Sep. 29th, 2009 04:48 pm
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Is Facebook refusing to load for anyone else? Neither of my browsers will bring it up for me. Curious.
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I have been so lame at reading my flist recently and have no clue what everyone's up to. I will try to stop being so crap.

- Got my exam results today. Three A's! Got maximum marks in a few of them too. It was pretty much what I expected but I'm still chuffed, given that I missed about six weeks of classes at the beginning of the year. I've decided not to go to Uni this year but work and save up to pay for it next year - applying to Oxford again, because why not?

- Moved house last week. And it was actually pretty painless. I love my new house but will love it more when I get some rugs to cover the horrid patterned carpet (you can tell an old person used to live here by the flowery carpet and curtains, bleurgh). Evie seems to love it too and has a massive bedroom which, obviously, she doesn't appreciate yet but certainly will when she's older.

- My laptop survived an inadvertent ride in the removal van, only for me to break it the day after by getting my foot hooked in the cable and yanking it off the sofa. OK, it still works but the bit where you connect the power cable is wobbly as hell and I have to fiddle with it to get it to charge. Also, makes weird noises while plugged in as though charging it is only happening under duress. I DO NOT DIG THIS TURN OF EVENTS. Anyone know whether this sort of thing is expensive to have repaired?

Other than those things, life continues very much as normal. How you doin'?
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Because I am a dunce with computers. I have a zip file of photos that someone on a web site wants (that sounds dodgy but they're just pics that are going to be made into icons). To send them to the person, do I upload them into sendspace or megaupload or similar? Or is there a way to link them directly?

Thank you! I know, I know, I am stupid.

ETA: And resolved, thanks Jenna!
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I'd forgotten what a drag transferring stuff on to a new computer is. Not that I'm taking much because I don't want Jonna all filled up with crap (we'll see how long that lasts) but iTunes for a start - I dont even know how to do that, actually. I haven't changed a computer for six years now I come to think about it, I have no idea how to deal with all of this. AND I DON'T CARE BECAUSE I HAVE WIRELESS INTERNET! And a Blu-Ray DVD drive etc etc. Jonna is the new love of my life. :)

SPN peeps on my flist who have Show wallpapers etc - where'd you all get them from? I want a different one from my old computer and something totally badass (i.e beautiful, angsty and fairly minimalistic usually works) Is there an LJ comm somewhere for such things?

I have homework to due tomorrow and haven't done it. This is becoming a theme recently and I sort of can't bring myself to care. Hmm. Worrying. Or not.

Anyhoo. Ugh. Might have to go to bed. Yuk.


Nov. 17th, 2008 08:32 pm
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People who know about computers, HELP PLZ! Does this seem like a good laptop? Mother is buying me one for Chrimbo/birthday and this seems good to me. If not, any other recommendations?

I'm looking for one that is fast because I hate slow computers, widescreen for preference (but not essential), blu-ray (also not essential) and what is essential is that it'll be able to handle loads of college/uni work, be reliable and be able to play lots of music and TV shows and hold pics etc. If you can point me in the right direction, I will be eternally grateful. I am useless at this sort of thing - and to add, my uselessness is why I'm not contemplating a Mac. Relearning how to make a thing operate is beyond me.
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I just read an email from my mother, asking about whether she should join Facebook or not. Apparently my sister is on it as well as one of my aunts. The idea of my mother with a blog just seems wrong somehow, especially as she is the least computer literate person ever.

Anyway, I'm sure some of you have a facebook. What's it like? Any good? Easy to use? There doesnt seem to be a way of looking around it until you've actually signed up so I dont know what to tell her at the moment.

Bought another jigsaw. My next three days or so are now spoken for.

I give in

Nov. 8th, 2006 01:40 am
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After hours of fiddling with my computer and guest accounts and uninstalling and reinstalling and generally getting lost in a load of technobabble that is giving me a headache, I think I have discovered one thing; namely, that it is not my computer that's fucked, its the damn ipod itself.


I love my ipod. I don't want to get a new one with those horrible touch wheel things and photo's and videos etc, that I'll never use. I like my one with the buttons and scrolly-wheel. But I can't see any other thing it could be - the computer says Fire Wire is working fine, I've tried to do all the stuff they suggest on the Apple website but I'm somewhat hampered when they suggest restoring the thing etc, given that every time I plug it in to the computer, the whole thing crashes. Wtf does 'dumping physical memory to disc' actualy mean, when all's said and done? I can understand 'error caused by a device driver' a little better and 'stop error' makes sense too, in a way. But I don't get the dumping thing, espcially as it never seems to do any good. Shouldn't the system be cleaned of...well, everything, by now? It dumps about ten times a day as I hope in vain that it the damn thing might update without mishap this time, please God...

