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May. 19th, 2009 11:54 pm
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Hmmm. I think that might just be my favourite yet.
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On 24, 4x18 )

And that's all I have to say about that.

ETA: I had a frightfully important and relevant point to make in all this but I forgot. Then it came back and I clicked 'edit' to put it in and then it went again. Stupid brain. Still, it would be a shame to waste a perfectly good open-for-editing post, right? Right.

Oh, and everyone should check out Susan Boyle. Amazing.
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Kiefer Sutherland was interviewed on Radio 1 this afternoon - he's plugging the movie with Reese Witherspoon but was asked about 24, obv - and mentioned something

which totally isn't spoilery at all but I'm going to put it under a cut anyway, just in case )

Oh, and one other thing that might be spoilery for Brits because I don't know where Sky is with its eps at the moment, so

another cut. )

And now I go to watch the latest SPN ep.
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24 peeps! I need your help. There was a promo pic (I think it was a promo) around a couple of months ago and it was completely lush. For some reason, I couldn't save it to my computer but now I can and I can't bloody find it. It was of Jack, wearing the grey jacket (I think), with the collar turned up (I think) sort of looking upwards with his right side towards the camera. I also thought it was Karen who put it on her journal but I can't locate it if it was and I might be totally wrong anyway! And it semed to be a v. good quality pic so it might have been hi-res.

So uh...ring any bells for anyone?
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Oh, for fuck's sake. I've downloaded every episode of 24 so far but haven't had the chance to watch them up until now. So I caught up to ep 9, went to open ten and...it's not there. Nor is eleven. Twelve and thirteen are there, just not those two. How the hell can two files just disappear? Well annoying.

In better news, I got an A on that Government and Politics exam I was whinging about at the end of January. Yay! one step closer to being done with college. This summer is going to kick ass, simply because there will be NO STUDYING to do. I'll get battered to hell and back with the job, because it's always a nightmare in the summer holidays but apart from that, FREEDOM!

I have a hankering for egg mayo sandwiches so I'ma get on that right now.
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...how obvious is Tony/Emerson. I mean, c'mon. Seriously.

And I laughed a lot at how Renee's face was all messed up then by the time she met Jack, she was back to pristine make-up. Fabulous.

Also, Chloe. <3!!!
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So, the lure of 24 is too great to go out and deal with such trifling matters as finding my phone. It has just occurred to me though, that now I wont have any new 24 for two weeks or so, after I watch the next ep. Which is gutting - but eh, I've waited a year and a half for this, another couple of weeks wont hurt.

OK, only one more squee post to come. Sorry for the spam everyone, apart from the fact that I'm totally not. NEW 24!!
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7x02 )

OK, still kickin' ass. Fuck, I really want to watch #3 but I have to go and try to locate my coat (which has my phone in the pocket) as it mysteriously went missing on Saturday night while drunkeness was occuring. Gay. Ugh, that means I wont be able to watch it until later because bloody mother and sister will be here when I get back. Double ugh.
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7x01 )
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Just watched 24: Redemption and thought it was completely awesome! Many good things to say about it but I'm too tired to do it now. The DVD comes out here next Monday and I shall obviously be buying it - am slightly comfused as to why Terry Pratchett is on the extras being interviewed but am not complaining! Two of my favourite things in one place can't be bad.

24, S6

Nov. 15th, 2007 11:29 pm
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So, I just finished watching S6 of 24, which I have blitzed over the last three days after buying the DVD's. Fuck yeah! And...I like it! Not as gripping as some seasons bu I don't know why everyone has been slating it as much as they have. Perhaps it stands up better on DVD watching, rather than as a weekly thing.

Anyway, some thoughts:

It cracks me up that Jack can speak Russian. I don't know why.

James Cromwell is a great actor. I don't like his style much and his voice kind of grates on me, but he's still a great actor. Hell though, he looks old now. Anyhow, how weird is it that Jack comes from such a messed up family? I've always pictured him as coming from a good home - not just privileged, which he clearly was, but a good one, with good parents. So that was a little weird to me but not necessarily bad. I still kind of think he had a great mother though. Maybe she died and that explains the importantance of Phillip in the boys' lives.

The thing with Marilyn confuses me a little. If she's been hung up on Jack for '20 years' as Graem said, then that doesn't fit at all with the Teri-Kim timeline. Jack's supposed to be in his mid to late 40's now, right? Given Kim's age, he would have had to have been married with a child and boffing Marilyn at the same time. I don't see that happening really (despite his history of affairs...well, one anyway), so Graem must really have meant 25 years or so...which would have made them teenagers when they were going out. Which seems odd. Hmmm.

Josh is cool. I like him. Annnd was anyone else expecting him to turn out to be Jack's son really? I kept waiting for that and am kinda disappointed that it didn't transpire, actually, even if it would have been trite. Josh is so blonde! He must be Jack's.

Didn't buy Curtis dying at all. It looked like he got shot in the shoulder. Maybe the bullet hit an artery.

I loved that the writers didn't do what they usually do and write off all effects of the interim between seasons after the first tewnty minutes of the first episode. They did a little bit, in that Jack got back into the swing of being an agent pretty fast (but I imagine all that training is pretty ingrained by now) but he did show weakness this season and an awareness of his limitations after what he'd suffered in China. That was good.

Possible mole in CTU storyline? Done to death. Enough already.

