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I have been so lame at reading my flist recently and have no clue what everyone's up to. I will try to stop being so crap.

- Got my exam results today. Three A's! Got maximum marks in a few of them too. It was pretty much what I expected but I'm still chuffed, given that I missed about six weeks of classes at the beginning of the year. I've decided not to go to Uni this year but work and save up to pay for it next year - applying to Oxford again, because why not?

- Moved house last week. And it was actually pretty painless. I love my new house but will love it more when I get some rugs to cover the horrid patterned carpet (you can tell an old person used to live here by the flowery carpet and curtains, bleurgh). Evie seems to love it too and has a massive bedroom which, obviously, she doesn't appreciate yet but certainly will when she's older.

- My laptop survived an inadvertent ride in the removal van, only for me to break it the day after by getting my foot hooked in the cable and yanking it off the sofa. OK, it still works but the bit where you connect the power cable is wobbly as hell and I have to fiddle with it to get it to charge. Also, makes weird noises while plugged in as though charging it is only happening under duress. I DO NOT DIG THIS TURN OF EVENTS. Anyone know whether this sort of thing is expensive to have repaired?

Other than those things, life continues very much as normal. How you doin'?
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My current life in bullet points, as I haven't updated in ages and...I don't know. I feel lethargic today.

- I'm moving house next week. My landlord decided to try and sell my house (ha! Good luck with that!) so didn't renew my tenancy. It kind of pissed me off a bit when I first got the letter because while this house has many problems, it does have an amazing garden for Evie. And also, ugh, packing.

But now I'm fine with it because it's been remarkably straightforward this time around. I've found a nice place close to where I work and OMG YES, the house needs nothing doing to it - no painting or repairs or anything. Heaven! And it has a lush converted attic I'm going to have for my room. And a cellar. Awesome. But no garden, BOO! Anyway, all I have to do is pack everything here and wait for the removal men. Which...I am putting off doing by updating this instead. I have a week though so I'm not stressing and even taking the opportunity to thin out my possessions. Even donating books! It's painful but has to be done.

- I hate my job. Hate it hate it hate it.

- Evie is turning into a precocious little girl and I love it. She doesn't let her lack of speaking ability hold her back in getting what she wants - she's taken to taking people's hands and dragging them to wherever she wants them to be. In the last week, she has learnt to say 'go', 'thank you' and 'all right' - this last usually delivered with a sigh when asked to pick something up, or similar. She doesn't seem to learn single words now, just two at a time. And she constantly runs around happily, yelling her head off, laughing, being cheeky as all get out...ahhh, my little girl. I do love her so. *beams*

- Things seem odd with Steve and I don't know why. Sometimes odd in a good way, sometimes bad. I can't figure it out and have given up trying.

- I am still in a quandry as to whether to go to Uni this year or not. This'll probably get a post of its own as it's complicated and I need to write it down in order to be able to work it through. I can't be bothered now though.

- One of my two New Years Resolutions this year was to start taking guitar lessons, and I have. And I love them! I can't afford the other one, which was to get my full motorbike licence. No matter, I don't believe in New Year's Resolutions anyway. But I do love my guitar, oh hell yeah. Lessons are going very well. :)

- Exam results in two weeks. Yay! I'm not worried, to be honest, but still have a chill of nervous anticipation when I think of it. I always quite like getting results and this time they should be good and will mean I haven't wasted the last three years. In an abstract sort of way, I feel chuffed with myself that I juggled a child, a job and college and will hopefully come out with top grades. On the other hand, I just did what had to be done so don't really think much of it. I just wish I could make up my mind over what to do next.

- Bloody hell, it's August. Where did this year go? In a months time, it'll be autumn and Christmas stuff will start appearing in the shops. Where the hell is the blazing summer we were promised? Bad show, England. Yet again. Bad show.

- I lost internet for five days there and as a result, read a book. I used to read two or three a week. I think that was the second full one I've read this year which makes this news worthy of a bullet point (hyphen? I don't know how to HTML bullet points) of it's own. It was a completely rubbish book but that's not the point.

