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OK, I have to get this off my chest before I can get anything else done tonight.

Opinion... )

Right. Now I am shutting up, and going to do something productive. Feel free to agree or not, as you will. Choice, see?
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Hurrah, David Tennant!

I could live with a ten foot tall Doctor on my local cinema screen, oh yes I could.

But Farrah Fawcett died. ): Bad times.
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I am trying to catch up with my flist right now - even filtered away from comms, I think I'm at about 'rewind 200' and have resorted to scanning. Anything important going on with you, let me know!

I have a Dreamwidth (which is laughable really, because I have no clue what to do with it or even, at present, how to make it work. Nor do I know why it's better than LJ but I guess if all the cool kids are doing it...?) and my name there is the same as my name here. Include me in your circle, people! Lame. I feel like I'm at that retreat in Ab Fab with the mental hippie woman when people say 'circle' to me.

RP is awesome. I have apped two new pups. I have mainlined two seasons of Burn Notice in about a week and have no regrets.

Omg, the baby just woke up. Sleeping for almost four hours on a Saturday? Pumpkin, I love you. :D

In the news; Swine Flu. Meh? Doesn't occur to me to be worried.

Nearly done with college - FUCK YEAH! Won't bore everyone with how far behind I am in some subjects; if I don't care, no one else does, right?

Umm...there was somet...oh right, yeah! Fandom! Omg! I...haven't watched the last ep of 24 yet, nor the last two of SPN but there is flailing all over the place and someone put the notion in my head that Samanddean may have performed Wincest (not really, perhaps but my brain goes to these places) in 4x20, or something so I suppose I should put down the popcorn spy drama and get back to the things I've been friends with for a while. Yes.

OK! Feed the baby time! Have I mentioned lately she's adorable? She's adorable.
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Get a grip, BBC news. The fact that Guy Ritchie and Madonna have settled their divorce for $50 million is not breaking news. It does not warrant an in-studio chat with an entertainment correspondent. No one cares.
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Never thought I'd ever say anything like this regarding China and its behaviour towards human rights but...well played that country! The way they've gone about the rescue operation after the earthquake and have pledged to not leave the site of that school until every single child is accounted for - good on them. Are you watching, Burma? That's how you're supposed to behave after a devestating natural disaster, you asshats.

Loving The Pigeon Detectives album, which I bought today. Watch out for a mega music upload later. I have new CD's coming out the ears as Steve keeps bringing me new ones to put on my computer.

Evie has not been well for the last few days - upset stomach (lovely on a baby, let me assure you. Lets just say the washer has barely stopped since Monday) - and now she has another cough. Bah. No swimming for her tomorrow I think. I am pissed at her nursery though - they told me today that instead of booking her in Tues-Fri like I asked they booked her in Tuesday and Friday. And not the days in between. Fuck. This is inconvenient to say the least. Anyway, it's just another thing in a shitty week but I kicked my ass in the gym today and so, feel pretty good about everything. It never fails to amaze me how exercise makes everything better.

Weather continues glorious. Loving it! Think it's supposed to go yuk from tomorrow though.

I have nothing to do this evening. Hmm. I will upload all the music. Annnd try not to think about the SPN finale. You know how I think it'll end? With the boys in the middle of something that'll save Dean but Lillith distracting Sam and lots of fighting and at the end of the ep, in the midst of lots of mayhem, Dean will hear the Hounds and then it'll end and we won't know if they saved him or not etc etc. There's no way it's not going to be a cliffhanger, methinks.

Right. Music.
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MAN UNITED CHAMPIONS AGAIN WOO WOO!! I should have posted that last night but was busy. SO AWESOME THOUGH! Bring on the Champions League final now.

Today, I skipped the gym and actually went outside. I know I know, shocking. I usually do all exercise safely behind closed doors. But not today! There was a bike and shorts involved and now I remember exactly why I prefer all physical exertion to take place indoors. There are midge bites. YUK! Possibly my least favourite part of summer. Ah well. I still feel triumphant.

