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I forgot to say in my earlier post - British SPN fans who don't own the boxsets but would like to...go to ASDA! They're on sale for a tenner. *happy to have S2, gutted 3 had sold out*

On Thursday, I won £10 on a lottery scratchcard. Yesterday I won £6.10 on the Euromillions and tonight I won £10 on the regular lottery. GO ME! Maybe this means my luck's in and I'll win the £110 million up for grabs next Friday (seriously, how can it be clever to gve that much money away to some random person? Though I wouldn't complain if it's me).

Ah fuck, there was something else as well but I forgot. Mentally writing LJ edits/updates in my head makes me fail because somewhere in my subconscious I tend to think I've already updated for real and so discard the info. Which leaves us in a situation like now, where I had something to impart (can't promise it would have been interesting) but now it has gone. Oh well. Worse things happen out at sea.

On a random note; with Dreamwidth being, like, a day old now, who wants to take a guess at how many Harry Potter RPG's have already sprung up? Or just RPG's in general. There's bound to be a whole load of people who want to be able to say, in five years time, 'We were the FIRST EVER *insert fandom here* game on DW!!!1!' and lots of people will wonder what DW was like all those years ago when no one knew what they were doing and there was no adverts on your journal pages.

...OK, I don't know where that came from. Time to watch some football. Three weeks until United become Champions again, WOOHOO!
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I am trying to catch up with my flist right now - even filtered away from comms, I think I'm at about 'rewind 200' and have resorted to scanning. Anything important going on with you, let me know!

I have a Dreamwidth (which is laughable really, because I have no clue what to do with it or even, at present, how to make it work. Nor do I know why it's better than LJ but I guess if all the cool kids are doing it...?) and my name there is the same as my name here. Include me in your circle, people! Lame. I feel like I'm at that retreat in Ab Fab with the mental hippie woman when people say 'circle' to me.

RP is awesome. I have apped two new pups. I have mainlined two seasons of Burn Notice in about a week and have no regrets.

Omg, the baby just woke up. Sleeping for almost four hours on a Saturday? Pumpkin, I love you. :D

In the news; Swine Flu. Meh? Doesn't occur to me to be worried.

Nearly done with college - FUCK YEAH! Won't bore everyone with how far behind I am in some subjects; if I don't care, no one else does, right?

Umm...there was somet...oh right, yeah! Fandom! Omg! I...haven't watched the last ep of 24 yet, nor the last two of SPN but there is flailing all over the place and someone put the notion in my head that Samanddean may have performed Wincest (not really, perhaps but my brain goes to these places) in 4x20, or something so I suppose I should put down the popcorn spy drama and get back to the things I've been friends with for a while. Yes.

OK! Feed the baby time! Have I mentioned lately she's adorable? She's adorable.
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Does anyone have a link and/or info on that plugin that allows you to have a free/plus account without seeing ads? I might have to endure a free account for the time being (fucking paypal) but I'm not putting up with ads if I can help it. Thanks!
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I love that I can use winter icons now, and even Christmas ones, and have it not be weird. Should really get a Halloween one though.

And man, y'know what? I fucking miss the days when I was on LJ all the time. This time of year brings it back - three years ago I was unemployed and couldn't afford to eat let alone have a life. So I used to play on LJ and live in Milliways and it was a really nice fun way to spend time. Now I have no time and I miss it. :(

Speaking of no time, I'm supposed to be writing three essays today but what with having no heating my hands are literally too cold to pick up a pen (how's that for an excuse? They're not too cold to type, obviously), so I am...killing time on LJ again, hurrah! Really should write essays though, one is coursework and one is for Oxford. The other is just homework, so, unimportant.

Last week I really wished I could go out for Halloween. Now I'm looking forward to spending the evening taking the piss out of the Babydaddy for turning 38 - mwhahaha, only two years until the nervous breakdown! He's fun to take the piss out of because he takes it well and then gives it back. ...shit, that reminds me, I have to wrap one of his presents still and get Evie to write her card for him. And make a birthday cake that he can't eat anyway but its the thought that counts, right? I can eat it, so thats alright. *makes list*

Ho hum. Hurry up electrician. Or don't, 'cos then I'll have to write essays. *twiddles thumbs*
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Ahhh Eurovision. I wish I cared.

All hail to Ebay. I just snagged myself S1 of Supernatural for a tenner. Score! And I even decided to brave the scares and start watching that season again - am pleased to report that so far, after three episodes, I feel none of the terror that plagued me the first time. Also score! I am also reminded of how absolutely amazing the lighting is in S1. I love the...I don't know what it's called...the way everything is kind of steely, y'know what I mean? Also, Sam's hair isn't annoying me so much this time round and it's nice to see Sam and Dean's relationship again with the benefit of experience.

The other day I had a whole rant planned out in my head about the recent fandom wank and people's reactions to Dean's treatment of women. Alas, I am too tired to actually post it but maybe I will tomorrow. It got me quite worked up at the time.

It is not quite eight and I am about to go to bed. What an exciting life I do lead. To all the new friends I have acquired today through the back room thingy, hello! I will probably post an 'about me' thing sometime over the next few days so that there is some context for my ramblings. I promise I will try and be concise (ha! Not sure I've ever been concise in my life, but I'll try).

