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Here is a fact about me that I feel compelled to share (for no apparant reason): up until the age of eleven, I had never heard of The Beatles.

Shocking, no?

I remember it clearly - I was in music class in my first year of secondary school, and Mr. McCurragh, the music teacher, mentioned them as we were being told to do a project on our favourite band. He said something about The Beatles being dead famous and everyone around seemed to accept it without question so I didn't pipe up and admit I'd never heard of them. It shocked me when I looked into them and saw how massive they were - I had played piano since I was five and played in a brass band (which I hated with a passion) but music was rarely played at home. My mother never had it on in the house - well, she did have the radio on every morning but never CDs or similar - and my exposure to current music was mostly limited to a Queen tape my dad had made for my sister and I (A Kind of Magic) which I adored, and some pop music my sister was getting into. New Kids on the Block, mwhahaha! Mother always said (when I asked her about this later on) that in the 60s, people either liked The Stones or The Beatles, never both, and she was a Stones person. She still never had any of their albums.

There is no point to this. I was just thinking today of how I've never got over thinking how bizarre that is, that I'd never heard of The Beatles until I was eleven. And as it happens, I like them and the Stones. Maybe you only had to choose if you were there at the time of the hysteria or something.

Speaking of today, I hated it. It has been one of those days where I woke up tired and stayed tired and everything niggled and Evie was grouchy for no apparant reason this morning which drove me nuts. And because I still haven't been paid, I had to go to the bank and juggle money around so I could pay my rent and I went to the gym without water, despite there being three bottles in the car...that sort of thing; stupid stuff that has just had me cranky all day. But! I had no class as I did the exam everyone else was sitting last week so at least I wasn't rushing around to do errands and I could spend longer in the gym.

In other awesome news, I get an extra £200 this month because since the hotel has been taken over, I have been paid for all my holidays. Means I don't actually get the holiday days of course, but I can live with that. Also means that I can pay my bills without stress this month and go and see Jen without worrying about the exorbitant price of petrol and actually go and do a massive food shop without adding up the price of everything as I go along to make sure I have enough to pay for it. This is good. I do actually need to be given this money of course (now six days late) but I have been assured that if it's not in my account tomorrow, I can go and get cash from New!boss...who is the same as my old boss, just that she now runs the place, not just manages it. So! All good.

To make things better, there is a Man. Utd match on TV which kicks off in five minutes. This is always the best way to end a day. And then I am going to get an early night, damnit! I've been telling myself to get one for the last week and haven't managed it yet. Almost did last night but Evie managed to puke her entire bottle of milk (7oz) all over me at 00:30 this morning, meaning I had to change both our clothes and then feed her again, seeing as her stomach was then completely devoid of milk. Joy. She seemed quite amused by it though, which was funny.

Anyway! Football! Must stop rambling! *shoos*
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While waiting for the rugby to be over so that I can watch some more SPN, I am sorting through my music files. And I have just discovered that, for reasons passing understanding, I have a version of Pulp's Common People. It's narrated by William Shatner, complete with Kirk-esque pauses in strange places within sentences. There is singing by someone and a random gospel choir.

It's actually quite good.

Music post

Apr. 8th, 2006 11:27 pm
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OK itunes seriously, fuck you.

For some reason, itunes has never heard of Creed. Like...Creed. Seriously, what's with that? I know they're not the biggest band in the world but surely big enough for fucking itunes to have heard of them?

Apparently not. *le sigh* And now I can't get 'With Arms Wide Open', which is one of my favourite ever songs. I had it and then my old computer started to chew up songs on my 'pod, so I lost it. Clearly, this sucks.

On the other hand, I have just downloaded 'Crazy' by Gnarls Barkley, which is a gorgeous gorgeous song. And I want to get some more tunes - but you know when you're thinking of heaps of things you like, and then when you're faced with the store, you can't remember any of them? Yeah, my mind has gone blank. Bah.

Also? I'm in love with this icon. I made it for a new Milliways pup, but have to use it here too because, frankly, guh.
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'Nother song rec - perfect for everyone out there who likes guy slash and has an OTP in mind. It was brought to my attention by the wonderful [ profile] halfwest, always a paragon of good taste.

Dougie MacLean - Rolling Home

In other news: What the fuck do you do when there's about five different stories swirling round your head and none of them will come out? I'm really really sick of staring at a blank Word document. I've tried alcohol - doesn't help. Advice, anyone? *goes to hit things in frustration*
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Thanks to [ profile] wonsuitewhirled for hooking me up with this song - it's brill! So yeah, enjoy.

Kanye West - Jesus Walks
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Because I was tagged by [ profile] topaz_eyes for this, I bring you:

The Favourite Music Meme: List your current six favourite songs, then pick six other people that have to do the same.

Hmmm, tough one. I have so many songs that I love. However, my ipod is permanently stuck on my 'Indie' playlist at the moment so as this is a 'curent favourites' list, here I go...

6 Current Beats... )

I've gotta tag six more people? Hmmm....OK. [ profile] meddlesomewoe [ profile] peruvianflavor [ profile] wonsuitewhirled [ profile] lonely_streets [ profile] catch22girl and[ profile] romanticapathy're up! :D

Jude Cole

May. 18th, 2005 04:48 am
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I'm posting a link for a song that I couldn't adore more if I tried.

It's Jude Cole's Peaceful in Mine. And just...guh. I've been meaning to write a fic based around it for ages actually, it's just so damn beautiful. That man's voice is just perfection. And the guitar on it almost makes me cry...



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