Stuff about the bizarreness of the babydaddy, cut for length and those who don't care )

TWO WEEKS LEFT OF COLLEGE! SO glad. I am so over it right now. The weather is too nice to sit in a classroom, I can't be arsed to do homework and am completely over the subjects at the moment. English exam next week, then half term, then history exam on June 2nd, another class on the 3rd and that's it! I'm not particularly looking forward to going back to work but it's only for 20 hours a week and the rest of the time I can enjoy the summer with my kid. Having mother here also means that I can go out some evenings and OHMYGOD, maybe even go and see a film or two. Hurrah!

Evie has learnt to wave. It's a bit haphazard and sometimes she just doesn't bother but she can do it if she feels like it. So cute!

OK, I will stop blathering. Today is a very nice day. :)

ETA: Further to the Johnny Vegas thing I keep going on about, this article pisses me off. Possibly because I've been expecting to come across something like it for a while now. It was only a matter of time until someone said, 'I, for one, didn’t imagine for a minute he meant it.'

Oh, so that's alright then? He didn't mean to assault her so it's OK that he did? Bollocks. When it comes to things like this, intention isn't everything.

Someone can go out on a Saturday night, not meaning to get into a fight. But if they do, then it happened. A husband or wife can get into a row with their spouse and not mean to lose their rag and hit them. But it still happened. And this is worse because Johnny Vegas did mean to get a girl up on stage and kiss her, allegedly with a lot more touching involved than that. It's no good people defending him by saying his intentions weren't bad - if he did it, he did it. End of story.

Also, he's sueing for libel now, against the paper that accused him of the assault.

Edit II: The Revenge: Further to the above edit, I got a reply from PG Tips, the tea company Johnny Vegas is the frontman for. They describe his behaviour as irresponsible and inappropriate and say they're disappointed in it - but hope I'll continue to buy their tea. At least they can state that something bad happened! Unlike Jonathon Ross, Vegas himself (and his lawyers) and others who think its OK because he didn't mean it.

Full PG reply here, for anyone who cares )
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Remeber this post?

Huh. Johnny Vegas is on Jonathon Ross being quizzed (nicely) about the thing on stage where he molested that girl.

JV:'Someone tried to suggest something much darker had gone on.'

JR: 'Could it have been misconstrued?'

JV: 'No, not in the slightest.'

No, it wasn't. They said you molested a girl and you did.

JV '...I hate this idea that I have to clear my name because I haven't done anything wrong.'

Well, now I've just lost respect for Jonathon Ross for blatantly setting up a platform for him to go I DID NOTHING WRONG even though he did and it's just been entirely glossed over. Even though he was asked what had happened, he didn't spell it out - just said that he was misunderstood and it was his brand of comedy and he's always got involved with the audience etc etc.

What the fuck ever. Nothing happened and he's completely innocent but it still has to be brought up on a very popular talk show because it would be conspicuous in its absence. And Jonathon Ross has made it seem like nothing whatsoever because they're mates and hell, no one believes anything in the paper anyway, do they?

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It occured to me that I should post about this on my journal instead of just ranting on IB's, especially as I think there are a few Brits on my flist that aren't on hers. Anyway, this is about Johnny Vegas and his sexual assault of a woman on stage.

I may be biased against him because I've never been able to stand him. I don't find him funny, just gross. His persona (I assume it's a stage one, rather than reality) of always seeming drunk and desperate and slagging himself to make people feel sorry for him just turns me off. I seriously switch channels any time I see his face and mute the TV when the PG ads come on. But this story of what he did to that girl? Makes me come as close to hate as I ever get. It may not be fair because I wasn't there etc but it just makes my blood boil.

