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I know there are very few Life on Mars fans on my flist, and those there are will probably facepalm at me, but I just can't help it. When I see a tweet that says;

"Celebrity spot list from the Noel Gallagher gig: Paul Weller, Kelly Jones, Joey Barton, John Simm and Philip Glenister."

 - there is no part of me that does not scream 'TOTALLY A DATE.'

Carry on.


Oct. 22nd, 2011 08:42 pm
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I quite fancy Borden. #shallow

And props to Arthur for the 'lol' moment. 'Get out' - hahaha.

Also, the boy should be careful.

Spoilers )
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Awww, John Simm regrets not doing a third series of Life on Mars. My fandom heart hurts. D:

ETA: The full article. And wow, I'm not sure what to make of it. Couldn't do any more with Sam? Uh...I find that hard to believe, and it almost sounds like he's having a dig at the writers for giving Gene all the good lines. Which is weird. Sam was the straight man, it was always that way. 


Though, HAHAHA. 'I work with Phil every ten minutes, so I'm not going to miss that.' :D :D :D BOYS!


Mar. 26th, 2011 04:37 pm
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Ashley Pharoah is so sweet. I have spent the last hour wanting to smish him. /fangirl geek-out
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Omfg, I nearly, nearly just signed myself up for the Life on Mars Big Bang. And then I was all...I have failed spectacularly with everything I meant to do over the Christmas holidays, plus Uni work, plus essays, plus I'm supposed to be working on a book, PLUS I'm going to a writing festival at the end of March and will be meeting with an agent/book doctor there for opinions on work that I have yet to finish - I do not need to add to it all with fandom.

...but it'll be fuuuuuun. *unashamed whinging*

I am trying to tell myself that OK yes, after next Tuesday I have five weeks until the next essay is due and drafts of the BB aren't due until end of May, with final submission in July which is after my exams etc. So it should be doable, in theory. And the minimum word limit is 12,500 which I could do in a day, if I put my mind to it.

But then, you know. Logic doesn't apply to these things, right? They always take about ten times longer than you think. Writers out there? Help? I know there are some of you who've done Big Bangs before. Are they a massive stress or loads of fun or what?

*sits on hands*

Must. Not. Sign. Up.

In other news, I am going to this on Tuesday. And I feel a bit bad about it because while Eastenders/Holby City/Casualty/Doctors might be the 'flagship' shows (the BBC's own description, which makes me, quite frankly, WTF heavily) of the BBC...I don't actually like any of them. And...don't even really want to write on any of them though would not, of course, pass up the chance if offered it. (Which I won't be unless I actually apply for it of course, which...I don't see myself doing.) Anyway, point is - I am looking forward to it muchly but also feel a bit bad now that I'm taking up the place of someone who might really want to write for one of those shows and now can't go. Mind you, they didn't say there was a number limit so heigh ho. And any information on how to break into the industry cannot be a bad thing.

Speaking of writing, I should probably stop narrating passages to myself in my head and then failing to put them on paper, yes? I need to fix the dilemma I have when it comes to this stuff; it's difficult to think properly sitting down, so I wander and come up with stuff I know will work and then...I sit down and it disappears, or becomes jumbled. The answer is clearly to dictate it onto machine but I am literally phobic about hearing my own voice on tape (HORRIFIC) so cannot contemplate the idea.

I need to stop rambling and crack on and do things, not least a bit more reading for this sodding essay I screwed up the deadline on. Y HALO THAR VIKINGS. At least the topic is suitably bloodthirsty.  And also, hello there LJ and Beloved Friendlist! It has been far too long. I hope you are all fabulous. :D

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Oh my fucking God Gene Hunt, what are you?!
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I say life update but really, there is very little new to report. Evie has turned from a little girl that behaves nicely into a fully-fledged independant Person who just happens to throw a screaming fit if she doesn't get what she wants - on one hand, this is a nightmare but on the other, I'm glad she has her own mind, obviously. She's a bit better than she was a month ago so that's good.

Babydaddy and work are of the same old same. Ditto: mother (halp halp, she's coming up next weekend). I am on the verge of quitting my job but need to find something part time and flexible to replace it before I go anywhere. Bleugh, boring. Moving on. *washes hands of*

Fandom is what's fun at the moment! M'ways obviously (always awesome) and my new one, Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes. It's quite rare these days that I like a show enough to delve into the forums but there you go, it can't be helped in this case. I am quite disturbed by the strength of my attraction to a racist, sexist, homophobic, slightly overweight middle-aged man. But then, good guys are boring. I like Sam Tyler - hell, I even quite like Alex Drake these days - but I'm quite happy to watch their stories once and leave it at that. I compulsively rewatch only for Gene who I have decided is the person actually in control of the whole universe.

There is possibly not a single person on my flist who still watches this show so I'll shut up now.