OK, I'd better go pack something. Has anything interesting/brilliant/exciting been happening for anyone? Do let me know. I've been incredibly emo this month and haven't been keeping up with my flist at all. Apologies.
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Yes. Yes it is. For lo, I am done with exams! \o/!

And for the most part, I think they went very well. Which is kind of a miracle seeing as the day before the first three, I hadn't learnt anything about the topics of two of them, let alone started revision. This is what skiving massive amounts of class - and then not catching up on the missed work - gets you...frantic cramming until five in the morning and then a full day of exams after ninety minutes sleep. But! At least two of them went very well, and the other was solid enough.

Thing is, I don't learn from my mistakes. It's a thing. So when faced with an unexpected two days off work at the end of last week, did I teach myself all the work I'd missed in preperation for the exams this week? Did I fuck. And yet, they went well also. Guess I knew more than I thought I did.

So I think I've done enough to get the three A's I went back to college for in the first place. I won't be positive until I see the results in writing (eight weeks, ugh!) but given that I only need C's on all these papers to get A's overall anyway, I think I'm OK.

Which leaves me with a problem. Because since Oxford told me to get fucked, I've been thinking...weelll, I always do better when I know what to expect in a situation so the thing to do here is start at Lancaster in October, apply to Oxford again and if I get accepted this time, leave Lancaster at Christmas, work for nine months and then go to where I really want to be the year after. Sound, right? Except I got a letter from the Student Loans Company two days ago telling me that they aren't paying my tuition fees for the first two years of study. Which, y'know, D:. Because I can't really afford it - they'll give me a maintenence loan which isn't inconsiderable (I think, they didn't name a figure) but I'll have to use it to pay the £3000 of tuition.

So, for a day there I was like...shit, no Uni. I can't afford it. Maybe I'll defer for a year, get a proper job and save up. And maybe that is what I'll do. Or maybe I' for the first term at Lancaster, see whether I get into Oxford and if I do, leave, get a job etc like I planned. I mean, I'll only be £1000 out of pocket if I do that. And if I don't get into Oxford, I'll just stay at Lancaster and I won't have wasted a year by defering entry. When I think about putting it off for another year, I kind of feel sick.

Or I could just go to Lancaster. Wouldn't have to think about travel, Evie would be near Steve, much cheaper in the long run...hmmm. But. It's not Oxford. Oxford is the reason I went back to college in the first place. I think I need to give it another shot.

But anyway. EXAMS DONE FUCK YEAH! I can lounge about all evening and not feel guilty! I have no revision! I have thrown every scrap of college work from the last three years into the recycling bin! It feels great. I have nothing to do this summer but work three days a week and chill with my baby. Fuckin' A.

Of course, I'm looking at getting a proper job because ugh, new chef at work now that Head Chef Sam has left and he threatened me with disciplinary action on my second day working under him. So I can see this relationship is going to go really well. Not to mention, a trained monkey could do my job and probably with more enthusiasm than me. I mean, who gives a fuck about food anyway, really? Being a chef is a stupid job.

Right. I'ma celebrate my fucking awesome exam today by chilling out, maybe throwing my new pup inna bar and having a beer and a J. SUMMER IS HERE PEOPLE, FUCK YEAH!

ETA: Oh yeah, one other thing. An anonymous person told me on here about two and a half years ago that I needed to stop pissing around and finish something for once in my life. And they were right. So there you go, anonymous person - college. Done.
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I has Iron Man on Blu-ray and am v. excited to watch.

Ill all weekend. UTI's suck, I have discovered.

Am failing to do any college work/go to college most days. This is bad. I still need to pass these exams, even if I don't need good grades in them - and I'm two modules behind in English and Government and Politics right now.

Fuck it. Eight weeks until FREEEEEEEEDOOOOOOOM.

...Iron Man.
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Does anyone have the theme for Quantum of Solace? The Jack White and Whatsherface one? And would you be willing to upload it for me if you have? I love that song stupid amounts and would be eternally grateful. :) Can't wait to buy the Blu-ray on Tuesday.