Anyway, if anyone reads that story (do, please) and is as grossed out as I am, please let PG know what you think of their frontman. I personally won't be buying any more tea from them until they get rid of him as the face of their advertising. He's a sick fuck.
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Omg, the news is about to do a segment on Rick Astley and the rickrolling phenomenon. Kill me now. I hate that song with a fiery passion (it was the first song I ever bought and I played it so much I now can't bear it. I have avoided it for twenty years.)

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OK, last night was fucked up. You know when all you want is an early night and then you get it and then can't sleep? This was one of those - and then add the scaryass Supernatural nightmare (Sam was the actual Antichrist, complete with cartoon red eyes and painted-on black pupils who wreaked havoc like whoa and then Dean thwarted him (to my immense relief) by setting fire to the top set of a pair of dentures that we had unearthed and then I was really pissed off because everyone was all over Sam being back to normal and no one cared that Dean had saved the day) that had me awake two hours after dozing off...and then the baby woke up for food and wouldn't go back to sleep for ages and the dreams shifted into something completely random that I can't remember now. I do know waking up feeling like I hadn't been to sleep at all and I hate that.

Anyway! (Oh also, I had been sleeping with Dean and then some other chick wanted to muscle in which also pissed me off). I am watching Smallville because it's on and Clark just totally injured some football player by tackling him. Yeah, like he couldn't imagine that that might happen? Whatever, this is only the second ep I've seen and it seems OK. Young!Jensen is hot!

I finished watching S2 of Heroes a couple of days ago. I liked it! Possibly even better than S1 actually. The thing that gets me about Heroes is that a) the writing is often dead clunky - when Peter says things like 'what's going to become of me?' I just have to roll my eyes because who the fuck talks like that? - and b) it's sometimes hard to keep up with who has met who and who knows about others' powers...this might just be because it's ages since I've seen S1 and can't remember though. But overall, I like it. I want to love it but can't quite get there. Some things:

a) Peter with short hair is hot. Thank God he cut that floppyass mess.
b) I had hoped Mohinder might ditch the mullet altogether but it was creeping back there towards the end. He annoys me.
c) I hated Elle at first. I can't stand childish touchy-feely little bints, even though she had justification for her lack of social skills. In the end though, I just felt really sorry for her.
d) Noah FTW! He's awesome. I still like Clare a lot too. And West is cute, if a little annoying at first.
e) Much love goes out to Hiro, of course, and Nathan. And Adam/Tensei - so cool! And yay to Sylar being back to his normal self! Should set up for an interesting S3.

In other fandom news, I have managed to recover the SPN fic I was writing, so hurrah.

And in the news, thank goodness that the Diana inquest is over and came back with a sensible verdict. Now it might actually get off the news, something for which I will be eternally grateful for.

Life = same old. Some thing will just be a continuous stress until I get them sorted out. Apart from that, I am on holiday from college and getting to spend loads of time in the gym - which is starting to be a bit of a problem actually, as I go nuts if I can't go. Still, no biggie.

...what is up with Clark's hair, honestly? Wow.
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Sir Ranulph Fiennes has just basically said, on the news, that it won't matter to his young daughter if he dies on his next Everest attempt because 'she has a wonderful mother'. Because his father died before he was born and he was OK, he obviously assumes that his daughter will be.

That sort of thinking just DOES NOT COMPUTE with me. Wtf, man?

...the weather is telling me that the temperatures are about to plunge for the next few days...and oooh, sleet and snow is expected at the weekend. I love winter but I wouldn't be adverse to a bit of warmer weather now that it's April. Heating bills are restrictive and not having to wrap Evie up in layers and layers every time we leave the house would be rather wonderful. Again, wtf?

As for the rest of my day...hahahaha. I was told to go get my money in cash today if it hadn't turned up in my account. So I go to the hotel this morning - boss is out. Car was just about out of petrol, no food in the fridge, bills overdue and hey, my account went overdrawn which means I'll get charged £35 next month. Thanks, you utter fuckwits who can't be bothered to pay your staff. Anyway, went back down this evening just on the off chance that the boss would be back. She was and coughed up without argument. Thank fuck for that.