I am so behind on 24 that I think I'll just d/l the eps and then marathon them at the end of the series. I was sad to discover the other day that this'll be the last but not at all surprised either. Movies though, yay! Hopefully that means Jack won't die at the end? Facebook totally spoiled me for the Renee thing though I have no idea how it comes about, so I'll look forward to catching up with that.

SPN - I still have last weeks ep to watch but I'll wait for tonight's now and watch them together. Am very excited about the ending of this season!

Fuck, I am so boring these days. SIX WEEKS UNTIL DOWNLOAD, BABY! That is going to be a weekend of such ridiculous excess, it'll fill all my non-boring desires for the rest of the year. I am determined to Make This So. Do not ask how, for I shall plead the fifth, but just trust that I'll be behaving exactly like a 31 year old mother shouldn't. :D!

OK, I need to go get my Gene-Genie fix. And then possibly start this fic that wrote itself in my head the other night. And reply to tags, hell yeah.
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ARGH, Ashes to Ashes is killing me with awesome. I can hardly bear the suspense and want these last five eps to hurry the fuck up so I can find out the truth...and yet, I will cry when it's over and there's no more. Damnit, I hate liking shows this much. They always end.

Milliways will be the saviour, oh yes.
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American Beauty.

Why? Because it's stunning. Because Kevin Spacey is an utter legend. Because it makes me laugh and cry and the first time I saw it, I was speechless for about an hour. So was my flatmate, who I saw it with. We went home and talked about it for about three hours and still couldn't articulate all the ways it moved us.

I saw it sixteen times before it left the movie theatre. It kind of took over my life for a while. Absolutely amazing film.
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OK, so I just finished watching the whole two series' of Life on Mars and the first episode of Ashes to Ashes. And I am confused about a couple of things, which a) shouldn't be surprising and b) it's supposed to be ambiguous anyway but that doesn't stop it being annoying.

Life on Mars was less ambiguous than I thought it would be, really. Sam went back to 2006 and then chose to go back to 1973 - fair enough. Except the part where he was in a coma when he was there originally and dead when he went back, so how does that work? I read it was meant to be the afterlife which pretty much makes no sense but whatever.

My main thing is - when he got back, why didn't he check police files to see if Gene Hunt ever really existed? I know I would, just to be sure. And fair enough, it was left pretty much that 1973 was a world created by Sam. But then, watching the first ep of Ashes to Ashes I remembered how this season ends - Alex finds out that the man she remembered holding her hand as a little girl when she saw her parents being blown up...was Gene. So that makes him real.

Anyone who got 'sent back in time' and then came home, would check up on the 'constructs' they interacted with for months. The fact that Sam apparently didn't? Makes no sense. The fact that Alex didn't, when going over the tapes Sam made for her, makes no sense. We're lead to believe that Gene isn't real, despite repeated mentions of how detailed and real the constructed worlds are - and yet, it transpires that Alex actually interacted with him when she was a child.

Like I said, confused. I don't like being confused when I watch shows because they do my head in rather than just letting me enjoy them. At the same time - it's awesome TV so I'm not really complaining.

And I need Life on Mars icons. Hunt is far more attractive than any character that behaves that way has a right to be.

24 Finale

May. 19th, 2009 11:54 pm
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Hmmm. I think that might just be my favourite yet.
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The 'Thoughts' of the title really doesn't deserve the capitalisation. I'm really just musing out loud.

Spoilers )


We have a cut for this too )

And there was something else but I forgot, so keep an eye out for ETA II: The Revenge.
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Is it Thursday yet?

OK, a bit more coherence now I can think straight )

I'm going to talk about the preview now, briefly - I'll whitetext for anyone who doesn't want to know.

Preview whitetext )

I am looking forward to seeing where all this goes. Yes.
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I forgot to say in my earlier post - British SPN fans who don't own the boxsets but would like to...go to ASDA! They're on sale for a tenner. *happy to have S2, gutted 3 had sold out*

On Thursday, I won £10 on a lottery scratchcard. Yesterday I won £6.10 on the Euromillions and tonight I won £10 on the regular lottery. GO ME! Maybe this means my luck's in and I'll win the £110 million up for grabs next Friday (seriously, how can it be clever to gve that much money away to some random person? Though I wouldn't complain if it's me).

Ah fuck, there was something else as well but I forgot. Mentally writing LJ edits/updates in my head makes me fail because somewhere in my subconscious I tend to think I've already updated for real and so discard the info. Which leaves us in a situation like now, where I had something to impart (can't promise it would have been interesting) but now it has gone. Oh well. Worse things happen out at sea.

On a random note; with Dreamwidth being, like, a day old now, who wants to take a guess at how many Harry Potter RPG's have already sprung up? Or just RPG's in general. There's bound to be a whole load of people who want to be able to say, in five years time, 'We were the FIRST EVER *insert fandom here* game on DW!!!1!' and lots of people will wonder what DW was like all those years ago when no one knew what they were doing and there was no adverts on your journal pages.

