Jan. 21st, 2008 03:52 pm
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Isn't it weird when you look at your LJ and realise that you haven't posted for days when you feel like you've been putting something up every day? P'raps its just me. It only goes to prove that I spend way too much time writing LJ entries in my head. BE THANKFUL I DON'T POST THEM ALL FLIST!

Anyway. I broke my computer mouse. By this, I obviously mean that it was being a pain in the ass and not running smoothly so I took the back off to clean it and promptly lost it down the side of my recliner chair. D:! So now it takes me about three hours to do the simplest things on the computer because I have to hold my mouse upside down and manually manipulate the roller thingies with my finger. Obviously this means I keep clicking the right mouse button instead of the left because I'm holding it upside down and that got old really fast. Bluech. I think I shall have to invest in a new one as investigating my chair at some length failed to uncover the necessary mouse-back-bit.

Evie's first day of nursey today! half-day. Whatever. They loved her! She has a picture up on the wall already and when I walked in to pick her up, she was on a mat surrounded by toys and a childminder playing with her and making her grin like mad and babble on for ages. She obviously had a great time and even did a snowdrop painting with her fingers. *SQUISH* SO CUTE!

In other baby-related newness, I gave her a bit of solid food yesterday for the first time because she's drinking so much milk its getting ridiculous. Just a little bit of baby rice. She has no idea how to eat off a spoon and the texture makes her face do a massive D: (even though she quite likes the taste) and she chews on it for ages before spitting it right back out again and Steve and I laughed so much it hurt. Even when she was crying. We are such mean parents. But its impossible not to laugh at her miserable/outraged face because its bloody hilarious.

Evie's first day of nursery = my first day back at college. Which was nice for me because we're studying Ian McEwan's Enduring Love which I read twice last year and even though Ian McEwan pisses me off no end, he does at least provide a billion things to discuss in his books so this module will be easy as hell. So, academically, yay! The downside is, of course, the other students. I give you this short conversation as an example:

CathyTheTeacher: we can see that while Joe is a scientist and approches things from that way, Clarissa's work is in literature and she studies Keats.

Young Person: What's Keats?

Me: *tries desperately not to headdesk*

I had not read Keats when I was a Young Person but I bloody well knew who he was. These other kids are between 16-19 years old. The one sitting next to me endlessly complained to her mate (while texting under the table non stop, obviously) that she really hated the book. She hasn't even read past Chapter 2 of the damn book yet!

I probably sound old and snobbish but frankly, I dont care. If you dont like reading books or poetry, get the fuck out of the English class and go study hairdressing or something. Bah.

I may have broken my car a little. Because hello mad floods this morning. The rain was so bad that the roads and railway just south of where I live have been closed down. I did sort of notice that I was in the midst of a torrential downpour when I left the house this morning but as it was relatively dry when I went to bed at 2am, it didn't register that the water would be all that bad. So I blithely took the back country road to get to the nursery so as to avoid all the mental rush hour traffic - HAHAHAHA! Half a foot of water in some places. Other cars were turning round and going back but I was running slightly late (possibly due to being up until 2am the night before and waking up twice in the night for no apparent reason) and figured how bad could it be, anyway? Well. The car is still running but not smoothly when I'm pulling off or in a low gear or at low speed. I suspect water in the fuel or oil or similar. NOOOOO! I absolutely canot afford for the car to stop working just now. I have no money for even bus fares, let alone getting the thing fixed. BAH! If it can hold out until the beginning of March however, allgood. Because then Mum's giving me hers (because she keeps backing it into the gatepost, hah) and taking mine so she can deal with it if there's a problem.

Steve bought me music from the library to copy. I almost pointed out to him that that was more thoughful than just bringing me his own CD's, but didn't. It appears he doesn't think I'm a bitch anymore, not that he's acted like he does since he's been seeing Evie anyway. Progress!

I shall shut up now. Well, I'm going to do a meme but it's not like you have to read that. Or any of this stuff actually. ;p

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Oct. 5th, 2006 10:23 pm
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I'm in that state of tired where the only thing that I want to do is go to bed. Normally, I'm all 'meh' about sleeping. Tonight, I can't wait. Just got to read a small bit of something then I can.