And I have NO MORE CLASSES FOR TWO WEEKS HURRAH! Just got to pick some work up tomorrow and I am done. And then it's only five weeks left in total (+ 1 exam) for the rest of this academic year YAY! I enjoy learning stuff but it's so seriously slow at this level, I'll be glad to get it over with.
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Today = good day. Spoke to boss about hours over the summer and I'm good to go for part-time work. Not so good is that we randomly won't get paid until Tuesday which is, of course, the day I need to pay all my bills. So I have to trek down on Monday to get cash and put it in the bank etc and blah blah whatever. Epic inconvenience but it's nothing new so I'll just deal.

Spoke to Ex-Housemate Jen just now, hurrah! Am going up to Scotland to see her in two weeks which will be awesome amounts of fun. My sides are currently aching from laughing through the conversation - this is also nothing new. Randomly, she is now an entrop...entrupeneur...she's got her own business. Rather, two businesses. I knew she was setting up a saddlery shop (which is opening next weekend) but she also now has a livery yard and will be giving riding lessons - has already agreed to teach Evie, yay! Totally typical of her to take on all this stuff at once and she also still works part-time and has a nine month old son so go her! Brill to talk to her again, can't wait to see her.

I am blathering due to boredom. I have done no homework. Whatever, I have awesome short hair again and have done shopping and sorted out work so that's quite enough achievment for today, I think. Oh yeah, I was going to talk about the (now international, thanks to Time magazine) focus on the binge-drinking tendencies of British youth but I have lost the will. Instead I will watch Donald Sutherland on Jonathon Ross' show and laugh to myself over the whole five-month-pregnant-man thing. What's with that anyway?
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Wtf is up with the amount of serial killers geting caught and convincted at the moment. I mean, its good and everything that they're getting caught but wow, there are a lot just now. Another one today - a care worker murdered four old women with lethal doses of insulin because 'they annoyed him.' Riiiight.

Anyway, I feel better today. The weekend is over and its a new week and I was in the gym today which always makes me feel better.

Weather is bizarre today - it keeps snowing (alas, its too wet for it to stick) and is way cold and windy and then the sun will come out and it's too warm to have your coat on anymore. I dunno. Weird.

Early night tonight I think. I am way knackered - mother and sister arrive tomorrow (at different times randomly) so meh.

Does anyone think that the Russian elections were not rigged or, at least, influenced heavily? I doubt it.


Feb. 29th, 2008 01:34 pm
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It's my Dad's 60th birthday today. Or 15th, depending on how you look at it. I feel a bit mean only having sent him a card but eh.

And, Harry has been/is being pulled out of Afghanistan. I feel sorry for him, he'll probably be gutted.

Friday. I am bored. I wanted to take the baby out and do some things in town but its pouring down and I don't really have any waterproof stiff to cover her with. So I am housebound and blah lah blah. *twiddles thumbs*
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  • The missing beat in the music at the start of the BBC news really does my head in. What is the point of it?
  • I totally love the way Prince Harry has been fighting out in Afghanistan since Christmas and the whole British media agreed to keep quiet about it. Bless 'em! It is totally reminiscent of a Tom Clancy novel. The Hunt for Red October, if I remember correctly. I forsee him being yanked out of there within the week now its leaked though.
  • I spoke to my mother this evening - she asked me to ask Steve if she could meet him next week when she's up here with my sister. AHAHAHANO. I mean, I'll ask him because I said I would but I'll be relieved when he says no.
  • Hee! Harry is on the news, taking the piss out of himself for being ginger. *love* And swearing rather a lot, which is funny to hear. I bet the Beeb wouldn't broadcast a random person saying 'shit'. But he's royal so he's Special. And I love this guy. He always seems as normal as anyone in his situation can be.
  • I am loving the Gene/Alex hints in Ashes to Ashes. They so obviously fancy each other. I imagine nothing will happen though and she'll go back to Molly and there'll be lots of long lingering looks at each other etc. I wonder if she'll go and see him when she's back in her own time or if he'll still be around or whatever.
  • There was other stuff I wnated to say but I can't remember what they were because I'm too tired. Ugh.
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I mean, I told myself that I'd do my homework last weekend so I wouldn't have to worry about it over half term. But, quite frankly, that was never going to happen. And indeed, it didn't. So I said I'd do it tonight because I never seem to manage to do anything productive after Steve leaves on Sunday evening and I have stuff that needs doing for Monday morning. Buuuut....well, there's rugby on. Three matches today! And Evie has been strange this evening and I had to, like, make dinner and do some laundry and...OK so now I'm sitting at my computer with half an eye on the game and there's theoretically nothing to stop me opening a book or two.

