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I don't think I like the stats thingy on journals now. I've only just realised they exist. Checking out the loads of people that have visited my fic journal, and not left comments = me going, 'do I suck, or what?'

But then I remember that loads of people read and don't comment, and I've been guilty of it myself in the past. These days, I seriously try to leave a comment if I like something, or even if I've just read it, unless there are things about it that I'm trying to get my head around. I guess it's just an instance of me wishing everyone did the same. But! Never mind. Onwards and upwards. I imagine the key is to write better, and that's always the goal, right?


Oct. 26th, 2006 10:36 pm
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In fannish news...How did I not know about this? Kiefer warrants a biography now, and there's a 24: Behind The Scenes, book?

Man. I remember posting months ago about losing at fandom and I really really do. Ah well, I'm sure life goes on. But still. I may have to look into purchasing one of those, probably the latter. I am a geek for behind-the-scenes info.

Things to do for tomorrow:

  • Get up
  • Put laundry on, empty car of college bag/random stuff
  • Drive to town, praying that petrol will last the five mile trip
  • Get money, pay bills
  • Buy AC/DC CD's and perhaps a book (His Dark Materials has got to be bought at some point, though there's a lush art book I want too)
  • Buy some food and toiletries and get bags of change to replace stuff nicked from Housemate Jen's change jar in desperation three days ago (not my finest hour)
  • Buy attractive!Sam cigarettes to replace the ones 'borrowed' from him over the last three weeks
  • Fill car up with petrol (praying petrol lasts the three-mile journey back to the petrol station)
  • Go to work to give money to Cute Polish Boy for cheap Polish cigarettes to replace ones borrowed from Cool Girl!Polish Mate, Renata. And give him money for other stuff that we won't discuss here
  • Go home, remove all programs and files and pictures and tunes etc from mother's computer
  • Get in car, drive 200 miles to Gloucester
  • Stop off in Gloucester to meet buddy Ginger for drink/lunch
  • Go to mother's, change computers, hang out and chat for polite amount of time
  • Drive 200 miles back to Lancaster - stop off at work to see Cute Polish Boy and maybe have a pint with attractive!Sam
  • Go home, set up own computer (*squee!*) again, start putting files etc back onto it
  • Sleep, because have to be at work for 7am next day

Gah! is all I have to say to that.


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