Yes, bed. Tonight I sleep the sleep of the righteousdead.
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Hurrah! An entire day where I didn't lock my keys in the car or lose any money or anything. Awesome!

There have been some big recent lj things, right? The Open Source Tits thing for one (sorry y'all, I can't stand the word 'boobies'...or 'breasts' for that matter) and all I have to say on it is...well, if the intentions of the original participants were as pure as the poster said, then fine. Didn't seem like anyone was hurt. Trying to take it further and bigger and make badges and whatnot? Bad bad idea. I wouldn't let anyone touch me like that, simply because I don't trust anyone enough to be really sure their intentions are as simple as that guy said they were. I would be suspicious of what was really going on in their head. And anyway, I don't like being touched by people I don't know...and lots that I do know, now I come to think of it.

Anyway. I had a point. Yes. Taking the 'project' bigger will undoubtedly end up with people getting slapped in the face/arrested/people getting drunk and taking it too far/someone saying it's OK to start off with and then changing their minds and becoming uncomfortable and then getting upset and/or sueing...y'know what I mean? Fine, these people had an evening where everything was simple and non-weird. Good for them. But they really need to leave it there, if only so they can look back on it in years to come and remember it fondly, as opposed to the giant ball of hurt/lawsuits it threatens to become.

In other lj stuff, [ profile] birdseyeview linked to this this morning. And seriously, what? I'm usually laid back about bad literature etc and indeed, I started reading that and just laughing. But by the end of it I was feeling pretty damn sick if I'm honest. The fact that the author of these books shows up on page three of the comments and basically admits that his hero is disgusting (but still a hero!) and the books are crap, almost makes it worse really. Because if you know your own work is that bad and has that much potential to inflict harm/be triggering for a lot of people, why fucking write it?

Anyone who has triggering issues with talk of rape or just plain gets rageful at disgusting mysoginy (spelled wrong, right?), I would advise you skip that link. It is fictional terrible behaviour but that doesn't actually make it much better. It is also just terrible terrible writing (the excerpts from the books themselves prove that, the review of it by the poster is very very good, and entertaining) and worse than almost any bad!fic I've come across and...well, if you want to read and die with laughter/horror, go ahead and click. But be warned at the same time.

SPN tonight, right? I am not excited because I know the format this ep is going to take and I fear I will be annoyed by it. Also, I love the show but it doesn't have me on tenterhooks quite yet - this is probably because I've only just got into it though and haven't been waiting for three months or whatever for a new ep. It's all new to me! I'm sure I will be gutted at the end of the season.

In life-related Evie has another tooth coming, I am taking her swimming tomorrow for the first time, it has finally clicked into my head that the Babydaddy resembles Cary Grant more than Jose Mourinho (bonus either way in my book), I have an timed-essay exam on Tuesday that I have done no prep for yet because it bores me and I've skipped three out of four lessons this week anyway. Hmm. V. bad.
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For reasons unknown, my television is suddenly not receiving any channels. This is annoying. If the ariel has fucked up it will be a drag because it takes weeks for anything to get fixed around here. Bah.

I have culled a whole lot of communities from my flist and now feel a lot better. No longer will I have heaps of posts to skim past because I dont read them. Hurrah.

Had an exam today. It was one where I had the essay question in advance and was allowed to take notes into the exam. Should be easy, right? I think I have fucked it up. Not because what I did was bad, just...basic, I think. I finished half an hour before the end. The problem is, writing more would take me over the word limit and get me penalised so...well, what can you do? If I get a shit grade I'll just retake it next year so no matter. For AS level, it should still get a good enough grsde, I think.

Ho hum. What to do. Bar stuff tonight, awesome! Might chuck another pup as well as Justin (bartending interview) just for the hell of it Interview rescheduled. Hmmm. Maybe a Roman and the Devil will be good for the soul this evening. I am planning to do English homework tonight but really, am not that committed to it, heh.

And it's cold. Wtf, spring?
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So. LJ modified their position on banning people and art? Hmmm. Can only be a good thing, really. One of the artists already got her account back, I believe.

I've kept quiet on this whole issue, mainly because I really don't care. I've written questionable things in fics in my time - violence, torture etc. I've RP'd an incestuous relationship. And I absolutely don't have any views either way on whether fanart showing young adults is grounds for banning people or not. I do think LJ were fuckwits in the way they handled it though and they sem to be taking a step in the right direction now, so OK. It's cool that the outcry from lots of users actually got taken note of. Power to the people! And all that.

OK, work now.
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Thanks to [ profile] canadabear for the tip-off:

Free extra week of paid time for LJ accounts

LJ are extending paid accounts for a week due to the recent power outages. The offer's only open until about next Monday though.

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Anyone know the best layout for customisation? I just changed mine to the 'Expressive' thing (how did I not know about this before?) but I now see that it can't really be altered, plus, everyone seems to have one at the moment. I want to make a layout that I actually like 'cos I've never been that happy with any of them. So, which is the most flexible?
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Once again LJ, WTF?! I revert to this layout and again, you've jammed my flist on one page if I attempt to reach it by clicking at the top of my screen. And I can't see anything beyond the last 20 entires, because if I attempt to go back, you take me back to the 'Previous 20' on the 6th of July.