MILO! HI! Uhhh...bye! :(

Love Chloe, as ever. Love Morris too! In fact, I possibly love Morris most of all. Hassad was freakin' hot (what have I seen that guy in before?) while he lasted, and I love the way the storyline had Palmer trying to reach out to the Middle East. Nadia was good too. Bill is love and so is Karen, actually.

Doyle? I find very hot. I don't know why. I don't usually like blondes much but I could bite off a chunk of that, anyday. Rowr!

Powers Boothe is an actor I really can't stand. Nothing's really changed. Perhaps it's because he's called 'Powers' - wtf is with that? I'm not sure I like DB Woodside all that much either - his acting, I mean, not him personally but whatever.

That's all I have. Looking forward to S7! I should go find the trailer for that now.

ETA: How could I forget to mention the torture? Omg! They stepped it up a notch this year for sure. Drill through the shoulder and a knife in the knee? OW! I can normally watch torture impassively but those two made me flinch.

Also, criminal underuse of Logan, simply because I utterly adore him and love Gregory Itzin to pieces. It does feel that 24 just kills people for the sake of it sometimes, and this was one of those times. It was very sweet that his last word was 'Martha' though, I thought - although he should have said 'Marty' because the use of his pet name for her would have been even sweeter. Ah well. Jean Smart is love but Martha kind of pissed me off by being that nuts. Aaron! I love Aaron. Who doesn't?
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*snicker* The ITV national news has just done a report on 24's pledge to make the last show of the next series completely carbon-neutral, complete with showing a PSA from Kiefer on humanity's collective guilt when it comes to global warming.

Maybe this means that the next season finale will consist entirely of people standing around talking to each other? Actually, that may be no bad thing, if the writing's good. But whatever. I just find it amusing that Fox would decide to do this at all, though its no bad thing.


Feb. 15th, 2007 02:37 am
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Something I was going to mention in the update the other day - I finally got round to reading the 'His Dark Materials' trilogy. And, hmmm. Is it just me or were there quite a lot of very convenient things that happened. Like, everyone listens to Lyra without question, even these random adults. And just little things like the wheeled people having exactly the right useful acid to burn the wood off Mary's Amber Spyglass, thereby saving her heaps of time and effort. I know that's picky, but that sort of thing bugs me just because it would only take another line or two or narraive to have her scrape off all the damn wood herself. It makes the writing seem lazy.

But still, bloody entertaining books. Ths concept reminds me of a TV thingy that was made over here a few years ago, with Christopher Eccleston as

Cut for book spoilers )

So anyway. Yeah, I enjoyed them. Don't love them but definitely worth the read. And now - 24. I don't want any spoilers but can someone just tell me whether S6 is awesome or not please? The Crush told me he'd read a negative review of it (have totally turned him into a 24 bitch) and I heard on the radio the other day that the show has been asked to stop showing graphic torture because it's lowering the morale of real US troops! Ha! So, yeah. Is it any good?
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Fandom stuff - does anyone have a link to the second 24 trailer? I tried the 24la.net site (think that's right - the Spanish one, anyway) and both the trailers I got from tere were the same.

Having said that - SQUEE! Brief thoughts

here )

And the reason I haven't left for my mother's yet is because, as yet, I have not been paid. *SIGH* Should have expected it.


Oct. 24th, 2006 10:56 pm
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There is only one pertinent question this evening, clearly. And it is...

...why can everyone else see the new 24 trailer and not me?

It doesn't come up on the site for me. Which is gay, and not in the good way. Quite frankly, what. The fuck.

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Something I totally forgot to squee about last week....Eddie Izzard on 24 in S6! Hurrah! *squees*

Boring update from previous boring entry: Essay = not done. Is anyone surprised? I am guessing not.

ipod speakers are the best thing ever. Especially as they come with an unfathomable wire that seems to have no use...apart from the fact that I can use it to connect my video camera to my computer. Yay! Picspams of various types forthcoming, to be sure.

Sleep is also the best thing ever. As is not having to work tomorrow night (at actual job, anyway, there is always homework of course) and the fact that I'm down to my last 8.5 hours of community service. It'll still take me three weeks to clear but at least the end is in sight.

Right. I am crashing. And promising not to update again until I have things of substance and/or interest to impart.

Kill me

May. 23rd, 2006 03:08 pm
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24 season finale? Was fuckin' awesome!

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Not looking at finale spoilers is driving me nuts! I hae a feeling that I know something that's going to occur, but apart from that, I'm utterly clueless. And people are flailing! I can't cope. *frets*

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5x22. All I really have to say about this is

Jack, your hair is longer than it was at the start of the day )

Yep, I'm ready for the finale now, I think it'll be cool as all hell. But in the meantime, I have a new show to watch. Yep, I have the first season of the US version of Queer as Folk in my possession, and that's how I fully intend to spend my weekend. Bring it on!

And for the UK'ers on my list, I am not at all embarassed to admit that while I was coerced into watching the start of Big Brother last night, I have the feeling I'm going to like it this year. So there's that too. George or Shabazz for the win!

...oh God, I'm so looking forward to finding gainful employment so I can have a life again. *headdesk*

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Late as always, but I just watched 5x21 of 24. Well, everything but the last 5 minutes, given that the torrent crapped out there and I have to d/l it again to see it. *sigh* But thought I'd briefly post some OMGSQUEE comments about it anyway.


OK, d/l done. Going to watch the last five minutes and then Ep 22. Yay!


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