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Ugh, I just read that the new Harry Potter movie sucks. How depressing.

ETA: For those interested, I read it here.


Dec. 30th, 2007 07:40 pm
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Harry and Ginny's daugther's middle name is Luna. Which makes me all kind of EEEEEEE!! Bless!

Very good day today. Yuk, hungry though. Must go and eat and OMG, Jo Rowling is awesome. This documentary is awesome. *goes back to watch*

On Potter

Sep. 27th, 2007 11:40 pm
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Yes, I realise I am at one with the spam tonight. Forgive me. I just remembered a HP thing that has bugged me for ages and so it must have its own entry in the hopes that someone will notice it and give me a good explanation.

But first, check this art out.

Because if I have to accidentally click on anything that brain-hurty, YOU HAVE TO TOO!

OK, so the Thing. It is Apparition. What I don't get is that part of the method of doing it is determination to get where you're going, right? They're supposed to fix their destination in their head and then concentrate and as long as they're doing it hard enough, they'll wind up where they want to be.

But what if they can't visualise where they want to be because they've never been there before? Like, if Harry wanted to go to New York, would he just visualise New York in general? How would his destination be specific? How could he apparate in front of his hotel on, say, 77th & Broadway if he'd never been there and didn't know what it looked like? And what's to stop someone from apparating and ending up stuck through half a wall or something? If they didn't know a wall was going to be where they wanted to be, how would they know not to want to be there?

Its bothered me since apparition was first introduced, probably because I'd read The Belgariad before HP and the difficulties with that sort of travel were quite often pointed out in those books. But OK, its a whole different universe and kind of magic. One of the things I was looking forward to in HBP was hopefully having an apparation lesson explained...only when it was, nothing was actually made clearer.

Somehow, clicking on Snape art brought that query to mind which is why I've just had to post about it. Help me out someone?
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Favourite bits and thoughts, cut for spoilers. )

I was annoyed at myself because I got two-thirds of the way through and then was forced to sleep. It was for the best though because then I got to be properly awake to appreciate the ending. it would have sucked to be mostly asleep through that.

And now, I think, I'll go read it again.


Jul. 20th, 2007 11:54 pm
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And so, I depart for BOOK! *bouncity* I will be back...when I've finished it, most likely.

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Lord. Is it tomorrow yet? In twenty-four hours time I should have my grubby 'lil hands on a copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (size of queue permitting)...and it seems like forever to wait.

The plan is - finish work, probably about 22:00. Go home, shower, eat, mooch around and try not to watch the clock. Depart for town at 23:45. Arrive store about 23:55 - join queue, get book etc. Go home, go to bed and read until its all gone. I'm not going to go queue up straight after work because I'd much rather join a queue that's moving - one of my most hated things is standing still. I hate non or slow-moving lines with a passion. They make me feel quite sick. So.

And I know what I'll do - I'll be so eager to find out what happens and devour the whole thing at once that I'll a) read too quickly and b) stay awake until I've read it all, despite the fact that tiredness will make me not appreciate it properly. This happened most strongly with OotP. That was quite an uncomfortable read, partly because I couldn't get it down fast enough and partly because I hated Umbridge so much that it was almost agony to read her scenes. The sort of injustice teachers can wield as a weapon resonates very deeply with me which is why I loathed her to the nth degree, and still do.

I digress from my other rambling. So. Yeah. I'm going to try to tell myself that its not a race to finish and I've got all weekend to get through it slowly and enjoy it and savour this last book...totally won't work. I want to know what happens! I've even come close to checking out spoilers these last few days, especially as there's a spoiler site on LJ spotlight this week. But no! I know absolutley nothing about this book, other than speculation from myself and a few others, I have seen no spoilers in the media, on the the internet or in the news - and I'm glad, really.

ONLY 24 HOURS TO GO! This may just be one of the longest days of my life.
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I just want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who commented on my last entry. It means more than I can say that y'all would take the time to leave a comment and I feel so much better now that I've been able to say something about the whole mess. So, THANK YOU! I clearly am lucky as hell to have such an awesome flist. :)

There has been a small development - and it is small, but better than nothing - in the situation. I will post about it tomorrow though because its been a longass day. Really long. And besides! I want to babble aimlessly about random crap, as I am wont to do when I'm tired.

For example, take Mika's new song. Mika has probably not made it to the States yet - and never will, I imagine. He's just, I think. Cheesy pop of the highest order. Ragingly gay and flamboyant and he produces the sorts of songs that you cannot help simultaneously taking the piss out of and singing along to. And I love his new song (Big Girl (You are Beautiful)) so much that I've actually downloaded it. How can you go wrong with a song which includes the lyrics, 'Big girl walks in the room, feels like a big balloon...' I mean, srsly. The world can not resist such genius.

OK, on a more serious note - J. K Rowling did an interview on Friday. There are no real spoilers but some info - of course, people who have read up on the book etc online will probably know all of this general stuff but I feel the need to bang on about it anyway.

Under a cut, obviously, for vague spoilery info )

That's a whole lot of speculation. Jeez, almost a full two weeks left to go. Its driving me nuts! But in a fun way and its nice to have a distraction from life.

Now...ugh. Bed I think. I really wanna go play in the bar but my connection is being dodgy and I need to sleeeeeep. Also, there's my Thursday Next book. Yis.


Mar. 28th, 2006 12:35 am
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I've just started writing a Harry Potter fic.

...someone kill me now. Please.
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So, I finally watched Goblet of Fire yesterday. Thoughts on that under the cut, for any other people who haven't seen it yet (which yes, I know is doubtful).

A few thoughts )

Now, I just have to see Brokeback Mountain. That's the next on my 'Must must must!!! watch' list. But I refuse to d/l it because the scenery is supposed to be amazing and I don't want to lose the impact with a dodgy copy.

But of course, first comes last nights 24. I've had it for a few hours and haven't yet mustered the courage to watch. Although I think it'll be fine. I'm glad I'm spoiled for this one though, I'm now just worried that it won't live up to expectation. Ho hum.


Mar. 8th, 2006 04:56 pm
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Hardcore Harry Potter Valentines! HEE! )

I am so dead! Some are just too eeewwwww for me to paste here, although the Dumbledore one had me yelling with laughter. HEE!


Feb. 11th, 2006 05:25 am
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Soooo...for those who didn't follow the link in [ profile] milli_crack and find this brilliance by yourself - or for those who don't follow the bar - I pimp to you...

[ profile] reallycorking *waves at*

Now, I'm not in the Harry Potter fandom. Mainly because it's so huge, it scares the life out of me. I do adore the books though and know that most people on my flist read them, at least one writes fic for it too. So I feel it's OK to pimp Art!

And more! And MORE!

People, check this out. All of it. Man, it made me spend the afternoon drawing and I suck at drawing. All different characters, pairings, general, some smut, a bit of slash. And it's just so beautiful - it's making me ship Harry/Ginny and care about it, rather than just being the sort of 'Well obviously' that I felt about it before.

So, yes. Art. *loves*

ETA: The James/Lily one in this (second from bottom) just makes me melt. Like, seriously. It's just got so much emotion in it. *squish* And the last one, frankly, is just hot! Harry smoking? Is of the good! :D


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