Life continues the way it does. Mowed the grass this morning as it was FUCKING BEAUTIFUL all day. It was ridiculously satisfying. Roll on summer; I love winter but this one has been loooooooong and I'm ready for some heat.

I only have a total of eight weeks of lessons left. Eleven really, but three of them are holidays. And then two weeks of exams which I'm OK with because I don't mind these exams. If I get D's or E's on every paper, I'll still get A's overall and that can never be a bad thing!

I feel very blah and tired and unmotivated for everything because I slept too long last night - by too long, I mean more than five hours. So I'm knackered and want to go to bed but if I sleep too much tonight I'll just feel like shit tomorrow as well. Bleurgh.

OK, I have nothing interesting to say. I will just go and click random things and pass some time.
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Oh, for fuck's sake. I've downloaded every episode of 24 so far but haven't had the chance to watch them up until now. So I caught up to ep 9, went to open ten's not there. Nor is eleven. Twelve and thirteen are there, just not those two. How the hell can two files just disappear? Well annoying.

In better news, I got an A on that Government and Politics exam I was whinging about at the end of January. Yay! one step closer to being done with college. This summer is going to kick ass, simply because there will be NO STUDYING to do. I'll get battered to hell and back with the job, because it's always a nightmare in the summer holidays but apart from that, FREEDOM!

I have a hankering for egg mayo sandwiches so I'ma get on that right now.
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Computer peeps, you're my only hope!

OK so, I tried to download google earth a while ago (like, three weeks or so). I don't know why it was trying to make me download it because when I used it on my old computer I could just...use it. Idk. Anyway, the thing kept coming up 'Internet Explorer cannot find this page' etc etc. I sighed and resolved myself to never being able to find the reservoir on my doorstep and thought no more of it.

UNTIL! The next time I turned my computer on. Every time I do, the same 'Internet Explorer cannot find this page' screen comes up, even before I've opened IE or Firefox. And it wont go away - I can't click on the X in the corner to make it disappear because its not there. It's also always on top so the first thing I have to do every day is open up the task manager and hit 'end task' on it otherwise I have to drag it down to the bottom of the page in order to be able to see any other windows.

I've tried deleteing the program - it still comes up. There's a folder with google stuff in it on my comp but if I try to delete it, it says I need permission to do so and refuses to go away. HOW CAN I MAKE IT STOP?!

Plz help, it's driving me nuts.

In other news, I FINISHED MY COURSEWORK TODAY BABY YEAH! And I'm even 300 words over the word count so heh. Library books are returned (nearly £5 in fines, oops), emailed off to my history teacher...DONE! I can go back to college without feeling guilty, YAY! Of course, it has the worst conclusion in the history of essays but meh, I'm over it. FEELS GOOD.

I have so much stuff I want to write about. Everyone on my flist is being all deep and interesting recently. I am not. But there are Things! I just...can't motivate myself. Shocker, I know.

Oh and I think I'm going to join the TA in the autumn.

To conclude - I really want to do that association meme for things but I feel like everyone posted it two days ago and I only just caught up on my flist. Someone ask me to write about things please? I need something to do now that I don't have to procrastinate over my coursework and pretend to do it.
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Today I caught up with SPN...and not much else. Which is pretty pathetic seeing as I was only three eps behind and had a whole day to do other productive things like catch up on 24 as well. Productive things being asdflksajdf coursework, but I'm over it. This essay is never going to get finished and I will fail blah blah blah only not.

Unproductive days make me tetchy. I wish I could enjoy them but I really don't. Perhaps its because there have been so many recently. Whatever. Loved the last three SPN eps! I will probably write something more susbstantial on them tomorrow or after I get tonght's ep but it's late and I have to crash after this.

I have a long post to write that I've been meaning to do for about six months. I'll get on that after the essay is done. I also am dying to watch Quantum of Solace and the two Che movies but that will also have to wait until after the essay. FUCKING ESSAY FUCKING FUCKING FUCKING ESSAY AND ITS GODDAMN LAST THOUSAND WORDS.