But I really can't be arsed. If I miss English on Monday morning then I wont have another lesson for a week because there's no college on Thursday...hmmm. HMMMM I SAY! Or I could just go to the lesson sans homework and the chances are she wont even ask about it because she didn't set any for anyone else. Yis. This might be the way to go.

In the news this week - two mental cases were put behind bars. One dude murdered five prostitues and will never see the light of day again. And the other one - get this - stabbed a girl to death and then had sex with her dead body! I mean, what? OK, they can't say for sure if she was completely dead but if she wasn't then she was certainly close to it and what the fucking fuck? I feel so sorry for that girl's family, they had to hear the details of everything he did to her in court. Sick sick sick.

Also this week, a nine year old girl went missing and hasn't been found yet. It's quite obvious that the police think she is either being held or is dead already. I despair at the news. And this country, come to think of it, but I suppose these sorts of things happen everywhere in the world.

Also, note to self: When you hear there is a 'terrible tragedy' about to occur on a soap you don't even watch, don't think 'Oooh awesome' and tune in. Because then the tragedy will turn out to be the cot death of a baby and you'll be a wreck for the entire rest of the evening.

Brian Moore is hiarious as a rugby commentator. Cool.
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People I owe questions to in that meme, I'll get to them tomorrow, I promise!

...I am so cold that I can't contemplate moving to turn the fire on because movement makes the cold worse. Ugh.

But I am mostly posting because I just saw a thing on the news that makes me 'wtf?' in just the worst way.

Get this. There's a woman, who is married to a man, and they have a son. Said woman (whose name is Kate Knight btw, in case anyone wants to send hate mail to her IN JAIL WHERE SHE BELONGS) has huge debts...because she took out two £17,000 ($34,000) loans in her husband's name. He knew nothing about them because she forged his signature.

And then she decides she doesn't like being in debt so on their seventh wedding anniversary, she orders a takeout curry and laces it with anti-freeze. His wine too. I heard this story with disgust but I couldn't understand why she only got done for attempted murder because how would anyone survive that, if they ate it and didn't realise? Well, he did survive. Only now he's brain damaged, deaf and blind.

What a fucking bitch that woman is. I just cant even get over how pissed off this has made me. It's like something out of an Agatha Christie novel; who the fuck things they'd get away with murder by anti-freeze anyway? She was after his insurance money - has she no clue that there would be a post mortem?

To make matters slightly more wtf - she'd told her neighbour she was going to do it but the neighbour thought she was just talking shit. Probably because the woman - and I have no idea how she worked this into the conversation - asked her neightbour if she knew a hitman. For real. And then carried on to say that she'd researched murder on the internet and was going to poison him with anti-freeze. She even told the neighbour it was for the insurance money.

People are sick, sometimes. The news said she showed no remorse in court and tried to convince the jury that her husband's injuries were caused by him drinking too much (seriously, what?). And all the time, her husband is so disabled he could hardly give evidence and told the press that all he wanted was to be able to look at his son again.

I don't hate people as a rule but I think I might make an exception for this woman. What is wrong with people?

Story here. I hope she gets life with no parole, the absolute fucking bitch.
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I just read this on [ profile] readers_list. And then I read the article it refers to. And really, Oh. My. God.

