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Why is Paypal such an arse. Why, WHY?! We were getting on so well until six months ago and then it pulled some complete bullshit and now I can't use my account. Tell me, Paypal, how you can 'detect unusual activity on the card your account is linked to' when that card hasn't been fucking used for about two years? And if the non-use is the issue, why not just say so? And no, assholes, I cannot re-validate the card to get my account going again because like I said, it hasn't been used. I DO NOT HAVE THAT CARD ANYMORE. So fuck you. Give me my account back. My pups and I want icons. I want to buy an AC/DC ticket off Ebay. I said I'd sent money to an old mate as sponsorship for her half-marathon. GIVE ME MY ACCOUNT BACK!

And Jonna? Anytime you want to stop scrolling pages down to the bottom at random moments and resetting the cursor to odd places so I can't type more than four words consecutively, THAT'D BE FUCKING GOOD TOO!

Gragh! *hits things frustratedly*

In other news, I thought Evie was better today. And she was, until she went for her nap. Then she decided to alternate screaming with whinging practically non-stop for the next five hours. Thank goodness Steve has more patience than I do...though to be fair, he didn't have to put up with it all day yesterday.

Right, I'm going to bed.
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Dear Mother:

Stop being a bitch. No, really. Apart from having been inane for the last thirty six hours (always guarenteed to get my back up), you've snapped at anyone who has dared to do anything that doesn't fit with your vision of How Things Should Be, you've bitched all afternoon about your bf being late (when he's late every time and didn't even give you a time he was going to arrive today so how can he be late anyway?) and now he's walked in, the first thing you've done is piss him off by bitching at him. You've bitched about the heat in the kitchen when it was you that told me to put the heating on, you've bitched about the baking you're dong when it was your idea to do it...what the fuck is your problem?

Oh yeah. That same thing you always do - when something annoys you, you lash out at whoever is nearest despite them having nothing to do with it or your bad mood. Same for if you're tired or have had a bad morning at work...and later, when everything's done and you've chilled out, you'll cheer up and magically expect the rest of us to forget about all the nasty things you've been saying all day. because now you're in a good mood, you'll expect everyone else to be in one too.

Not much love


On the other hand, she is making apple pie and mince pies and almond slices so that's something to look forward to. She does make excellent cakes. So even though it looks like I'm not going out any more tonight, I'll be able to hole up in my borrowed room and ignore the crap. Allgood.

In other news - wtf, wank? Uh, glad I missed that one. Really does do my head in (mother, stop nagging about the damn tree for fuck's sake. The man just walked in!) and this one was/is so subjective, it's hard to know what to say really. So, I'm not saying anything. Also, I don't mind the new LJ update thingy, even if it did take me five minutes earlier to work out where the 'Userpic' box was. Go me.

On a different note - grah! I can't find my headphones. This means I can't listen to my ipod on the way down to London tomorrow, and can't read on the bus as it makes me sick. Please Lord, let mother have some I can borrow. I don't want to listen to her telling me the same things over and over on the way down - she can never remember that she's told me things and ends up repeating herself endlessly - srsly, when did she get so old? Been like this for a while too and she's not even sixty yet. Hmfph.

Essays due on Tuesday = not done. This has not been a productive day. New pup inna bar later though, so that'll be fun. Must go tag slowtimes. *goes to*

I give in

Nov. 8th, 2006 01:40 am
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After hours of fiddling with my computer and guest accounts and uninstalling and reinstalling and generally getting lost in a load of technobabble that is giving me a headache, I think I have discovered one thing; namely, that it is not my computer that's fucked, its the damn ipod itself.


I love my ipod. I don't want to get a new one with those horrible touch wheel things and photo's and videos etc, that I'll never use. I like my one with the buttons and scrolly-wheel. But I can't see any other thing it could be - the computer says Fire Wire is working fine, I've tried to do all the stuff they suggest on the Apple website but I'm somewhat hampered when they suggest restoring the thing etc, given that every time I plug it in to the computer, the whole thing crashes. Wtf does 'dumping physical memory to disc' actualy mean, when all's said and done? I can understand 'error caused by a device driver' a little better and 'stop error' makes sense too, in a way. But I don't get the dumping thing, espcially as it never seems to do any good. Shouldn't the system be cleaned of...well, everything, by now? It dumps about ten times a day as I hope in vain that it the damn thing might update without mishap this time, please God...