I am stressed and have no right to be. Bed it is!
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WOOHOO! I woke up this morning with that exam-day adrenaline going on. And even though I knew I'd go for it, I still procrastinated for about two hours this morning, doing fuck all. But I got off my arse and spent half an hour reading through my notes, went to college, had a minor flail because the exam notice board said it was supposed to be this morning (I did check that it was this afternoon and I was right, thankfully), found out the notice was wrong and went and did the exam. And if I'm not mistaken, knocked that motherfucker out of the park! *dances*

Aaahhh House of Lords, I do love you. You are so easy. US Senate, you are so rigidly simple (at least at A Level). Written and unwritten constitutions, you are music to my lazy old ears. WOOT DONE!

I even managed to move a lesson so I can work on Wednesdays, thereby actually meeting the 16 hours a week I am supposed to do without having to work any weekends MWHAHAHA! I still will do them, for the money. But it's nice not to have to.

Right. Homework for tomorrow, coursework (I WILL BEAT YOU!) and then Hamlet. HAMLET! At least you are fun to read. Language terminology not so much but eh, I'll deal. AND THEN I CAN STOP SKIVING COLLEGE AND FEELING BAD ABOUT IT AHAHAHAHAYES!
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...although I think the truth is probably that I win at stupid. You see, I have an exam tomorrow afternoon. Pretty damn important one! I specifically asked to be put in for it early because I wanted one out of the way before the summer. So I should be making an effort, yes?

No. I haven't opened a textbook since two weeks before Christmas. I had this evening completely free and I just can't do it. I can't bring myself to open a book.

This is becoming a serious problem, I can't deny it anymore. All I can think about tomorrow is, 'shit, I have to think up another excuse as to why I haven't got my coursework to hand in.' And I'll probably just do what I've been doing for the last three weeks - not turn up, think up a lame excuse and instead of using the skive!time to catch up with work, just get further behind.

Le sigh. The exam - and the English one on Thurdsay - isn't such a big deal because I can do them in the summer with the rest of my class. But my inability to care about them is certainly an issue. How much longer can someone put off passing exams? I fucking want to go to Uni but...oh fuck this, I don't know. I'm so sick of myself its not even funny.
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Is there any fathomable reason why I have twenty two chapters (each with a seperate post) of 24 fanfic starring an OC called Alex Myers clogging up my flist? Hmmm?

No, I thought not. *stabs things*

In better news, I have new 24 to watch. And new SPN. Also the two Che movies (which I don't feel bad about downloading as my local cinema isn't running them and I will no doubt buy the DVD's) and Quantum of Solace (DVD purchasing is a dead cert on that one). Tomorrow could be a very good day! On the other hand, there must needs be coursework-finishing first. No, I still haven't finished that motherfucker. I did break 2000 words today though and my teacher told me today that no one else is even remotely close to finishing, even though they've handed their drafts in. SO that's OK - at least when mine goes in it'll be pretty close to the finshed article.

Oh yeah, I also made it into college today for the first time since Christmas. Did I mention that I have two exams next week that I'm in no way prepared for (note to self, must finish reading Hamlet)? Well, that is also true. And yet, I find it so hard to care. If I fuck them up, I'll just resit them in the summer. Meh.

I am chuffed though that I managed to take a library book back that they were on the verge of charging me a tenner for. Yes, in my life right now, this is an accomplishment. I could go on about why but I really can't be arsed and that about sums it up anyway.

Evie is...ill? I'm not sure? She certainly is on another cold but today she also developed a couple of blisters on her bottom lip and it's making her miserable as hell and unable to drink out of a bottle. She's also hardly eating and has been playing with her ears a fair bit today. I forsee a trip to the doctor in the near future. Poor baby. :(

I meant to go to bed 90 minutes ago and...haven't. Yeah, maybe I'll get on that now.
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Coursework - still not so much as even started. I DON'T CARE ANYMORE! My history teacher isn't really expecting me in next week - I said I'd try to get in to the lesson on Tuesday but I know I wont bother. This give me about ten days to do it so meh.