I will say that I respect one thing about it - that she can write in the national press about just how prejudiced she has found herself. Maybe its brave to admit it - or maybe she just assumes that the white middle-classes will all automatically agree with her and be loudly understanding of her reservations about her daughter.

But then there are statements like this:

Anyone who dates someone of a different colour and claims that their hue is immaterial is lying, either to themselves or to everyone else. When a black man and a white woman date, they are both are making personal and political statements, even if they are subliminal.

...riiiight. So, of course, its impossible for two people to just be together because they want to be. They can't just be together because they're attracted to each other? I fucking hate this kind of statement. Really hate it. Because I don't think that two people of different ethnicities have to be making a statement when they're together, I think that other people make statements for them and just project it onto them. Which is just fucking rude and so unbelievably arrogant that it makes me want to scream. My mother has a cousin who is married to a black man from Sudan. The cousin was brought up strictly Methodist in a country of strict protestants - Northern Ireland - and met John when she was teaching in Africa. I can't remember what the program was but it was something based in the church. And they love each other madly and now live in Liverpool - and he is still spoken about in slightly hushed tones among the older generations of the family. I strongly get the impression that he's only really tolerated because he is also religious and has a doctorate in something scientific - my family values intelligence. But if I ever ask my mother whether they'll have kids, there's an immediate 'No,' as if the idea is unthinkable.

My mother, by the way, claims not to be racist. However, she did once say to me, 'Don't ever bring a black man home, will you?' with a cheeky little smile, as though she wasn't saying something highly fucking offensive. I soon changed her notion of that. And its bizarre because I never used to think she was like that but as she's got older, she's become a lot more conservative. This is despite being a district nurse and treating everybody, no matter who they are or where they come from or what they do. She likes everyone, if they're patients - I suppose its OK for people to be different as long as she's not related to them.

Anyway, all that aside - why would this woman marry an Indian man, have a daughter with him and then start freaking out because her daughter's skin is darker than her own? I mean, surely that would be obvious? She mentioned that his skin wasn't that dark - was she secretly hoping the whole time that the baby would come out white? Wtf? Perhaps its because she's now split up with him. If they were still together and people saw them together, maybe she thinks that that would somehow be more acceptable and she wouldn't have to constantly explain the difference in her daughter's appearance. But God, shouldn't she have thought of that before having the baby? If she'd been honest with herself and wondered about how she might feel, maybe she wouldn't now feel like her she's not connected to her kid.

I don't blame the poster who commented on it and then got put on [ profile] readers_list for exploding that way. I kind of want to explode that way and I don't have years of bullying or being called a 'mongrel' behind me to make it worse. Hell.
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Ha! So, last night was excellent. And my ability to drink without getting a hangover continues to impress me, so that is of the good. And you know what's also excellent? Blowing off college to go into town and shop. Hellooo, new clothes. And strings for my guitar which arrived this morning! *squee* It is beautiful and called Rod. It has just occured to me that my subconscious has named it thus, probably because its black. Black Rod. Yes, I am apparantly a complete politics geek. But who cares? I own a vintage guitar and that, my friends, is the fulfilment of a loooong ambition.

Now I just need to learn how to play properly.

I should also mention (as I am British and therefore automatically self-deprecating and whatnot) that...what is up with this whole Russian spy thing? The first I heard of it was when I saw the headlines that he had died this morning. Its quite something when you walk into work and your mate, who is not very politically minded, says, 'That Russian spy's died!' in horrified tones. My eloquent response was a blank stare and then, 'Oh yeah! I saw the headline. he Russian? Or British and spying for the Russians? Or spying for us?'

Needles to say, I got a blank stare in reply. Obviously I need to watch the news more. But it's only on when I'm at work or college, so hmmm. Must make effort. And will do so, after I've re-strung my guitar, had shower, eaten something and watched the rest of DVD on Back in Black. Priorities, people!


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