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Hmmm. 'A few' turned into a lot. I am so happy I can upload photos again. Yay for fixed computers!


Dec. 26th, 2008 01:33 pm
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What is it with people dying on Christmas? Harold Pinter, Eartha Kitt and baby Faith. Faith and Hope were conjoined twins - Hope died at the beginning of December. Happy Christmas to their parents, huh? :(

And...I've just seen footage of the mental Boxing Day sales on the news. Some woman stayed in a hotel last night just so she could be close to the sales in the morning. I DO NOT GET IT! I mean, these people do realise that the sales will still be on tomorrow, right? And for even a couple of weeks after that.

I have too much shit to eat. Why do I buy heaps of Christmas food when it's just me? Because I am dumb, clearly. I don't even want it.
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Christmas has been OK. It was a bit meh during the day because it was just Evie and I and she was a bit tired and therefore grumpy. But she had a sleep before Steve came over and so was dead cheerful about opening her presents (which she still hasn't got the hang of but she likes playing with the paper) and we had lots of fun and took lots of photos and it was lovely. *beams* So that was good.

Doctor Who; Cut For Spoilers )

Hope everyone had a great Chrimbo/other holiday of your choosing/Thursday.
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It snowed this morning, SQUEEE! It only lasted about twenty minutes but it stuck and everything and was lush. Everybody at college was v.excited and it put everyone in a good mood, which was nice. More forecasted this week I think - lots on Thursday we hope! Can't wait.

First of December. Love it. I can now listen to Christmas tunes and squee over Chrimbo adverts and decorations and stuff without getting looked at like I'm a freak. I informed Steve that he was not allowed to be a downer on my Chrimbo festivites...he paused, then said, 'Ah, but it's not the twelve days of Christmas yet, is it?' I gave him a withering look. He laughed and looked smug. Git.

Dec 1st advent calendar pic; Christmas tree. A v. cute one. :)

Still have not done coursework - it's due tomorrow. I even had a totally unexpected day off work and was rejoicing because I would be able to do it without pulling an all-nighter. Have I done it? I have not. In my defence, I was coming home to get started and happened to notice that the canal by my house had frozen over. Obviously, this merited pictures so I took a walk to get some. Then I was freezing so a long hot bath was necessary. And then...OK, I got nothin'. I mostly dicked around on the internet. Sooooo, that'll be me skiving class tomorrow and spending all day on it. Boo. We're doing Thatcher at the mo and I love studying her. Seeing people's reactions to her is totally hilarious. And then I feel old because I grew up watching her on TV but whatever. It's awesome. Bleurgh, coursework.

OK, bed now.
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Is it Christmas yet?

Is it Christmas yet?

Is it cold and snowy (pleasepleaseplease) and clear and crisp and happy and festive and Christmas yet?

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So. Christmas. It was very nice! I was utterly chilled and cooked an awesome roast chicken lunch, which proved delicious. It is still proving delicious two days later as OMG SO MUCH FOOD! I swear I am not eating sugar or...anything, actually...for a month after new year. I am sick to the back teeth of cake and mince pies and chocolates and whatnot but I have to eat them to get rid of them otherwise they'll just be there. Leering at me. You know what I mean? As soon as its all gone I can start running again because hurrah! Great North Run! I am pleased about my decision to run this, it gives me a purpose for next year.

My father bought Evie clothes for Christmas, as I figured he would. Pink clothes. But this is alright actually as they are Lacroix. I was very 0_0! when I saw that and am now too scared to dress her in them because she'll just dribble on them. But still. I can't waste Lacroix clothes and she's growing fast (she is still a little piggle with food), so I shall have to bite the bullet and let her throw up on them or something. Still. Father for the win, in this case.

Steve was very cute with her. He told her she was the 'cutest baby in the whole world' which almost made me die. He also said to me, 'I didn't get you a present. Next year.' Which made me all :D! - not because of presents, which I couldn't care less about, but the fact that he's going to be around next year. Yay! Long-term father! Hurrah! *dances*

I have a mate coming up to visit me on the 4th I think, so that will be awesome. And only three weeks now until I go back to college - I am looking forward to this as it'll give me something other than Evie to think about. I love her to death but she still sleeps a fair bit and I have nothing to do when she does. It'll be good to hit the books again.