All my teachers have been fantastic, to be fair. They're all, 'Just prep for your interview, dont worry about anything else!' and I'm all 'SQUEEE!' There's not a massive amount of prep I can do but I can't seem to focus on any other work at the moment anyway, so it's nice that they're being so cool.

Btw, CAN WE SAY MASSIVELY NERVOUS?! Yes we can. But also completely excited. :D!

I need to sort my house out. There is laundry etc to do and I still need to put a few boxes away from when I moved in. Problem is, every time I get a free day where I could do all this stuff, I tend to just sit on my arse. That is a part of my personality I really can't stand. Also, I miss the gym liek whoa...and yet still can't motivate myself to get back into it. And right now, I don't care! I can't even think about Christmas. It's like nothing exists until next week is over with.

Man, I'd better not fuck this up. I keep telling myself that it wont be the end of the world if I don't get in and it really is true - nothing changes the fact that going to Lancaster Uni would be very convenient and it's got the highest mark possiblefor teaching History. It is a good University. But I can't deny that the disappointment if I fail to get into Oxford will be pretty crushing. Lifelong dream gone forever and all that. There is also the fact that I am awful at interviews. But! At the moment I have hope and am looking forward to it SO MUCH, I'm just going to enjoy it. :)

...I promise I will shut up about this by next weekend, mmkay? Mmmkay.
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It is not done. My homework IS NOT DONE! I SUCK!

...really, I'm trying to care. But in actuality, I'm just trying to decide on the most plausble excuse to give to my teacher tomorrow. I don't even have History tomorrow. Its just my bad luck that the same woman teaches History as one of my Government and Politics modules. But usually its my good luck because she's awesome.

ANYWAY! My unproductive streak continues. The fucking coursework wont get done tomorrow either because Steve's here...and ahahaha, it's just hit me what this is. It's karma. A month ago, I was in a stress about writing my Oxford essay and he left early on Wednesday so I could do it. Only he doesn't know I've applied to Oxford so I told him it was about biting me in the ass. I can hardly ask him to leave early tomorrow to do work I've told him I've already done. THAT'S WHAT LYING GETS YOU! Subconsciously, I have proper screwed myself here. I've had three full days to write this essay but have not. Damn you, subconscious.

Anyway, blah blah. My mouse is annoying the crap out of me. If I leave the pointer over any text when I'm typing something, it will randomly move the blinky line (the one at the end of the line you're actually typing) to the place where the pointer is, thus making me put text all over the place. On occasion, it will do it and highlight everything too, meaning massive paragraphs get deleted as I'm halfway through ty...oh wait, just did it again...typing a word and don't stop in time to make it not happen. This makes writing anything something of a lottery
but not in an exciting-good way. Just in a 'am I about to lose everything I've just done, LETS SEE SHALL WE?!' type way.

I'm going to bed. If I sleep, un-done coursework will cease to exist, I know it.
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I skived college today to do my coursework. It is nearly 2pm and I have done the intro. And that is only because I lifted it directly off an essay I've already done.

This is ridiculous. It's only 3500 words, on a topic I know inside out. I've just developed one of my completely stupid mental blocks about it and I can't even be bothered to pick a textbook up. ARGH! I HAVE TO DO THIS BY TOMORROW. GODDAMIT!

On a lighter note, the weather continues snowy/sleety/rainy. Apart from the rainy, YAY! :D!


Dec. 1st, 2008 12:28 am
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I hate the fact that I feel guilty about having my heating on all day, even though it's been -2 C through the day all weekend. This is because the house I moved into is on a pre-pay metre and it's ridiculously expensive. But seriously - in the part of the house that's unheated (an extension, consisting of downstairs loo/shower and utility room), you can see your breath in the air. I'm not talking about faint wisps either, it's like smoking a fag - plumes of freezing air billowing about the place. Cold. So it is necessary but I still feel like my carbon footprint is about to make the planet explode, not to mention my bank balance screaming at me. Meh.

I have coursework due on Tuesday and I haven't started it. O HAI all-nighter tomorrow. O HAI OXFORD, I IZ RESPONSIBLE STUPID PROMIZE. Double ugh.

