was out of stock. Just another week though so I guess I can deal. Well, I have to. But I want it now, damnit!

V. Blah. I shall eat the chocolate brownies that I nicked from work because they weren't good enough to sell and veg. Because that will make me feel better. *eyeroll at self*
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I forgot to say in my earlier post - British SPN fans who don't own the boxsets but would like to...go to ASDA! They're on sale for a tenner. *happy to have S2, gutted 3 had sold out*

On Thursday, I won £10 on a lottery scratchcard. Yesterday I won £6.10 on the Euromillions and tonight I won £10 on the regular lottery. GO ME! Maybe this means my luck's in and I'll win the £110 million up for grabs next Friday (seriously, how can it be clever to gve that much money away to some random person? Though I wouldn't complain if it's me).

Ah fuck, there was something else as well but I forgot. Mentally writing LJ edits/updates in my head makes me fail because somewhere in my subconscious I tend to think I've already updated for real and so discard the info. Which leaves us in a situation like now, where I had something to impart (can't promise it would have been interesting) but now it has gone. Oh well. Worse things happen out at sea.

On a random note; with Dreamwidth being, like, a day old now, who wants to take a guess at how many Harry Potter RPG's have already sprung up? Or just RPG's in general. There's bound to be a whole load of people who want to be able to say, in five years time, 'We were the FIRST EVER *insert fandom here* game on DW!!!1!' and lots of people will wonder what DW was like all those years ago when no one knew what they were doing and there was no adverts on your journal pages.

...OK, I don't know where that came from. Time to watch some football. Three weeks until United become Champions again, WOOHOO!
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I am trying to catch up with my flist right now - even filtered away from comms, I think I'm at about 'rewind 200' and have resorted to scanning. Anything important going on with you, let me know!

I have a Dreamwidth (which is laughable really, because I have no clue what to do with it or even, at present, how to make it work. Nor do I know why it's better than LJ but I guess if all the cool kids are doing it...?) and my name there is the same as my name here. Include me in your circle, people! Lame. I feel like I'm at that retreat in Ab Fab with the mental hippie woman when people say 'circle' to me.

RP is awesome. I have apped two new pups. I have mainlined two seasons of Burn Notice in about a week and have no regrets.

Omg, the baby just woke up. Sleeping for almost four hours on a Saturday? Pumpkin, I love you. :D

In the news; Swine Flu. Meh? Doesn't occur to me to be worried.

Nearly done with college - FUCK YEAH! Won't bore everyone with how far behind I am in some subjects; if I don't care, no one else does, right?

Umm...there was somet...oh right, yeah! Fandom! Omg! I...haven't watched the last ep of 24 yet, nor the last two of SPN but there is flailing all over the place and someone put the notion in my head that Samanddean may have performed Wincest (not really, perhaps but my brain goes to these places) in 4x20, or something so I suppose I should put down the popcorn spy drama and get back to the things I've been friends with for a while. Yes.

OK! Feed the baby time! Have I mentioned lately she's adorable? She's adorable.


Apr. 18th, 2009 09:12 pm
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I am at a loss. Do I spend the rest of this evening watching The Dark Knight on Blu-Ray, or do I devour the new Dresden Files book whole?

Someone make this decision for me.

Also...huh. I just made a new tag for times of indecisivness and realised that it's a line form a song and I can't remember which one. That's annoying. Perhaps I will spend the evening trying to remember that instead.

Also also, I have been a non-smoker over nine hours now. Go me.
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Does anyone have the theme for Quantum of Solace? The Jack White and Whatsherface one? And would you be willing to upload it for me if you have? I love that song stupid amounts and would be eternally grateful. :) Can't wait to buy the Blu-ray on Tuesday.

Life continues the way it does. Mowed the grass this morning as it was FUCKING BEAUTIFUL all day. It was ridiculously satisfying. Roll on summer; I love winter but this one has been loooooooong and I'm ready for some heat.

I only have a total of eight weeks of lessons left. Eleven really, but three of them are holidays. And then two weeks of exams which I'm OK with because I don't mind these exams. If I get D's or E's on every paper, I'll still get A's overall and that can never be a bad thing!

I feel very blah and tired and unmotivated for everything because I slept too long last night - by too long, I mean more than five hours. So I'm knackered and want to go to bed but if I sleep too much tonight I'll just feel like shit tomorrow as well. Bleurgh.