But no. Bah. I wash my hands of the whole situation. I can't afford a new ipod anyway so I'll just have to make do with the current library and put up with CD's in the meantime. *grumps*


Oct. 24th, 2006 10:56 pm
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There is only one pertinent question this evening, clearly. And it is...

...why can everyone else see the new 24 trailer and not me?

It doesn't come up on the site for me. Which is gay, and not in the good way. Quite frankly, what. The fuck.

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To do by tomorrow:

Write exam question essay on significance of by-elections (30 minutes reading, 30 minutes writing)

Write exam question essay on voting trends in 18-24 year olds (Hour reading and notes, 30 minutes writing)

Write (exam question) translation of a story into a viable newspaper article (piece of piss, thirty minutes tops)

Re-read and deconstruct all of Hamlet's soliloquies in Acts I and II, with special emphasis on how they show him changing mentally and physically (how long's a piece of string?)

To do by Wednesday:

Find an historical issue to write A2 Coursework on, come up with intended essay title (Going to do something on Thatcher so, thirty minutes to narrow it down to just one contentious issue - not like there's not enough to choose from)

Make in-depth notes on the four seperate parts of the Welfare State, as missed that class. (Hour. I know the basics, just need to fill in the blanks

Catch up on notes on the Depression (Hour. Know this too, just have to get it on paper)

Finish grammar handbook, do grammar exercises, makes notes on the graphology of nuclear bomb comic (twenty minutes, tops. Easy)

Any other homework recieved tomorrow

By end of week:

Two sets of questions on Britain's economy in the 1930's (30 minutes tops, know this already)

Find old exam certificates, enter all information off them onto UCAS form.

Fill in boring long-ass UCAS form

Write fucking personal statement (which I'm informed has to be stellar for Oxford) for boring-ass UCAS form

Pay for bloody motherfucking UCAS form so it can go and be ready for the reference that my tutors inform me they cannot write for me yet. $*!&#&^!*^!

Remember to:

Talk to individual tutors and get them to give me a piece of A2-level work to do so I can do it - by Friday - and let them see that, yes, I can get A's on these exams. If I stop missing classes and not doing homework.

Evenings off work this week: None
Time available for homework: Limited to the extreme
Computers working properly in my house: Zero

On the plus side, I finished community service today. So that's good. Free time to study on Friday afternoon will be useful, to say the least. Although as the work has to be in before Friday, it's not that helpful. But I'm sure I will love it on Friday when all this shit is done.

OK, I should get off the computer and go and do some of this stuff before work, right? Though must get food because am starving and try not to think about sleep - would help to remember that staying up until 4am having fun in the bar is not a productive way to spend ones time. I can do that after the application is in. Yes.

'K, going now, bye bye.
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My day, by me

07:30 Get up, feeling really rather excited about the prospect of being gainfully employed again.

07:35 Cheerfully brushing teeth. Manage to knock half a filling out of one of my front teeth, thereby making self look like some bruiser that hangs out in biker bars. Consoled by reminding self that conveniently have dentist appointment on Wednesday. Still, can't help feeling as though it's a bad start to the day.

09:00 Leave house 30 mins later than planned. Not good. Was planning to discover public footpath across fields to cut journey by half but as not sure of start point of said route, ended up walking the full 2.5 miles up hills on the road due to unhelpful locals not knowing location of route either. Not v. happy about this, as wearing inappropriate footwear for road hiking.

09:45 Arrive work, 15 mins early. V.good.

10:00 - 15:00 Work. Head chef, who had seemed v.nice in interviews, turns out to be a bit of a dick. Not important though, as evidently does absolutely no work in the kitchen whatsoever, therefore sparing self of annoying presence. Instead discover that 18 year old boy who's worked there three weeks is mostly in charge of showing me the ropes. Luckily, he is competent - also a former student of Housemate Jen, and he recognised me on sight (how? Why?). Not sure whether this is good thing or not. But he is snowboarder, so v. interesting to talk to.