So. Life is relaxed and 2008 should be awesome. How're you all doing?
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Awesome Christmas Eve so far. My mate from work (Emily) came round this morning for a chat and to bring a present for Evie. Was good to catch up on all the work gossip, even if I did that last week when I saw one of my other workmates. Then I went into town to get a chicken and other nibbly edibles (came back with those, plus a book and CD) and although town and the supermarket was busy, it wasn't mental. Except for HMV, where there was queue back the length of the entire store so I buggered off to get my CD elsewhere.

Ran into some other work people in the supermarket which was nice 'cos they spent a good ten minutes telling Evie how gorgeous she is, which is always nice for a mother to hear. And then I came home and started to bake things which I have never attempted before and they have come out awesomly. Sausage rolls and mincemeat puffs! And why have I never known how gorgeous gingerbread dough is before? YUM! So I just have to make the biscuits and then some almond slices and mince pies and I will be all set.

Of course, there was a moment where I feel like an absolute bitch because I realised that I'd remembered to buy everything I wanted today except for...formula for Evie. Yes, that's right. I forgot to buy my baby food. I had to raid my change jar to make up enough money to go the local shop and get a small tin as an interim measure for the next two days. It's a slightly different formula than she's used to so I hope she likes it, yeah. No open shops for the next two days. Ugh.

That aside, today has been fun. I wil finish my baking and then tidy up a bit and have a nice long shower and then I am set for a chilled evening in front of Christmas TV. Although maybe not actually, because PotC is on and I've seen it often so I will probably chuck a pup inna bar for some Chrimbo-ness.

YAY CHRISTMAS! I will not have a thing to do tomorrow except for make dinner and chil out. Yay! :D
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Rrar. Steve is coming over on Christmas. Hurrah! Last week he said he wasn't but he had assumed I would be at my mothers'. So when I told him I wasn't he was all, '...oh.' And when I asked him today whether he was sure he wouldn't come, he immediately said, 'Yeah, I think I will actually.' So he's coming Christmas night, after dinner. Which is awesome because a) I don't have to worry about cooking a brilliant Chrimbo dinner and b) I can now have chicken instead of turkey. As much as I love Christmas, I don't actually like turkey very much. So! Everything is very much awesome. I can have a stress-free and delicious day and then enjoy seeing Evie with her Daddy in the evening, while getting pissed and mocking Christmas TV because that's usually all its good for and is highly entertaining when used for that purpose.

Anyway, have a couple of pics. These were taken by my mother and I can only show you these because for some reason, the others all have mad red-eye. I can't say anything because the recent ones I've taken of her have the same problem. Or perhaps she really does have red eyes and the camera brings out her true nature? Its entirely possible, I suppose. Would figure that her good behaviour is entirely about subterfuge.

She's big and I can't remember when she was small. Woe. :( )

Anyway. I am glad he is coming over. It would have been depressing having Christmas alone this year...or, well, not alone because baby. Depressing not having anyone to mock the Chrimbo TV with, rather. He is just as bad for that as I am now I come to think of it - we ripped Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow to shreds today. But to be fair, it deserved it becauase it was pants. That aside, what do we think the chances are of me not getting pissed and bringing up that it was Christmas Day last year that we started sleeping together? Low, I would think. I dont have that many inhibitions with chaps anyway and alcohol only makes it worse. I keep reminding myself that I shouldn't want to sleep with him any more because he really can be a fuckwit bastard and, to quote Hermione Granger, he has the emotional range of a teaspoon (what a great line that was!) and he made my life hell for five months. And then I look at him and am reminded that I find him really hot and go, 'eh. What the hell.' I am not good at holding grudges, as may be obvious.

I will stop rambling now as it is almost 2am and I have friends coming over in the morning and then I have to go buy a chicken and some garnish things and cream and nibbles and EEEEEE Christmas Eve!! :D :D :D I love Christmas! *bounce*
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Big sorry to the two* people I have addresses for - I haven't managed to even buy any Chrimbo cards this year, let alone send any out. Apologies! I am rubbish, I know.

Mother was here this week. BUT NOW SHE IS GONE HAHAHAHA SWEET FREEDOM!! Man, she is irritating. But she is sweet with Evie so thats good.

I have bought the two presents I have to buy. I do not have a turkey yet but have everything else, I think, thanks to mothers relentless shopping.

Annnnddd...that's it. Nothing else to report. Ugh, I'm boring.

