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[insert Sunday-evening squeeing here]

Lord. He is so cute with her. I could die. He's so obviously chuffed to bits with his little girl when he sees her. And I asked him if he was going to tell his parents and he said yes. Not yet, but eventually, which is good enough for me. Hurrah! Evie will have grandparents!

Just as happily, I made mince pies for the first time this year. And they were awesome! :D!
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Oh Scribble. Why today? You've kept me waiting all this time and choose the day that both the England football and rugby teams are playing to decide to move. GRRRR!

Should be fine though. I refuse to go to hospital until after the rugby semi-final. And bebeh doesn't seem to be any great rush anyway.

In conclusion: EEEEEEE!! :D :D!


Aug. 26th, 2007 06:02 pm
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EEEE I have finished work. EEE! Hurrah! No more putting up with co-workers who don't give a shit and conveniently disappear when any nasty jobs show up. No more 12 hour shifts in 35 degree (C) heat. No more manically busy Sundays and crazyass bank holidays and people walking in and asking for food that isn't on the menu. No more garnish plates and starters and fiddly fucking sandwiches and desserts and salads and specials and YAY!

Came home, threw all work clothes in the bin and stood in the shower for fucking ages until I was positive the place was properly scrubbed away. I mean, I may end up going back in nine months time, simply because the shifts will be flexible and most of the people are pretty awesome. But maybe not. And if I do, it's nine months away. Nine months filled with a Scribble. So far in the future at the moment that it doesn't even count as reality. So hurrah!

And to top a nice day off, exchanged many civil words with the Steve! *dies of shock* OK, it wasn't exactly comfortable but he made an effort and so did I and no one else noticed the Awkward (I swear I could drown in the anger that comes off that man sometimes) and when I caught him on his own and asked him if he'd still be there in a couple of weeks, he didn't bite my head off the way he usually does when there's no one else around. He was fine. So. All in all, a good day. Added bonus = his new shorts. Seriously. Schwing. He's a fuckwit and I still want to do him.

But OMG. No more work. I can't quite believe it. It's been so tiring the last month or so and this week, as it includes a bank holiday weekend, I did 38.5 hours. Under normal circumstances, no problem at all. Nearly nine months pregnant? Killer. I've worked six days a week for the last month and the relief at not having to do it anymore is...considerable. To put it mildly. So, I now have a week at my mothers', as she turns 60 on Wednesday (go mum!). I go Tuesday. Tomorrow I will spend buying her birthday present (portable MP3 player/DAB radio, yellow rose bush, posh speciality foods and chocolates etc), constructing a wardrobe and packing car for trip down. Tuesday = driving. Rest of week = lounging around, shopping, family stuff (eek) culminating in a big sit-down dinner with a heap of relatives next Sunday (kill me now). Next Monday = back. Four weeks after that...wait for Scribble to show up.

And he/she had better not be early because mother will be on holiday in Canada/Alaska and will murder me (I'm not even kidding) if the child shows up while she's away. She keeps saying to me, 'don't you dare have it while I'm away!' and I'm all '...uhh, how exactly do you want me to control this?' But yeah, whatever. I plan to sleep the entire month beforehand, yay!

Righty-o, will stop rambling. Will catch up on football scores and then write a necessary OOM and generally spend the evening chillin'. HURRAH NO MORE WORK!!
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For lo, I came home and there was internet.


*flails happily in circles*


May. 10th, 2007 04:20 pm
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Obviously I suck. There are two important things I need to go SQUEE!!!1!!1! about and have forgotten to do so. But here I go!

1. AHAHAHA MAN UTD WON THE PREMIERSHIP!! This happened on Sunday and so I have been sucking for four days by not going IN YER FACE, CHELSEA SCUM like the perfect football yob I am. That is now taken care of and I feel better for it.

2. AHAHAHA TONY BLAIR ANNOUNCED HE'S STEPPING DOWN TODAY!! OK, this only happened this morning so I could not squee about it earlier but rest assured, if I had 'net access at home, I would have posted this at least four hours ago. Anyway, we only have to put up with him until June 28th, so there is light at the end of the tunnel. It's not very bright light as Gordon Brown is a virtual shoo-in to take over and he's not much better, plus the fact that we still have a Labour government and will for another two years. But! I feel it is a step in the right direction at least.

Next stop, get rid of Scotland.

In other news, got sent home from work for nearly passing out in front of Awful Boss. Bizarre. Should take more care of blood sugars. Having them drop too low and then overloading with (a frankly kickass) bread-and-butter pudding that I made is not very sensible. Also, must try not to be an hour late for work although that was OK as Awful Boss did not venture down into the kitchen at all this morning and so had no idea. Ha! Been woken by skeery nightmare to discover that you're already thirty minutes late is not of the cool, however. Although leaving work early and therefore losing 2.5 hours of pay was amply compensated by passing the Crush on the way into the city and getting to ogle him on his bike. Phwoar. A guy should not look that good in shades, I swear.
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Best. Christmas. Ever.

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First lesson - no teacher there as off on a course. Signed the register and went off to library to work to save myself from obnoxious brats. Of course, I spent two hours reading film reviews and squeeing again over Bond. Empire (awesome film mag here in the UK, don't know how wide its readership is the US) agrees with my views on Bond vis a vie the text version vs. the movie version, which is nice.

Then, dentist. No surprise to find out that two broken teeth have to be pulled and I'll have to get false ones as replacements as one is right at the front of my gob. C'est la vie. I'm officially ancient. At least I'll be able to scare small children by removing the denture and leering at them in manner of old hag or similar. I am resigned and at least I'll be able to grin properly again, which is good, as I do like doing that. Less good is the £189 its going to cost me but mother paid for that last month so I can hardly complain about it.

Second lesson - revision. Pointlessed about for an hour trying not to doze off, then excused myself to the library. Except I really went home, of course. Was awesome, as had time to watch most of a DVD deconstructing Back in Black. Then went and reminded myself how utterly useless I am on the guitar but that was fun too.

Work. Blah. Left an hour early as was dead. Filthy weather, for the infinte number of days in a row. Whatever. I am oblivious because I JUST WON THIS ON EBAY BABY, YEAH!

OK, so I'm crap at playing. OK, so it's a copy and not an original Gibson. I do not care. It's vintage, it'll look gorgeous when I've cleaned it up and I am in love.

:D :D :D :D :D!!!


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