But no. Bah. I wash my hands of the whole situation. I can't afford a new ipod anyway so I'll just have to make do with the current library and put up with CD's in the meantime. *grumps*
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*eyes virus scanner*

It occured to me, while swearing at my recently installed virus scanner software for slowing my computer down, that it might be a good idea to, y'know, scan my computer for viruses at times. So I am. And lemme tell you, it's mad. Not only does it appear that I have a couple of viruses and a bunch of Adaware and something else I've never even heard of - when this thing detects something it lets out this screaming siren and a very computery American voice intones,

'Caution! A virus has been detected.'

I swear to God, it sounds like the emergency siren thingy from Star Trek when everything's under attack and people are leaping off their chairs in frighteningly coordinated ways. :o!

Crap night at work. Blah. Y'all don't need to hear me whinge about it. The 'I'd hit it' meme thing in the Bar back room is cracking my shit up and I actually feel quite motivated to do my English homework now, which is of the good. So, coffee, shower, homework and I'll probably chuck someone inna bar inna bit. And sent another app in today, squee!
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...and now my computer is saying I don't have a CD Burner on it. When I do - or rather, did.

My mother is so getting a call tonight with instructions to tear the computer shop a new one. *sigh*

On the upside, I think I have awesome housemates for December, if it doesn't fall through.

ETA: Does anyone know if its possible to edit who has me friended? Some porn spam list has just added me a friend and I want rid of them.
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I cannot stop listening to AC/DC. This is a thing made of cool even if it means that I am not. Ha! *rocks out*

Does anyone know if its possible to recover the music I've paid for off of itunes? Like, if I email them and tell them my account name, they should be able to give me back the tunes I've already paid for, right? I bloody hope so. At the moment, I can't put any new songs on my ipod because it'll wipe all the ones I've got on there already. I don't mind having to reload all my CD's but I can't bear the idea of losing all the individual songs I've nicked off people over the last year and won't be able to get back, you know what I mean? Drag.

Also have to say as a general aside - one of the texts I'm going to be studying in English is 'Enduring Love' by Ian McEwan. I had it read the day after I was given it and...yeah. I want to see the movie because it's supposed to be brilliant (and hello Daniel Craig) but the book itself is...odd. Brilliant themes in it that weave in interesting ways but I can't help feeling some of it should have been played out a little more to make it more convincing. And there's something about McEwan's style that really gets my back up. I read 'Atonement' a few weeks ago and while I enjoyed it and can see that its an amazing piece of writing (and I truly hated the little girl at the start of the book, to the point where I could hardly bear to read her. Which says something about the skill of the writing), there's still something I find annoying and/or uncomfortable about the way he writes. Maybe its just his subject matter, I don't know. But its weird - I feel I should love his work, but I don't.

And now, I go to write an essay on non-turnout for voting in general elections. My joy knows no bounds. *pulls face*
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Housemate Jen has gone to pick up Mad Jake from the airport. We are both nervous about this. I intend to deal with this by watching the Spain match and drinking a lot of lager. Hurrah!

OK, computer minded people out there. Can anyone please explain to me why plugging my ipod in to charge/update makes my computer;

a) Force both IE and Firefox to close


b) Cause it to crash entirely, bringing up a screen gibbering about something to do with a 'physical memory dump' and then restart?

Added to this, if the thing is plugged in while I start my computer up it causes it to run a complete 'disk check' wherein it runs through all 2000+ songs on the device and then crash. Which, needless to say, is annoying.

Might it be something to do with the fact that it's an American ipod on a British computer? I had to buy Firewire hardware so that I could connect the ipod but it was installed in a proper computer shop so I know it's not my ineptitude that has it installed wrong.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received. And now, footy and lager. :D!

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OK, so...the computer I've been using for the last six months or so doesn't belong to me. It belongs to Housemate Jen, who's a teacher. Said computer went back to the school on Monday for a network upgrade and general fix-up - AND THEY WIPED EVERY FUCKING THING ON THERE!!!1!

Absolutely everything. All the episodes of 24 from this season, all the itunes I hadn't transferred over to my other computer, all my PB pis for various Milliways pups, everything I use to make icons, all half finished fics, everything I've drawn recently, all OOM's I've written since September, all the OOM's I had done for pups coming back into the bar next week...everything.

Crap. Just...crap. OK, so it might be fun to go searching for new stuff and start over. But there are some things that I'll never find again because I've forgotten they were there at all. Ack.


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