*It took four attempts to spell this word right. WTF?
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I am feeling very Christmassy today. It's very nice. I put my tree up yesterday and now my living room smells rather gorgeously of pine. I am sitting here at the computer eating Chrimbo xhocolates and listening to carols, the baby is sleeping on the sofa and the fire is very nice and warm. Ahhh. Nice. I have a mild sore throat and am totally using this as an excuse to not do anything productive...not that I have anything productive to actually do, now I come to think of it. Awesome!

The picture behind my advent door today was a bell with a red ribbon on it. I love picture advent calenders and loathe the chocolate kind. Not that I loathe the chocolate (obviously!) but when it's been eaten, there's just this plastic mould behind and nothing really nice to look at, so bleurgh. Besides, chocolate calenders weren't around when I was a kid so nostalgia plays a part - my sister and I used to take turns at opening the doors on alternate days and on the 24th, when there was a double door, we used to open one side each at the same time, always to reveal a Nativity scene. That's my only complaint with advent calenders now - never a Nativity scene. They're always neutral and about presents. I like the religious part of Christmas, darnit! (So almost wrote 'damnit' there - how inappropriate in that sentence, heh).

Anyway. I think I shall watch Ocean's Thirteen and veg out. Is very cold outside, although beautiful. Hurrah for proper wintery-ness!

ETA: This meme looks like fun:

Give me two characters from different fandoms you know I'm familiar with, and I'll give you a dialogue happening between the two of them. Without justifying how the crossover would work, how their worlds clashed, or how they could even meet each other. Just a silly crossover conversation with no backstory, for fun.
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Back from mothers'. That was a very blah few days, due to me being out of sorts and mother being...mother. I have lost count of the amount of times since Monday she's said, 'do you want to take some potatoes/biscuits/cheese/bread/eggs/whatever + infinity with you when you go?' and I would reply, 'No thanks, I have some at home/don't like that/won't use it.' ...and yet, I seem to have arrived home with a car full of things that she thinks I ought to have anyway. Case in point:

*Monday, approx two hours after my arrival*

Mother: *brandishing dusters in frankly alarming manner* How many do you want?
Me: *stares* ...what?
Mother: You can't let the dust build up you know!
Me: *wondering where the hell this came from as no duster early warning siren had been sounded* ...I don't. What are you talking about?
Mother: Two then! *peels two off a pack and disappears*
Me: '...'

So far I have unloaded cheddar cheese, bread, pringles, half a pack of salami, a bag of potatoes, lemonade, two half packs of Christmas biscuits (she had two packs and split each one in half so I could have some of both, then informed me I couldn't eat them until Chrimbo despite me telling her that I don't have a tin to keep them in so they'll go soft), one large tin of Christmas chocolates (half Roses, half Quality Street, sealed with sellotape so I can't eat them until Christmas because of course I will be confounded by sellotape), a Christmas pudding, half a Stollen, a lemon, apples, half a tub of butter, satsumas, half a jar of raspberry jam, a jar of peanut butter and a partridge in a pear tree. Not to mention the wall clock, the room thermometer, a random wooden thing (a toy for the baby? Am not sure), the aforementioned dusters, two cushions and a pack of Babybel cheeses complete with Christmas motifs.

Honestly, any time I go within ten feet of her house I end up needing a bigger car to take all the stuff home with. Which is sweet of her but it would also be nice if she listened when I say no. Bah. Whatever. She has bought me a new ipod for Christmas (80gb! Hurrah! Room for all my tunes!) which is fairly awesome of her so I suppose I should take her pig-headedness with good grace. I even put on a brave face when she dragged me off to help her buy a laptop - a singularly useless enterprise seeing as she doesn't really want a laptop but just thinks she should have one because her sisters tell her she should. She asked me what she was looking for in a laptop - I told her she only needed the most basic features because she's useless with computers (wasn't that blunt obviously). Then she asked the shop assistant the same thing and was told exactly the same thing, then pretended she didn't understand, then asked about all the other stuff she needed, then decided she didn't want one after all because it wasn't worth it.

And then went to two other shops and repeated exactly the same conversation with two other unsuspecting assistants. Eventually she bought herself...a new TV. *bangs head on wall*

Anyway. Evie has been paraded in front of everyone and declared gorgeous by all. Naturally! *beams* She has grown massively and is still sleeping through the night. Yay!

