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I have questions and conundrums! And no one to ask, except you lot.


Can someone recommend a video-making program that's around £100 or less? One that's a) easy to use, b) of decent quality and c) EASY TO USE. Because I want to make videos but I have no patience whatsoever with fiddly programs that make life awkward.


Final Draft 8 or Movie Magic Screenwriter?

Final Draft is supposed to be the industry standard but the latest release is apparantly full of glitches, whereas MMS is...idk, not the standard (how different can these things be, I ask myself?) but is apparently great to use. It would be a drag to buy MMS and then have to buy FD8 when it came to sending stuff out though, right?

Nvm, went for MMS. Ran across a couple of comparison sites that unequivocally pointed to MMS, so. Yay!


Using easy-to-understand words, can someone explain to me why MacBooks are so great? I'm looking for a new laptop and my uncle recommended them to me - he just got the new Air, and says it's amazing. But I look at the specs and it doesn't seem better than my current laptop, though I know it must be (probably doesn't help that I don't understand the specs).

I just want something fast - my current laptop has 4G of RAM and I love it, when my crap internet connection lets things move at speed, anyway - and someting fast, and did I mention fast? Because I always have tons of things operating at the same time and I can't bear waiting. And something cool, and easy to use - you have to learn different commands for Macs, don't you? And something widescreen and preferably with a Blu-Ray player and cool shit like that. My life would be made if Photoshop was included.

Idk. I am useless at this stuff. Recommend me things, people?

In other news, I love the way I thought my Student Loan was arriving on April 28th, only to open a bank statement this morning (which I never do! Open them, I mean) to find that it's been sitting, unmolested, in my account since March 28th. WIN! I am off to book a ticket to Download - damn that Festival, DAMN IT AND ITS DEF LEPPARD AND ALICE COOPER-SECURING WAYS - and then possibly clean some things. Or, y'know. Buy shit on the internet. :D I'm already four gneil books and a moleskine notebook and GROCERIES OMG to the good. And a DVD for Evie. I will stop now, though. Shit's gotta last me until October, yo.

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