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Aug. 9th, 2008 07:38 pm
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I have a thing for French toast right now (factoid #1) )

OK, I'm shutting up now. I may well bore y'all to tears with blow-by-blow house-moving traumas that I fear are imminent, as and when they happen. And eventually there will certainly be pics. This is a project that demands before-and-afters!
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I have been on a pterry reading-fest recently because I couldn't be bothered to unpack boxes and find DVD's, an ariel for my TV or basically anything that wasn't a book. Besides, I've missed reading. So for the last few days, I've read a book a day. The Truth, Monstrous Regiment, Lords and Ladies, Carpe Jugulum...all have fallen before me. I'd forgotten how much I like them, apart from Lords and Ladies which I always love.

But I have to say, it feels wrong to still be laughing at Death's, 'THERE'S A SATISFACTORY DOG,' to Scraps, after he dies in Carpe Jugulum. It tickles me though, I can't help it.

Anyone know if the TV movie of Hogfather was any good? [ profile] innerbrat? Its out on DVD and I'm trying to decide whether to get it now or not.


Mar. 22nd, 2007 05:10 pm
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I am ill again which blows beyond all natural comprehension. How I manage this a mere four weeks after getting over bronchitis, I have no idea. Blah. Have a random post in lieu of whining (which you should take as given is happening in my head).

My top five favourite boiled sweets:

5. Kola Kubes. God. Fabulous. Also pineapple kubes because they are great as well.
4. Unidentified fruit/chewy things. I can't remember what they're called but they're long and thin and when you get to the middle they go soft and chewy and it's a fruit explosion in the mouth. Come in (strangely posh) double wrappings of paper.
3. Orange and Lemon slices. Boiled sweets shaped like slices. In the flavours of orange, and indeed, lemon. The clue is in the title with these.
2. Barley Sugar. Eat too many and your mouth starts to resemble a puddle of treacle-like consistency but so worth it.
1. Pear Drops. Need I say more? I mean, come on. Apart from when you inhale the pear fumes and start coughing and can't stop for half an hour because they've invaded your lungs. That's not always so good but can cause much hilarity in the right circumstances.

There. I'm sure you all wanted to know about my boiled sweet preferences. Next up -

I have discovered the ultimate Gary Stu. Oh yes I have and I defy anyone to come up with anyone more Sue or Stu-like in the history of literature, ever. It is Oliver Twist. This conclusion of his unbearable Stu-ness was made apparent to me as I read the book a few days ago for the first time in years. And there it is. He's an orphan. He grows up in horrible poverty and cruelty and starves, yet still has the 'spirit' to ask for more food and take the consequences. Even though he often wishes that he could die, there is still something inside him that bravely makes him soldier on. He has the guts to run away to London on his own and even though he's befriended by the wrong crowd, he hates stealing and would rather die than do it. He is beautiful and innocent-looking. He gets shot. He nearly dies of fever twice. Every good person loves him. When he is looked after by good people, he frolics around the fields and picks flowers and does everything he can to be helpful and useful and good and perfect. He studies hard. He hates no one. He shares his inheritance - when he gets it - with the evil half-brother who a) has no legal right to it and b) has tried to swindle Oliver out of it forever/keep him associating with thieves and murderers/hide his true identity/kill him. And despite being illegitimate, no one cares and no stigma is attached to him.

Gay little git. Give me the Dodger anyday. Still, awesome book.

Two reasons why I adore the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series:

1. Brockian Ultra-Cricket
2. 'You're a no-good dumbo nothing. I just thought you should know that before you died.'
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I am spamtastic tonight, obviously. But I just remembered something that was on the news the other day.

Spoilers for HP 7 )
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Bah. Henman is getting totally blown away by Roger Federer. Which sucks, as it's only the second round. What sucks even more is that I have to listen to it on the radio, as Housemate Jen doesn't like tennis and is watching a movie with Mad Jake. That's alright guys! Just commandeer the TV, no, really. *eyeroll*

'K, that's all the whinging I'm doing (apart from at these commentators, WTF man? You suck).

I'm totally in the mood to read again, which is cool, as I have about thirty unread books on my shelves. I'm like my own library, heh. I've been dying to read 'All the President's Men' for over a year now, as I adore the movie. But I'll probably read Harry Potter 5 again instead. You know. Lazy.

Gah, I had something I wanted to say and now I've forgotten. Tennis is too depressing. Ah well.
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Just finished Half Blood Prince. All I can say is...


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I'm compiling myself a summer reading list, with the help of a professor buddy of mine. I was just wondering - does anyone have any good books they can recommend? I mean - stuff that has literally blown you away. Classic or modern, novel, novella, short story, poetry....anything. I'm in dire need of more material to devour. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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