...OK, I don't know where that came from. Time to watch some football. Three weeks until United become Champions again, WOOHOO!
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I am trying to catch up with my flist right now - even filtered away from comms, I think I'm at about 'rewind 200' and have resorted to scanning. Anything important going on with you, let me know!

I have a Dreamwidth (which is laughable really, because I have no clue what to do with it or even, at present, how to make it work. Nor do I know why it's better than LJ but I guess if all the cool kids are doing it...?) and my name there is the same as my name here. Include me in your circle, people! Lame. I feel like I'm at that retreat in Ab Fab with the mental hippie woman when people say 'circle' to me.

RP is awesome. I have apped two new pups. I have mainlined two seasons of Burn Notice in about a week and have no regrets.

Omg, the baby just woke up. Sleeping for almost four hours on a Saturday? Pumpkin, I love you. :D

In the news; Swine Flu. Meh? Doesn't occur to me to be worried.

Nearly done with college - FUCK YEAH! Won't bore everyone with how far behind I am in some subjects; if I don't care, no one else does, right?

Umm...there was somet...oh right, yeah! Fandom! Omg! I...haven't watched the last ep of 24 yet, nor the last two of SPN but there is flailing all over the place and someone put the notion in my head that Samanddean may have performed Wincest (not really, perhaps but my brain goes to these places) in 4x20, or something so I suppose I should put down the popcorn spy drama and get back to the things I've been friends with for a while. Yes.

OK! Feed the baby time! Have I mentioned lately she's adorable? She's adorable.
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I has Iron Man on Blu-ray and am v. excited to watch.

Ill all weekend. UTI's suck, I have discovered.

Am failing to do any college work/go to college most days. This is bad. I still need to pass these exams, even if I don't need good grades in them - and I'm two modules behind in English and Government and Politics right now.

Fuck it. Eight weeks until FREEEEEEEEDOOOOOOOM.

...Iron Man.


Apr. 17th, 2009 08:41 pm
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Was there SPN last night?
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On 24, 4x18 )

And that's all I have to say about that.

ETA: I had a frightfully important and relevant point to make in all this but I forgot. Then it came back and I clicked 'edit' to put it in and then it went again. Stupid brain. Still, it would be a shame to waste a perfectly good open-for-editing post, right? Right.

Oh, and everyone should check out Susan Boyle. Amazing.
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I am writing right now and it feels damn good. And I feel like doing more so here, lets try this meme.

Choose one or two or however many and a character/pairing and I'll try and write something for it. You can also ask for original if you're interested in seeing what my pretty little brain comes up with myself.

1) we would all be fools to pray for justice
2) great charity, bad tactics
3) a place beyond fear
4) prayer is a dangerous business
5) trying to build a tower out of custard
6) I will not fail death
7) all things out of season
8) lit like a burning city
9) now explain why you glow in the dark
10) expect to be valued accordingly
11) such a natural, normal lethality
12) choose good actions without good knowledge
13) the confusion of mind you dub honor
14) you were born to be betrayed
15) how long have I been walking down this road?
16) any man can be kind when he is comfortable
17) I've seen him cheat himself
18) these prizes are for living men
19) in desperation, anything becomes possible
20) I'd storm heaven for you, if I knew where it was
21) ignorance is not stupidity, but it might as well be
22) with the right to rule came the duty to protect
23) they will be vastly unlucky in their children
24) but he quit just an hour too soon
25) matter remembered itself so very clearly
26) the structure of her nose alone
27) all the words in all the languages of the world that ever were or will be
28) like trying to weave a box of shadows in which to carry water
29) time and scale, both altered out of reckoning
30) even your darkness shall be treasured then

Fandoms - 24, SPN, Good Omens, Queer as Folk, The West Wing, Milliways, James Bond, the Amber Chronicles. Any other books/movies you know I've seen, I feel like casting a wide net tonight.

In other news, I finally bought myself the Band of Brothers boxset. I've been meaning to get it for over a year - and it's been on sale in HMV for about that long too - so I finally got it. I don't have it as, naturally, I lent it to Steve straight away. But I am looking foward to seeing it when he's finished with it which will probably be Wednesday.

I'm dying to mainline all seven seasons of TWW too. But then, I usually am. I just never start because once I do, I know I wont be able to stop and that's a lot of TV watching to face up to. Maybe this summer.

You know I was bitching about work the other day because I was dreading this weekend? Well, I'm two days into it and it hasn't been too bad so far. Yesterday wasn't as busy as expected; today was but because we were well prepped, we pretty much bossed it. Two days to go! I will relax so much when they're done. And also go shopping because there's a Blackberry in the Orange shop with my name allllll over it.


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