So. Winter appears to arrived up here in the North - it's rained for about three days (continuously today) and it was freezing outside in the wind. Dear College: Please turn on the heating so I don't have to wear my coat and still freeze my ass off in classrooms, kthxnolovebye, Me.

Also, I could have screamed in class today - in a two hour lesson, the only constructive thing that happened was when I wrote down a three line definition of 'threshold' (in a political sense). The rest of the lesson was spent with the teacher trying to get the four loudmouth brats that are the BANE OF MY LIFE to shut up for even just one damn minute so the rest of us could read stuff.

On the upside of awesome, I was half an hour late for my first lecture but then found out that the teacher was off sick so I totally got away with it, YAY! Also, I have pretty much decided on my final six University choices for my UCAS form. They are:

University College London
Royal Holloway
St. Andrews

Any of those would be awesome Uni's to go to. I would have chucked a couple of 'safe' options in there if it weren't for the fact that at even less well-regarded schools, the requirements for an English, History or English and History course are still AAA or AAB. Because they're popular. So what the hell, I might as well aim for the best. The only place I saw that would take less than those grades was Queen's University, Belfast, which was BB. That'd be easy to get but much as I love Belfast and Northern Ireland, I don't want to live that close to my father for three years. And anyway, if I don't get accepted at any of them I could probably still get a place at a good Uni through Clearing, though if I don't get one of those, I probably won't bother going at all. It's not as if I have a specific job in mind to go for afterwards, anymore. So, heigh ho.

Non-academic stuff...attractive!Sam at work has broken up with his girlfriend. And, uh...asked me for my number tonight. Heh. :D For that matter, Cute Polish Boy is also breaking up with his girlfriend on the weekend...hmmm.

So many men, so little inclination to actually make a move for either of them. But still. It's fun to think about. :D!

And now, fuck it. I'm freezing and going to bed, damnit.
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For it is Wednesday and I have a car and a computer that works. The relief? Is a thing of beauty.

...and man, did the screen grow hugely or has livejournal etc just squashed everything up so that they take up less space on my screen or something? Bizarre.

I was up until 4am this morning, doing a history assignment. As a result, I slept through my alarm and missed my first two classes. *pulls face* And I have a long thing to do on Hamlet's soliloquies by tomorrow morning and its already after midnight and omg, I want to sleep. Um. This whole working in the evening thing is proving to be a royal pain in the ass. I will have to defer the homework.

...of course, this presents a whole new set of problems. If I don't give my teachers some decent written work soon, they can't write a reference for me for Oxford. Applications have to be in in two weeks, at the very outside.

...this is me so trying not to panic.

EDIT: OK, so its awesome to have the computer back. It now as 153 spare GB on it, which is of teh cool. As I suspected would happen, everything's been wiped. The only thing that I object to is that that appears to include Microsoft Word, Works and iTunes. I can re-download itunes easily enough...but, Word? I don't think I have discs for that. Wtf?
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Notes to self (multiple)

- Organise notes. Six different modules over three subjects with only three different teachers and overlapping topics mean that IT IS EASY TO CONFUSE NOTES. ORGANISE THE BASTARD THINGS!

- Try to remember that working 40 hours a week on top of full class timetable is not conducive to having lots of time for homework, no matter how easy it is. So stop spending an hour after work every night drinking beer with mates (no matter how hot said mates may be) in the bar. Even when they're free.

- When actually find time to do homework, hand in. This helps with actually getting graded.

- Try to stop falling asleep in class. It is not the teachers fault that you've done this subjct at degree level, it is your own. Taking a step backwards was your own decision, so live with it and do the work.

/end notes

Yeah. College is like preschool, complete with kids that I WANT TO KILL! *stabs* Heigh ho. I must tune them out.

Fun stuff in life right now - hahaha, attractive guy at work. He's a total slut but that's fine with me. V. flirtatious and cheeky. Yum. *beams*

Next week, I will be reunited with my own computer (complete with extra hard-drive space) and a car. No no car. *beams more* My mother officially rocks.

Other things - Madb, did you get my birthday email? I was rather spaced out when I sent it and couldn't tell if I'd spelled 'kitsune' right in the address line. So if you didn't get it, sorry. I did send one but I evidently suck.