And Evie threw up all over the sofa. TRIPLE MEH. On the upside, Steve cleared it up, heh.

Don't want to go to work tomorrow. Or college. But as this weekend has shown, I am not to be trusted with time off. I don't do a single productive thing. Better get to class.
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You know the reason why I hate Milliways? It keeps me up to ungodly hours of the morning when I have to be awake and alert for college/baby/life in just a few hours after I turn the computer off.

You know the reason why I love Milliways? See above.

It's good to be back. :)

In other news, I think I may have just decided to skive college today (FUCKING MILLIWAYS) because a) I'm tired and b) I have not done my History essay. I'm looking at it now and thinking, '' Harold Wilson is not the most inspiring chap to write about at the best of times and definitely not after four hours sleep.

Should hear from Oxford within the next ten days or so. I would like to publicly state that I really genuinely think I fucked the exam up so I don't expect to get an interview and please don't point and laugh if I don't. At the same time, I'm almost sick with nerves because there's always hope, right? Maybe everyone else sucked that day too. We shall see. I have two offers from my local Uni so it's not the end of the world either way. SICK WITH NERVES

Also, just sick. Tuesday was spent in bed after lots of throwing up, felt fine yesterday, ate some food yesterday evening - feel like crap again today. I think I might just not eat for a week or so, maybe that'll help. :/ Reboot and restart.

HAVE NOT SEEN THE NEW BOND YET. This distresses me immensely and I'm not even kidding. I was all depressed about the prospect of not being able to see it because I have no free time in the day (unless, of course, I skive college. Which I would never do, obviously >.>) but then I remembered that the parent is visiting next week and so, I'll be able to go one evening. Hurrah! V. EXCITED!

Now I just need my computer mouse to stop being a complete tart and I'm set for life...OK right, I should go do chores if I'm not going to college. Which I will do...after I've written an OOM. :)

Oh, and does anyone know how to stop know what, nevermind. I just figured it out as I was typing.
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+ Got offered a place at my second choice Uni, here in Lancaster, so I'll definitely get to study want I want next year, reagardless of whether I get offered a place at Oxford or not.

- Sitting the HAT (History Aptitude Test) for Oxford was a bit of a nightmare - when I first read the paper I saw the question that's based off your own knowledge and immediately blanked, so spent too long on the questions that weren't worth as many marks. Then got to the 'hard' question and realised it was actually really easy when I thought about it but I had to rush it due to lack of time. I didn't get to write enough on it, or the last question, because I'd spent too long on the first bits. So, in a nutshell, I don't think I did very well when I could have done loads better if I'd managed time a bit better.

+ The test is done, I can't change it and at least now I don't have to worry about it. The essay is also done - three hours before it had to be handed in to be marked - so all that shit is out of the way.

- Although the essay was pretty good, I think, I don't know if it counts towards their overall decision on whether I get an interview so...I don't know, I am all up in the air. I'll find out in about two weeks time, I guess. :/

+ I have a new boiler which gives me both heating and hot water. This feels like unimaginable luxury and I am far too hot right now as I'm compensating for having frozen my ass off for the last week.

- Evie is sick again. She had a cough which she gave to me and then I gave back to her. She hardly eats, threw up everywhere this morning, is waking up yelling for milk in the night and whinged literally all day today. Just would not shut up. Not her fault if she feels bad, I know, but Calpol did nothing, sleep did nothing and she wouldn't eat...totally at my wits end. I hope she feels better tomorrow.

+ The last two SPN episodes absolutely kicked ass, especially the Halloween one. Fuck yeah!

- I am unbelievably skint and may have to postpone my trip to see Ex-Housemate Jen again. She postponed the first time, I've postponed...twice? three times? since. And I really want to go but just don't know if it's possible.

- I found out yesterday that my old drum teacher died a year ago. Gutted. Absolutely gutted. He taught me for four years and was the most brilliant bloke. He got Motor Neurone Disease apparently - imagine being a drummer and getting that? Sucks. Really really really frickin' sucks.