15:00 Snowboard Boy hands in his notice (was I that bad?). Only have person to have fun discussions with until Friday now. :( Spent two hours between shifts sitting in pub reading and sketching and rueing the inappropriate footwear as feet definitely complaining.

17:15 - 21:00 Work. Or rather, no work, as place was dead. Lots of time sititng around doing nothing - and when jobs did materialise, it seemed I was miraculously expected to know how to make things, where everything was kept and have memorised the entire menu. Um?

21:00 Aching. Begin walk home, and am ready to tackle Field!Walk as know where it begins on route from work. Keep in mind Housemate Jen's instructions of 'begin walk and just keep going straight!

21:25 Have been tharwted in goal of keeping going straight by no signposts, herds of cows, a small wood, barred gates and failing light. Lost. Inappropriate footwear causing v. much pain.

21:40 Decide that Housemate Jen is a directionally-challenged weirdo. Climb heavily barred gate and cheat, but find destination! Hurrah!

21:50 Discover that had I found public footpath this morning and followed said directions, I would never have made it to work at all, as Housemate Jen would have had me walking on the wrong side of the road in the wrong direction. Am hobbling at this point.

22:10 Arrive home. Phone rings five minutes later. Is mother, to report the findings of her cardiologist appointment today. It appears she has heart failure.

Really do not feel good about this at all.

23:00 - 23:45 Much needed shower and rehydration. Write this account so I can put the whole damn day behind me. Only have to do it all again tomorrow, although hopefully without the getting lost part. I have the legacy of blisters to make up for it though, so it all evens out.

And now, I am so crashing. M'ways people...Susan - hi! Have friended you back. :D! I'll get on the security thing as soon as I can stay awake to do it. Merc - I discovered some things about Puck that made Stan go :o!! so the oom is being extended a little, hence lateness. Also - well, see account of day. And...there was someone else I had to relay something to but I've forgotten. It'll come to me, sorry!

Night all. :)
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...OK, does anyone have the links to the LJ log-in thingy for Firefox, and perhaps the hook as well? Please? For some reason, mine has been wiped off that browser after another strange flid an our ago. *sigh*

Real life - Mad Jake and I are barely talking, which makes life interesting, to say the least. And you know what's weird? It's not even him I'm having a problem with really. Housemate Jen's behaviour around him is driving me nuts, therefore the key is Avoidance. Unfortunately, with the World Cup on, only one working TV in the house and three football fans - avoidance all the time isn't all that possible. But still! I'm trying.

Another thing - had second interview for job yesterday. Think I have it, just have to wait on a phone call. Which is of the love, because I have plans to vist Housemate Jen in Australia next year after she's emigrated. And you know what? Round the world tickets are only a little more expensive (actually they're cheaper, before tax) than a flight to Australia so I think I'm just going to work for a year, then travel for another year. Joy!

Music post

Apr. 8th, 2006 11:27 pm
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OK itunes seriously, fuck you.

For some reason, itunes has never heard of Creed. Like...Creed. Seriously, what's with that? I know they're not the biggest band in the world but surely big enough for fucking itunes to have heard of them?

Apparently not. *le sigh* And now I can't get 'With Arms Wide Open', which is one of my favourite ever songs. I had it and then my old computer started to chew up songs on my 'pod, so I lost it. Clearly, this sucks.

On the other hand, I have just downloaded 'Crazy' by Gnarls Barkley, which is a gorgeous gorgeous song. And I want to get some more tunes - but you know when you're thinking of heaps of things you like, and then when you're faced with the store, you can't remember any of them? Yeah, my mind has gone blank. Bah.

Also? I'm in love with this icon. I made it for a new Milliways pup, but have to use it here too because, frankly, guh.


Mar. 24th, 2006 02:39 pm
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I love winter. But right now? It's a pain in the ass.

It's still freezing practically every night and it was only the week before last that we had a fair bit of snow. But now it's moving towards spring in the daytime - which means rain. And wind that just won't quit while still being cold enough to be a day in January.

I am so not amused. I hate spring anyway but this is not funny anymore. Sort it out, Mother Nature.

To cheer myself up, I have junk food to devour. Because that makes everything better. Yes. *g*


/pointless moaning


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