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Oh my God. Oh my God.

I have an assignment due in tomorrow. It's worth 30% of my grade for this module.

Have I started it?

Ummm...I don't even know what it's about. The only two things I know about it are - it's for History. And it's due in tomorrow.


*goes to bed for that will make it alllll better*
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Because I am soooo tired, I will now proceed to talk utter crap. Lucky flist.

1. Ummm...*forgot what I was going to say*

OK yeah...if gmail/LJ doesn't sort their shit out with notifications, I'm throwing my laptop outta the window!!! And it isn't even mine! And it won't do any good anyway!

But seriously, how am I supposed to RP porn properly if I don't get notifications and so miss tags for hours. WTF?!

2. The 'Is Kiefer gay OMGWTFBBQ!!1!' thing totally cracks my shit up. Because - duh! Also, I soooo hope he's on drugs, because that would make me laugh. Only not if he died.

3. I'm really thirsty

4. I got a job last week - and have not made it into one day yet. Don't ask me what's up with that shit (or why I keep referring to everything as 'shit' as though I were a homie or something. I have a friend in LA who's a gangsta homie but I haven't seen him in over a year so it's really no excuse that I still talk like him).

5. Ugh. Or hurrah! depending on which way you look at it. I'm not going home for Christmas! I'm staying in my house with my flatmate and her annoying BF and going to spend Chrimbo completely hammered and watching Christmas specials on TV! Awesome!

ETA: 6. I can't stop singing Mariah Carey's version of 'All I Want For Christmas'. Complete with high-pitched screeching audible only to dogs. Even deaf ones - I'm sure the noise is what's making my flatmates stone-deaf spaniel bark like a crazy mad thing. 0_o

Someone kill me. Please.
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My housemates boyfriend just gave me my Christmas present early. It's a large bag of Magic Mushrooms.


*eyes it*
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Life in your 20's... )

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How's this for bad timing...

Just had to run to the shop before it closes because I noticed I was running low on smokes. So - I only got out of bed an hour ago and didnt have time to dress properly. I just pulled on an old, ripped pair of jeans, a T-shirt that's covered in paint and my most beat-up old skate shoes.

So, I'm in the shop and the most gorgeous TA man I've ever seen was in there, all dressed up in his field kit. I'm ogling (naturally), earphones blaring AC/DC and as I walk away I noticed him glancing at my butt and smirking...

Yeah. Ripped jeans. No underwear.


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You know those nights where everything is wrong but its right as well...?

Yeah, having one of those.

Alcohol is good. Luckily, I have more than enough in my flat.


I'm getting pissed and that is right and proper.

Wow. Life is....


Apr. 5th, 2005 12:21 am
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31 hours of being awake....

Well, now lets see - I actually feel tired this time, like I could sleep. But - 24 will be available to d/l in 3-4 hours. If I wait up, it'll be ready to watch when I wake up tomorrow.

But I'm tired now.



4 more hours wont kill me. Lack of 24 just might.

What to do? Write I suppose, thats all there is.

*squishes tiredly on the icon that I love*
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...for today is a Good Day.

For a start, I checked my online credit card statement, wibbling in fear...and what do I find? They have upped my credit limit (without telling me, randomly) so now I can Buy food. Hurrah!

Secondly, I check my online bank statement...and I have been given £150 from I Know Not Where! But that will not stop me spending it, oh no!

Of course, I went to find my credit card when I got the good news but it seems I have lost it - however, this is also a Good Thing, because now I cannot spend it and therefore, will have a lower bill next month. And the mystery £150 can buy me food.

Thirdly, I'm totally digging my icon of Kiefer's HotShoulders, as taken from the new 24 track and video that has been made. Phwoar! is all I have to say to that...*drools*

And Fourthly (and most importantly), I am in a great mood! For There Was Slash! Oh yes...I always get crazy after spending a night thinking about (and writing) lots of hot Boy Shagging. So yah. Great day!

And may all who read this have Great Days too. *hugs the world*

BTW,  re: the title of this post...Town Crier? Or Town Cryer? Both sound rather soggy and that was Not My Intent. Mind you, I suppose most people who read this will be American and I dont think you have Town Cr(y)iers over there anyway. Oh well...


Mar. 30th, 2005 02:31 am
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Piss poo bitch wank, bastard pissing bollocks...

So goes the standard 'everything is shit' swear-phrase. What the fuck? I know this makes no sense - I was in a great mood half an hour ago, excited about planning trip to Russia, hyped over a great ep of 24, everything was cool - and now, because I can't work out how to use a fucking Photo program on my computer, I'm in a foul mood and feel like crap. What's that about?

I so need to get a life.

And fuck, my mate's coming to pick me up at 10:30am this morning - thats 8 hours from now and there's no way i can sleep and I've got shitloads to do. Which means I'll be knackered tomorrow when I should be enjoying getting pissed with my good friends in front of the football. I need to sort my shit out, this cant go on.

*Rant officially over*


Mar. 29th, 2005 01:21 am
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Weird to be back home. I've got so used to be surrounded by people, I keep expecting someone to walk in when I'm doing stuff. I also drove over 1000 miles last week, and now I'm without a car again as mother took it home with her. So now I'm back, Easter holidays, no job and doubtful I'll be able to rescue my University course. So - where to go? What to do? Not quite sure.

Gotta get back into the book. I want to write some short stories too and see what some agents say. I also have to move flat and get a job, so I guess I'll be busy enough. Just cant seem to be bothered to do any of it (nothing new threre then), but at the same time, I'm bored of having nothing to do.

Thinking of going to Moscow and St. Petersburg with the money I'll get from my Grandmother. Well, not thinking - doing. So that'll be cool this summer. Quite fancy Canada too, and should really get back out to LA. Prague too, and Mother wants to come to Paris with me. So yeah, guess I'll have cool things to think about.

But what to do right now, at this minute? Not sure. *sigh*


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