+ Doing Milliways stuff again feels fantastic. :)

On balance, the week has felt bad more often than it has felt good. And the week before that, for that matter. On the other hand, the good stuff is pretty awesome and there are no words to describe the feeling of freedom that comes with not having to think about the HAT any more. All in all, hurrah!

In other news, what's the lowdown on the yuletide thing? I looked at it last year, or perhaps the year before, and was tempted but it looks really complicated to sign up for and I'm sure I'd bugger the rules up.


Aug. 14th, 2008 11:19 am
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So, when I said I'd decided not to apply for Oxford? That may have been a hasty decision. Exam results this morning? Straight A's and 100% for English. That's 100% in every single module. And History worked out at about 98%, which I can live with. So, my History teacher is telling me to go for it again and I think I just might have to.

In other news, still don't have the keys to my new house. This is actually good as the later I sign the tenancy agreement, the later the rent will be due next month. I'm just itching to get in there and start decorating. Also, it now looks like I'll have to start working on my personal statement for Uni and get it done in the next two weeks. So, allgood.

How's everyone else doin'?
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And omg, I've never been in such a trainwreck in my life. Don't you just love it when you turn the paper over and realise that there are questions on it that you've never been taught in class? Oh yeah. Hot.

It's not the teacher's fault, I hasten to add. The one question that threw me most of all (there were others but I could at least guess at them) was, 'Explain why Woodrow Wilson sent troops into Mexico in 1916?' Ummm OK. I have no idea. The only reference made to this in class was that the Zimmerman Telegraph in 1917 was especially sensitive because there had been border skirmishes with Mexico the year before. Who the hell knows why? In a module spanning over one hundred years of American foreign policy, how is this in the least bit important? I don't see what sending troops into Mexico actually has to do with foreign policy, apart from Mexico being a foreign country. /rant

Anyway. I looked it up on the 'net when I got home. Apparantly it's to do with Pancho Villa which at least means I got the bit right when I said it was to do with revolutionaries wanting to destabilise the government. Total guess on my part and there was a load of other shit that I got wrong because I literally just made up anything to stick in there. I can't wait to see what my teacher says about that one tomorrow because of all the things to fucking ask about.

OK, I am done ranting. EXAMS ARE DONE WOOT WOOT! I will definitely be re-taking this one in January but at lest I can be reassured by the fact that it can in no way be worse than that one.
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DONE WITH ENGLISH UNTIL SEPTEMBER! Could I be happier about this? No, I don't think I could. It has dragged quite horrendously this year. The exam went...OK. I spent longer than I should have on the first question because a) I had quite a lot to say (and was not as concise as I should have been) and b) I thought I wouldn't have much to say on the second (language) question. Of course, it turns out that I could have spent frickin' ages on the language stuff because I crammed a bunch of terms into my head last night (most of which have now disappeared forever) and so, I ran out of time. I feel a B coming on. As long as it's a good B it's OK though, because I'll still get an A overall if that's the case. Then again, I thought I didn't do very well on a question last year and it turned out I got 90% so I guess we'll see. It's done now and I never stress about exams after they're finished.

Steve looked after Evie on his own for the first time and it went swimmingly! I came home and he was feeding her and she had orange stuff all over her chops and was grinning madly, so that was good. He also stayed another two and a half hours after I got home and it was lovely and I am all squishy inside from watching him with her. :D

It is the Champions League final tonight. I am so excited, I honestly think I might be sick. Seriously and honestly. Oh man, if United lose I'll be a wreck but I don't think they will and EEEEEEEEE! It does make me laugh that in order for it to be shown at it's regulr time in the UK (19:45), the match actually kicks off at 22:45 in Moscow. Yes, that's right. Quarter to eleven at night. Mental! I suppose it does make some sense though, considering both teams are English. Then again, it would be at that time no matter who was playing. Weird. I don't imagine the players will care all that much though.

That side, I must reiterate that the excitement is killing me. Only four hours, 18 minutes to go. EEEEEE! :D

I have no more college for a week and a half and then only one exam and one lesson to tie up bits and pieces. I'm not worried about the history exam at all and this is yet another reason why today is made of win!

*bounces about*


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