Also Bridget, I hope you have a fantastic birthday. I lose at birthday comms apparently, but I can still tell you you're brilliantly awesome and intelligent and witty here, can't I? Well, I just did. Have a great day. *hugs*
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*eyes timetable*



11am -1pm - English AS
1:30pm - 3:30pm - History AS


9am - 11am - Gov't and Politics AS
1:30pm - 3:30pm - English A2
3:30pm - 4:30pm - Tutorial


9am - 11am - English AS
11am - 1pm - History AS
1:30pm - 3:30pm - History A2


9am - 11am - English A2
11am - 1pm - Gov't and Politics A2
1:30pm - 3:30pm - Gov't and Politics AS


9am - 11am - History A2
11am - 1pm - Gov't and Politics A2

Yes. I'm consoling myself with the fact that a) I'll be sitting the AS exams in January so the timetable will be a lot easier after that, and b) I've studied a lot of Politics and History at degree level and already have an A'Level in English Lit, so it's not like this is all alien stuff to me.

Still, with working 30+ hours a week on top of that, it's going to be a busy year.
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I hav Ozzy Osbourne's Mr. Crowley stuck in my head. Which would be fine and dandy if it weren't for the fact that I need to go to sleep.

Tomorrow - register at college. Blah. I have yet to dig out my old GCSE and A'Level results to take and show them and prove that I'm smart enough to take the courses. Ho hum. Now the time has come, I'm still looking forward to it. But very much not looking forward to being knackered for the next nine months while I attempt, again, to work and study full-time, simultaneously. But such is life. At least it won't be boring and that's the important thing.

In good news, downloaded season 3 of Queer as Folk yesterday. This is very much of the good. I have a week to watch it before this computer must be purged of all slashy/sexual writings and TV shows before the Parent returns from her holiday. Blah.
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V. productive day so far. Actually got out of bed to go to an appointment at the college today, even though I'd sort of written off the idea to go back and redo my A'Levels, due to the cost they'd told me and time and transport etc.

Turns out that its a lot cheaper than I was told - instead of £150 per A'Level, it's £150 for all of them, plus exam costs. So that's OK then, I can do that. And I can shuffle work I think, so I don't lose too many hours and...yeah. It was excellent, the woman was really helpful. I want to do 3 A'Level on a Fasttrack, which means doing them all in one year, instead of over two - she was a bit sceptical of me doing all three that way, as it's a lot of hours but I'm not worried about that. Don't have to decide until induction anyway and thats a month off. So hurrah! I've been accepted anyway. I may have to do only 2 A'Levels and one AS (half an A'Level) but I can live with that.

The subjects I'm going to do are English Lit. (though it has some Language in it), History and Philosopy. And she told me the texts for English but I can only remember two - something of Coleridges and Hamlet.

Guess which is practically the only Shakespeare play I haven't either read or seen performed or acted in? Yep. That one. *headdesk* I know so little about Hamlet, its ridiculous. I guess I'd better read it before the course starts. I was so hoping it's be either Macbeth of Henry V, because I know them backwards. Or Midsummers Night Dream. Romeo and Juliet. Hell, even A Winter's Tale or King Lear or Cymbeline, I know all of those. Damnit.

Ah well. I've avoided it this long, I suppose its about time I got clumped with it.

Anyways, in addition to that, I went to PC World about my computer. Basically, they reckon I've got a virus in the thing, althoughI didn't tell them about the pitiful lack of memory space on my hard drive. Doesn't matter - I'm going to take it in this afternoon and they're going to wipe the hard drive for me. This is fine. I'm only pissed that I'm going to have to re-download all my bloody CD's onto itunes, but whatever.

Incidentally, can someone explain to me how wireless works? I know you have to have a router and you can use a computer anywhere within a certain distance of that. But does the router plug into the phone socket or something? And do you pay a monthly fee to a provider, like you do with regular broadband? I've been looking at laptops and of course I'd like wireless, but really have no understanding of it whatsoever.

So. My day so far. Now I just haveto lug my computer tower to the other side of town on the bus. Ah well. Will be SO WORTH IT to get it back. :D!

And then read Hamlet. *pulls face*


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