The weather is absolutely freezing and foul and pouring rain and gale-force winds and I love it! I am starting to regain some Chrimbo feeling as it had all but disappeared, due to baby!distraction etc. But I have an awesome advent calendar and now I have some Chrimbo food and this weekend I shall embark on the mission that is fitting a large Christmas tree into my frankly small car. And I shall make more awesome mince pies and listen to carols all weekend! Thus, it shall feel like Chrimbo. *nods*

And! Massive thank you to the peeps who gave me love on the Bar love meme thingy. Thank you! Was very chuffed when catching up on flist and Milliways reading. *loves on all madly*

Righto, got to bath and feed baby and then sleep because although the drive home was not tiring, unloading the mountains and mountains of stuff from the car was.
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EEEE! I went out to the supermarket an hour or so ago...and had to wear a jumper, put the heater on in my car and I could see my breath in the air. IT'S AUTUMN IT'S AUTUMN IT'S AUTUMN!!1!


Even better was that it smelled like someone had had a bonfire or something - even if they hadn't, that's what autumn smells like! And it's fresh out there and Christmas is coming and YAY! EEEE! I want to bake things and I wish I still had an open fire and the nights are getting darker earlier and I love this time of year! *bounce bounce*

Ahem. Anyway. (I was in a different supermarket the other day and they are already stocking Christmas chocolates and food. EEEE!) My mother got back from Canada yesterday and immediately phoned me to complain about her boyfriend ('boyfriend' in this case means 'man she has been with for 23 years' but its about the only description for him that fits) which is whatever, because its all she ever does when she talks about him anyway. In happier news, she said the cruise she was on was brilliant and the icebergs they went to look at were absolutely out of this world. And Canadians, apparantly, are just the friendliest people in the world. I concur entirely with that last statement btw, but it was all nice to hear anyway simply because my mother is never over effusive with her praise of holidays. She nitpicks. But she must have had a fabulous time for her to have said that and I'm glad, because it was her retirement present to herself and she deserves it.

I had a dream last night where the date of October 5th was very prominent. If Scribble turns up on the 5th, I will declare myself a precog. But also be pleased because that's a nice symmetrical birthday to have, if that makes sense. I hope he/she is not born on a rubbish day. If he/she is, maybe I'll just lie to it and celebrate it on a day I like better. Hmmm. Also, had a tour of the hospital yesterday so I know where to go when labour starts, what the delivery suite looks like etc. All looks quite nice and comfy, really. I was the only person on the tour on my own which was a bit depressing but can't be helped. I got to be smug anyway because all the other women had fucking huge bellies and had to sit down and take the lift etc, whereas I have two weeks to go and was bounding up the stairs and got sceptical looks as to whether I should be there at all, such is the non-obviousness of my bump. Heh.

One of the fathers-to-be was hot as hell. Is it wrong to ogle the bf/husbands of other very pregnant women? I hope not. Phwoar.

Saw Steve on Saturday when I went to the pub for dinner. He was not happy to see me. Ah well. He, also, looked hot as hell, having recently given himself a haircut. Schwing!

(I am fighting the urge to play Macy Gray singing 'Winter Wonderland'. ARGH, HELP ME!)

Urr, there was something else I was going to babble about but I've forgotten. Never mind. Oh yes, hang on! It was O.J Simpson. All I really have to say is HAHAHAHAHA! That dude is fucked up. Hopefully he'll get put away this time. If, y'know, it turns out he's guilty. But even if he isn't, I can't help feeling that it would be poetic justice.

Right, off to watch me some Queer as Folk. and not listen to Mariah Carey warbling about the dude she wants for Chrimbo. At all. No.
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Life is so weird lately. Every day is running into the next in a total blur. Partly this is to do with waaaay too much alcohol and too many drugs but mostly, its to do with all the sex. Or pending sex, I should say.

Cut in case of sensitive ears or whatever (as if sex isn't a great motivator for using lj in the first place). And possibly TMI. )

Anyway. Crushing aside - I have one free day to pack all my belongings up and arrange a place to store them. And maybe even find somewhere to live in the three days I have left open to me. The manager of the hotel has forgotten that I asked her if I could move in there, so that may be a no-go when I remind her. We'll see. I'm not worried about it because there are always options available if you know where to look.