What. The. Fuck?


Anyway, besides that - MY HOUSE IS FREE OF ANY AND ALL AUSTRALIANS!!1! YAY!! This is a good thing.

M'ways stuff - Merc, I'm signing on right now. And Kat, you're up to Martin in the slowtime.

ETA: This is totally stolen from Merc but if I was mad enough toclick on the link, y'all should be too.


Yes, you read that right. Go click. Share my pain.


Apr. 22nd, 2006 03:20 am
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For the love of God LJ, STOP FUCKING AROUND!

Everytime I hit the 'Friends' button at the top of the screen, it loads a page from about twelve hours ago. And that's all I get unless I hit the 'friends' option within the journal itself. It's done this before and it lasted a couple of days, it's such a drag. Also? When I skip backward a couple of pages to find entries that I know friends have made, it takes me back to that same page from hours ago - and hitting 'forward 20' from there takes me back to the latest entries instead of the next page. The upshot being, there are entires made on my flist that I can't read.

Damn bloody thing. Anyone else getting this?


Mar. 15th, 2006 04:25 am
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I love LJ!

EEEE! Loyalty Userpics! :D

And now, I finally go to embark on the tortuous journey that is 5x13 of 24. *takes deep breath* Wish me luck guys. I may be...some time...
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...say 'Fuck it' and move on to the next challenge.

Next up - skins. Or whatever they're called. I don't like the one I get when I look at my 'Most recent' entries - it makes no sense, and I can't go from there to 'edit' or whatever.

*wonders if self needs a paid account to change the format*

Sod it. Will go and try.

If I'm not back in 30 minutes, my computer has eaten me for its own safety and well being...

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OK here goes...

For varietys sake, I will use a different (yet equally hot) picture...

Sexy )

*takes deep breath and holds it*

EDIT: Fuck. WTF? This makes no sense and now I'm pissed off.

EDIT AGAIN: WOOHOO!!!! Spelling things right and not missing off letters - WORKS!! WOOHOO!!!

EDIT AGAIN!! NOOOOO! DOESN'T work!! I DONT GET IT!! So - there's a link on the 'other' view of this shit (good job no one's reading this) and it links back to here, which I suppose is normal. So - if I want a pic here, I have to post it directly onto the page? But link to it as well. Because surely one cannot link to a link and expect anyone to actually be bothered to read/look at it?

Oh fuck this. I'm going for a fag (cigarette, for any Americans that may stumble upon this in years to come - I'm sure that they'll laugh at my stupidity even then, when they're controlling the computers with their mere thought processes and no one has to piss anymore because we've all learned to recycle organically within ourselves...)


....OK, definitely need a smoke, like, RIGHT NOW!
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OK, I'm going to master this damn thing...

*getting mad*
*check photobucket*
*light dawns*

*hits 'blog' button above the picture, and....

Image hosted by voila.

A snarling, smoking Kiefer is magically on my screen....

YAY!!!!!! Woo HOO! So easy!

Honestly, if I had a brain I'd be dangerous.

*smacks head repeatedly into wall*

*which may explain a lot*

Now, for the lj cut thing...
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OK, I'm going to master this damn thing...

<img src="" alt="Guh" />

See how that goes before I attempt to understand where the fuck the lj tag is supposed to go...

EDIT: OK, so that didnt work. Ummm..
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I am a computer dunce. It's official and has been official for a long time.I'm not quite as bad as my mother, but then, no one could be that bad. So anyway, WOOHOO! *leaps around and hits head on ceiling* I worked out how to re-size pics so now there can be avatars and pretty pictures of Kiefer... :D

Of course, when I say I worked it out, I did have help. at the start (which I didnt understand but only because I'm thick, not the helpers). So Wiseguy and FSSLM, I know you dont read this but thanks guys!

I stuck the pics up n Photobucket (v. proud of self for working that out too) and even managed to link the album to LJ. So now...hmmm. Lol, have no clue of the point of that or how to make anything work, but its a start I guess... I really should work out what a link thing is anyway so I can post in the 24 community. Other people do it so it cant be that hard, right? *sigh* Hard life, being a computer twat.

Whatever, I'm in a good mood now. No more wanting the perfect pic and being unable to get it. WOOHOO!!

I'll try and do something with a pic here just cos I can (or cant, as will probably turn out to be the case :D).


Nope, didnt work. Hmmm. Try again.



Sod it. Some other time. WOOHOO! :D :D

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OK, so this is how bored I am tonight. I've signed up for a LJ! Not that there's anything wrong with that of course, I've been thinking about it for a while. But I knew I'd have to be bored to actually get round to doing here I am.

What is it with some nights? You don't wanna watch TV (not that I ever do), none of your American mates are online to chat yet because of the stupid time difference, there's no movies you feel like watching and you've pretty much worn your 24 DVD's what else is there?

I should write but haven't got the motivation. And damn! I was supposed to have called some friends up tonight and forgot. :( Oh well - there was football on, they'll understand.




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