OK, I have nothing interesting to say. I will just go and click random things and pass some time.
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Today I caught up with SPN...and not much else. Which is pretty pathetic seeing as I was only three eps behind and had a whole day to do other productive things like catch up on 24 as well. Productive things being asdflksajdf coursework, but I'm over it. This essay is never going to get finished and I will fail blah blah blah only not.

Unproductive days make me tetchy. I wish I could enjoy them but I really don't. Perhaps its because there have been so many recently. Whatever. Loved the last three SPN eps! I will probably write something more susbstantial on them tomorrow or after I get tonght's ep but it's late and I have to crash after this.

I have a long post to write that I've been meaning to do for about six months. I'll get on that after the essay is done. I also am dying to watch Quantum of Solace and the two Che movies but that will also have to wait until after the essay. FUCKING ESSAY FUCKING FUCKING FUCKING ESSAY AND ITS GODDAMN LAST THOUSAND WORDS.

I am stressed and have no right to be. Bed it is!
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WOOHOO! I woke up this morning with that exam-day adrenaline going on. And even though I knew I'd go for it, I still procrastinated for about two hours this morning, doing fuck all. But I got off my arse and spent half an hour reading through my notes, went to college, had a minor flail because the exam notice board said it was supposed to be this morning (I did check that it was this afternoon and I was right, thankfully), found out the notice was wrong and went and did the exam. And if I'm not mistaken, knocked that motherfucker out of the park! *dances*

Aaahhh House of Lords, I do love you. You are so easy. US Senate, you are so rigidly simple (at least at A Level). Written and unwritten constitutions, you are music to my lazy old ears. WOOT DONE!

I even managed to move a lesson so I can work on Wednesdays, thereby actually meeting the 16 hours a week I am supposed to do without having to work any weekends MWHAHAHA! I still will do them, for the money. But it's nice not to have to.

Right. Homework for tomorrow, coursework (I WILL BEAT YOU!) and then Hamlet. HAMLET! At least you are fun to read. Language terminology not so much but eh, I'll deal. AND THEN I CAN STOP SKIVING COLLEGE AND FEELING BAD ABOUT IT AHAHAHAHAYES!
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Is there any fathomable reason why I have twenty two chapters (each with a seperate post) of 24 fanfic starring an OC called Alex Myers clogging up my flist? Hmmm?

No, I thought not. *stabs things*

In better news, I have new 24 to watch. And new SPN. Also the two Che movies (which I don't feel bad about downloading as my local cinema isn't running them and I will no doubt buy the DVD's) and Quantum of Solace (DVD purchasing is a dead cert on that one). Tomorrow could be a very good day! On the other hand, there must needs be coursework-finishing first. No, I still haven't finished that motherfucker. I did break 2000 words today though and my teacher told me today that no one else is even remotely close to finishing, even though they've handed their drafts in. SO that's OK - at least when mine goes in it'll be pretty close to the finshed article.

Oh yeah, I also made it into college today for the first time since Christmas. Did I mention that I have two exams next week that I'm in no way prepared for (note to self, must finish reading Hamlet)? Well, that is also true. And yet, I find it so hard to care. If I fuck them up, I'll just resit them in the summer. Meh.

I am chuffed though that I managed to take a library book back that they were on the verge of charging me a tenner for. Yes, in my life right now, this is an accomplishment. I could go on about why but I really can't be arsed and that about sums it up anyway.

Evie is...ill? I'm not sure? She certainly is on another cold but today she also developed a couple of blisters on her bottom lip and it's making her miserable as hell and unable to drink out of a bottle. She's also hardly eating and has been playing with her ears a fair bit today. I forsee a trip to the doctor in the near future. Poor baby. :(

I meant to go to bed 90 minutes ago and...haven't. Yeah, maybe I'll get on that now.
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So. You know how I posted at lunchtime and finished it by saying One wonders what else I can mess up today?

AHAHAHA! Famous last fucking words.

Cut for a long tale of total fucking debacle )

Famous last words, right there.

ETA: Oh and as an update from my earlier post - mother came through on letting me use her credit card so EEE I have entered the ballot for the 2009 London Marathon. Awesome. Shame I injured my knee last week and can hardly run at all right now but eh. Details.


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