That's RL anyway. I had meant to say Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays to those who celebrate other things at this time of year etc) to all my flist on the 25th, but have been distracted. So I'm saying it now - I hope everyone has had a fantastic time and that the New Year will be utterly fabulous for all.
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I have a Christmas tree! I have named him...Tree. He is quite small but very full and smells gorgeous. *beams* I also have a few other decorations up and that's all I'm doing because I'll have to take everything down pretty soon anyway. Also, I am contemplating having everyone from the hotel over for a party, seeing as there's heaps of room in my place at the mo. An excellent place to pack with people and heaps of beer, methinks. So that might happen and I'll just have to make sure everything of mine that's worth anything is packed away. One mate in particular thinks its hilarious to get drunk and randomly throw things around, even if its expensive. Hmmm. Maybe won't invite him - although he'd turn up anyway, so whatever.

So, I have some Christmas spirit right now which had been lacking up until this point. It hasn't really felt like Chrimbo at all until today. Hurrah for today then! Also, it's a proper wintery day in Lancaster for a change, which I adore; namely, it's clear and freezing cold. It rained all last week so this is nice. Not so nice that I can see my breath in the air while sitting in my room but that's OK as I'm off to work inna minute anyway.

Random!Steph - if you read this, OOM will be sent over to you tonight and I'll set up the next thread as well.

Now I'm going to attempt to befriend technology and hook up the scanner/printer/photocopier thingy my mum bought me for Christmas (there's not a chance I'll manage this in the ten minutes I have before work, but one can hope).

ETA: Technology was surprisingly friendly. Apart from the fact that I am missing the lead that plugs the thing into my computer. *sighs* It's so nice to know that the time-honoured British tradition of randomly leaving things out of boxes in factories is alive and well.
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Ha! No college and no work is glorious. I mean, technically I'm supposed to be doing homework today for when its due on Tuesday, but bleh. Maybe later. Will be much more fun to put up mother's Chrimbo tree and make mince pies etc this afternoon, as well as spending lots of time at the Bar. And out with mates later, hurrah! Haven't seen Ginger for about eight months so that'll be ace.

And now I must squee. Went to see Royal Holloway on Wednesday and its gorgeous. Plus, the course looks bloody amazing and I can learn Latin and everything, which I've wanted to do for ages. Plus, they do exchanges with Berkeley in the US which, needless to say, would be made of awesome. And and and, if I get the grades I'm predicted I can apply for tons of extra money that I won't have to pay back which would be both helpful and dangerous because it means I'll probably spend the whole time face down in a gutter somewhere - luckily, I enjoy that sort of thing so no worries there.

Anyway, after the visit on Wednesday I hauled ass a couple of hundred miles west to my mother's place so I could go to the annual Christmas carol service at the Forest Church. This is the church I used to go to every week. I was in Sunday School there, was in the choir for a couple of years, was confirmed there etc etc. And it was...weird. And joyous, in a very strange way. See, when I was in primary school we used to do the nativity play there every year. They don't do that any more so it was kind of sad. Also, they currently have no vicar as the excellent one they had left last January and won't be properly replaced until next month. So, no Christmas prayers, which I missed. I tend to think that Christmas is the perfect time for thinking about things and people other than yourself, so to just have it be about music and carols was a bit odd. Fun too though! The local band played (my mother's boyfriend was a member for years, as were my sister and I - reluctantly, in my case) and they kicked ass. The local choirs did a couple of sets each - there's a ladies and a mens - and they were brilliant. In the case of the, the youngest of those dudes must have been sixty. But they're all real old Foresters and they sing in a Forest accent as well, which is both sweet and hilarious and brings back a ton of nostalgia. A bunch of them couldn't remember the words to some of the songs but it was awesome, especially when they did an old drinking song all wearing santa caps and beanies and flat caps and those brilliant ones with ear flaps that modern day hippies with dreadlocks seem to like. I laughed myself crazy.

So anyway, that was excellent fun. Apart from the bed when I said to my mothers bf, 'Oh look, that's Arthur! Where's Roy?' - Arthur being a guy who was playing when I did and Roy was his young son who started in the band when he was eight and I was eleven or twelve. And I got a strange look and was told that Roy had died about two years ago, from intestinal cancer. He was twenty two - yeah, that kinda sucked. In fact, I got a running commentary all evening from my mother about the people who weren't there tonight because they'd died. It's weird, going back to places. That's only the second or third time I've set foot in that church in the last sixteen years and its different. Inevitable, of course and not unexpected. But weird all the same.

However, it has made me feel more in the Christmas spirit, which has been sadly lacking up until now. I'm sure tomorrow's jaunt to London amidst the throngs of shoppers will up the spirit level a bit more and next week I'll be getting my own tree to decorate and that'll do the rest. So, all is well.


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